How Much Does It Cost To Remove Concrete Stairs?

Here, we’ll be discussing all things cost-related in addition to actual cost estimates for concrete stair removal.

You’ll find this highly informative if you wish to call for such a service.

Construction involves a whole range of actions ranging from building to the demolition of certain parts. This is a broad field with important components.

Here, we’ll be looking at one of such; the demolition or removal of concrete stairs. Our particular focus is on the cost of carrying out such a task.

How much does it cost to remove concrete stairs? The answer is more detailed than a lot of people think.

Concrete Stairs Removal Cost

The typical cost range for carrying out a concrete stair demolition is around $250 to $400.

The average cost here is about $300. To better understand concrete removal cost, you’ll need to look at it from two standpoints; reinforced and unreinforced concrete.

By their nature, all concrete stairs must be reinforced with rebar. It’s difficult to find concrete stairs that aren’t.

Demoing reinforced concrete stairs will cost more with typical pricing around $4 to $6 is the removal cost range per square foot.

When a demolition contractor is called to handle the job, they assess the volume of work as well as the stair condition. This action is taken to ascertain the level of work involved which helps in working up a price quote.

Now, removal costs aren’t static but differ from one contractor to the next.

No two concrete stair demolition jobs are the same. To have a fair idea of what your total costs will be like, it will be necessary to seek multiple quotes.

Multiple quotes in this sense require calling more than one demolition contractor to find out how much your project will cost. Also, you’ll need to understand all the factors influencing concrete stair demolition.

So, what are those factors exactly? This takes us to the next point.

Factors Affecting Concrete Stair Removal Cost

Our discussion on the cost of concrete stair removal can never be complete without looking at the factors involved.

There are varied cost-influencing factors such as its thickness, size, and the need for machinery as well as disposal. Location is also a factor that influences concrete stair removal costs.

  • Concrete Stair Thickness

How thick is the concrete stair to be demolished? The thickness will always count.

As expected, the stair will have some form of rebar or reinforcements. This makes it more challenging to remove. The amount of demolition work to be performed is reflected in the eventual cost of the project.

  • Concrete Stair Size

When it comes to concrete demolition, size is always a consideration. Concrete steps come in varying sizes.

Demolishing multiple flights of staircases poses a greater challenge. This is because more space per square foot needs to be demolished.

Because concrete removal is done per square foot, it simply means that more costs will be incurred with a larger space. To calculate your stair demolition job, you only need to multiply the cost per square foot by the targeted area.

  • The Need for Machinery

Most concrete stair removal jobs will require the use of machinery. These may include power drills and hammers, concrete saws, reciprocating saws, and several others.

It’s common knowledge that machines enhance job efficiency.

Costing for demoing a concrete stair will be impacted by the need or otherwise of a demolition machine. So, how do I know if my stair demolition job will require a machine?

You don’t have to, as the job is best handled by a demolition contractor. You’re only given a price quote after an assessment has been done.

  • Disposal

Concrete stair demolition is only one part of the process. The other involves cleaning up and hauling off debris.

Concrete stair demolition cost is mostly influenced by debris cleanup and disposal. Large demolition projects typically create significant debris; thus greater costs.

  • Location

Where’s the job location? Now, a lot of readers will wonder how location impacts concrete stair demolition. The truth is job location counts due to multiple reasons.

If you live in a big city, chances are that the living cost within such areas might be significantly higher than in suburban communities.

So, where you live is bound to have an impact on pricing. The only way to know the exact cost for this demolition procedure is by asking for quotes from your nearest demolition contractor.

  • Labor Cost

Our discussion on concrete stair removal costs won’t be complete without paying attention to the labor. Labor is a central part of the process that needs mention.

The average concrete stair demolition cost of $4 to $6 per square foot mentioned earlier includes labor cost.

Of this amount, about $1.50 to $4 per square foot comprises labor cost. This is even more significant when mostly manual labor is involved. Here, we’re talking about the absence of machinery.

  • To What Extent Will Concrete be removed?

Concrete stair removal can be performed at varying degrees.

There are extensive removal jobs as well as limited jobs. The names are self-explanatory. For extensive concrete removal, the cost for such a project tends to be higher than limited or restricted demolition jobs.

Also, not all cracked or roughly shaped concrete steps need to be demolished. A demolition contractor may recommend certain sections be removed while others may simply be patched or resurfaced.

The cost of such a project depends on the particular job.

Whatever the case is, your demolition contractor fills you in on what’s involved including pros and cons. You only need to follow the recommendations of the expert.

Is DIY An Option to Consider To Lower Cost?

In a bid to reduce concrete stair removal costs, a lot of homeowners will consider DIY demolition as an easy way out. However, that isn’t always the case especially when you aren’t skilled enough for such a task.

Concrete stair demolition is quite risky and best handled by a professional who understands all the safety protocols to follow. Plus, you may end up with a shabby job with DIY demolitions.

This may end up increasing your project cost.

Figuring out the cost of concrete stair removal is crucial as it helps with adequate preparation.

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