How Much Does Precast Concrete Steps Cost?

How much would it cost to buy precast steps nearest to your location? We’ll be discussing extensively the prices of these kinds of stairs.

As the name suggests, precast concrete steps are simply prebuilt or pre-molded and available for purchase. You’ll need to visit a manufacturer or major dealer to choose a design that best fits your needs.

Now, the cost of precast steps is a key consideration for any buyer.

After concrete demolition, finding the best possible deal at the nearest location to you is the desire of many homeowners. This convenience ensures that buyers don’t have to go through a lot of challenges simply to make a purchase.

Types of Preformed Stairs

As part of our discussion on cost, it’s necessary to provide necessary information that enables you better appreciate what’s involved.

Here, we’re talking about the different types of precast concrete steps.

Precast concrete steps come in many styles, sizes, textures, and colors. This also includes architecturally designed products made to look like wood, granite, brick, and stone.

With these variations, it’s only logical that cost will be impacted.

Average Cost of Precast Concrete Steps Near Me

Before a precast concrete step is considered for installation, the property owner must have compared it with other alternatives. Apart from precast concrete steps, there’s a custom-poured concrete step.

For precast steps, expect to pay anywhere from $500 to $1,500 for this to be installed.

This only covers the cost of installation. As such, combining the price of purchase with that of installation goes for around $800 to $3,500.

Some precast concrete step manufacturers will charge an installation fee in addition to local delivery. The average cost for such a service is around $88 per unit.

As such the higher the number of precast concrete step units, the greater the cost. To understand pricing, you’ll need to consider the precast unit steps involved. Precast concrete steps have varying components.

These include the riser, step, platform, and back.

  • Discuss with a Pro

Before you proceed to make a purchase, it’s best you fully understand all the key details regarding precast concrete step pricing. Step dimensions play a key role in determining the cost you’re likely to incur.

Here, the number of risers, the steps, platform size, and more will need to be fully understood.

Your best bet is to find a professional that knows all about precast concrete step installation. Professional advice goes a long way in helping you understand how costing works.

Factors Influencing Prices Of Precast Concrete Steps

Before purchasing precast concrete steps, you should know that there are factors that will influence the eventual cost. These factors range from delivery prices, solid Vs hollow precast steps as well as coatings & treads.

There are other factors like cement quality as well as the size of the staircase. Without revealing further details about each of these factors, you’re unlikely to grasp their full meaning.

So, let’s explain what these factors are shall we?

  • Delivery Prices On Prefabricated Steps

Whenever you place an order for precast concrete steps, delivery prices are usually included. Consider this an added expense that may amount to about $200.

As the precast concrete step units get larger, it costs more to transport. So, large units like basement stairs can cost about $300 in delivery costs.

  • Solid Vs Hollow Precast Steps

You should also know that precast concrete steps come in two main variants; solid and hollow steps. Most of the products you’ll find are hollow and are quite cheaper than solid precast steps.

The reasons are obvious; more concrete is used in constructing solid precast steps.

This increases production costs by about 40%. Hollow precast steps cost around $70 to $100 per step. Given the added expenses, solid concrete precast steps go for around $100 to $130 per step.

Due to the added weight, higher delivery rates are charged. The good thing with solid precast steps is the increased durability.

  • Coating & Treads

Coating & treads are improvements that increase slip resistance and improve visual appeal respectively. With treads, the cost of precast concrete steps increases to around $100 to $500.

This adds to the total cost of the project.

Some buyers will ask or pay for cement coating. In terms of cost, this adds around $200 to $400 to total costs. The effects of coating last long as it significantly improves slip resistance.

  • Cement Quality

The quality of cement used in molding precast concrete steps will affect its eventual cost. There are varying grades of cement. These are broadly categorized into low and high-grade cement.

When using low-grade cement, it translates to about $200 per step.

Precast concrete steps made of high-grade cement cost around $400. This is twice the amount for low-grade precast steps.

  • Size of Staircase

What’s the size of your staircase? This is important when working out cost. The average cost per step is around $70 to $150. The numbers of steps, as well as design all, contribute to impacting on costs.

How Much Do Precast Concrete Steps Cost around your Location?

Location counts in determining the cost of precast concrete products.

The cost of living within an area normally translates to production costs. This has an impact on the final products. Knowing the exact cost details of precast concrete steps will require making your own inquiry.

There are lots of precast concrete product manufacturers available.

A few of them include Concrete Shop Inc., Master Precaster Inc., Wells Concrete, Grating Pacific Inc, Engineered Products Inc., Grate Clip Co., Inc, and Universal Precast Concrete, Inc.

Others are Olympian Precast, Inc., Steps Plus Inc., Scranton Craftsmen Inc., Wieser Precast, Schilling: Carl Schilling Stoneworks, and Renovation Brands.

Other manufacturers to look out for include AMICO, UPNOVR Inc., Get Real Surfaces, and American Artstone, AZZ Inc.

Coverall Stone, Floor & Décor, Stromberg Architectural Products, Stairnosing, and Unilock are among reputable precast concrete step manufacturers.

These are only a few of many to look out for. You’ll have to either contact a product dealer or reach the manufacturer directly for cost details.

Have you found this informative? You definitely would.

From our discussion so far, it’s evident that a little research will be to understand the pricing of the structure of precast concrete steps closest to your location.

Plus, you’re better off consulting with a concrete contractor before purchasing any steps.

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