Can steam kill fleas? Here is what you should know about this control option.

Are you seeking an alternative to the use of pesticides for flea control? There are several options to consider. We’re not here to dwell on the other alternatives for flea control.  Rather our goal is to find out if steam can be used for flea extermination.

Steam treatment is widely used for eliminating a variety of pests. However, due to the differences in pest activity and behavior, will steam kill fleas?  We’ll find out shortly.

All you have to do is read along to get the answers you seek.

Can Fleas Be Exterminated With Steam?

Flea issues can result in a lot of distress for our beloved pets. These hopping insects depend on blood to survive.

They’re more common with pets due to the ample cover provided by pet fur or hair. The answer to the question is yes! Fleas can be killed with steam.

Although fleas can be exterminated with heat, you’ll need to know how to get the job done. It involves the concentration of an outburst of steam using appropriate equipment such as the steam cleaner.

The steam cleaner only needs water which is heated when switched on.

When applying, this water is released in the form of vapor and kills fleas through heat. For this extermination method to be effective, you’ll need to know how to go about it.

In other words, knowing how to use the steam cleaner is necessary.

  • How To Kill Fleas Using A Steam Cleaner

To kill fleas with steam, you’ll need to target all flea-infested areas and apply such steam directly.

This should be done slowly as you need to ensure that fleas don’t survive the ordeal. Moving your steam cleaner slowly, ensure you cover all infested surfaces.

Carpets, bed bedding, couches, and all other surfaces must be covered or treated with steam. Although this process takes a significant amount of time to complete, it’s totally worth it and will save you the stress of having to endure flea activity.

Not only are adult fleas killed during steam treatment, their larvae as well as some eggs are also exterminated and destroyed.

  • Will Fleas Get Completely Exterminated Using Steam Treatment?

This is an important question to ask. During when exterminating fleas using steam, a significant number of these pests are exterminated. However, you’ll hardly achieve 100% elimination.

Due to the warmth and moisture supplied, some flea eggs won’t be destroyed but end up hatching within a day or two. As such, a repeat treatment will be necessary to ensure that that the newly-hatched flea gets killed during the second or third round of treatment.

Treatment is never complete without vacuuming. This goes together with the use of a steam cleaner.

  • Get a Vacuum Cleaner

If you wish to do a thorough cleaning job, then you need to use a vacuum cleaner before and after steam cleaning.

The vacuum cleaner performs an important task. It sucks in adult fleas and their eggs from your carpets, pet bedding, floors, and furniture. However, not all fleas are removed.

This is where the steam cleaner comes into play. The steam kills stubborn fleas as well as their larvae and eggs. Having completed the treatment process, vacuuming the area picks up both dead fleas as well as their eggs.

  • Carefully Dispose of Dirt

After every vacuum cleaning session, ensure you dispose of or empty the contents as far off as possible. This should be properly emptied into your trash can and the lid properly closed.

Doing this regularly will eliminate fleas from your home.

Why You Need A Steam Cleaner To Kill Fleas

Steam cleaners are important tools that not only help you clean but also eliminate parasitic pests like fleas. It comes with a lot of benefits too. Affordability is one of the primary benefits obtained.

Steam cleaners are also entirely safe for the environment as there’s zero toxicity.

As opposed to pesticides whose hazardous and harmful impacts steadily accumulate, steam cleaners offer natural solutions. You only need to add water and power to your device.

Such heated water is released in a burst of hot vapor which exterminates any pest it comes across.

Purchase cost only comes once. In other words, you won’t have to buy a steam cleaner anytime you want to treat your pets and home for flea problems. As long as the steam cleaner remains in perfect working condition, there are no additional costs to its functioning.

All you need to do is load it with water and use it as instructed. The opposite applies when using pesticides as such supplies need to be purchased. When using a technician, you’ll have to pay applicable fees.

All of these add up to the total flea treatment costs involved.

  • Benefits of a Steam Cleaner

This tool is very useful when it comes to flea control. Your ability to put this tool to good use both as a household cleaner and for flea control makes it utilitarian. It takes care of fleas hiding in crevices and tight cracks.

Ordinarily, a lot of flea exterminating strategies will hardly reach such areas.

It doesn’t matter what stage of development such fleas are at. Your steam cleaner kills them all! Flea eggs, larvae, and adult fleas are destroyed.

The best part is; the frequent use of your steam cleaner will serve as a preventive measure against fleas and other pests like bed bugs.

Caution When Steam Cleaning For Fleas

Utmost caution should be exercised when exterminating fleas with steam cleaners. There are areas you shouldn’t use this device. One of them is an electrical outlet.

People have complained of electrical shock when they directed their steam cleaner towards an electrical outlet.

The steam produced is quite hot and could result in burns if carelessly touched. Kids are known to be very curious and should be kept at a far distance when using this device. When buying a steam cleaner, go for quality rather than the cheapest product. You may end up not getting the desired result with your cheap steam cleaner.

Steam treatment is an effective flea extermination method to consider. This doesn’t only kill adult fleas but also their larvae and eggs. You may have to repeat such treatments for the desired impact.

Important tools for this job include steam and vacuum cleaners.

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