Are you a landlord interested in eviction clean-out prices? Here is a price list.

The term eviction will typically evoke negative emotions due to its nature.

However, it’s a usual occurrence a lot of people face. Thankfully we won’t be dwelling on the act itself but on cleaning prices that apply. How much will eviction cleanout cost?

Here, we’ll be discussing the pricing details of the cleanup procedure.

Eviction Clean Out Prices

Without an idea of how much eviction procedure or move-out cleaning costs, it will be difficult to come up with a budget. Plus, the edge of negotiation is practically non-existent.

You want a situation where all your actions or decisions are backed by the right pricing information. Without further delay, we’ll get into the basics of pricing.

Landlords Mostly Pay For Cleaning

As mentioned earlier, evictions aren’t pretty. Such situations happen against the will of the tenant.

However, eviction could be a final resort to take back a property that’s either badly managed or a tenant that defaults on their rent. With the tenant evicted, the landlord is left with cleanup responsibilities.

As a landlord, you want to know what the cost angle is like. This is normal as it helps with budgeting and cleanout preparation. If there are damages on the property, such will need to be fixed before cleaning follows.

Other factors could also come into play.

Eviction Clean Out and Repair Prices

In a lot of situations, both of these (cleanout and repair) apply. This means attracting additional costs asides from that of cleaning. Standard deep-cleaning prices will fall within the range of $200 to $500.

This is the clean-out cost for a home measuring around 600 to 2,500 square feet in size.

Here, it’s clear that size has a lot to do with clean-out prices.

Expect a maximum eviction clean-out cost within the $450 to $650 range. Such costs should apply to a property measuring around 2,500 to 3,500 sq. ft.

Apart from the size of a home, how much you pay will be determined by additional factors which will be discussed shortly.

In a situation where the property is in bad condition, the need for repairs will be necessary. Here, deep cleaning alone won’t be sufficient as you’re likely to incur an additional $200 to $1,000 in repair costs.

Will the cleaning company provide such a service? In most cases, they won’t.

How Detailed is the Cleaning Job?

It’s generally expected that eviction cleaning should be thorough. However, understanding the different types of cleaning available will help you gain a better perspective on pricing.

There the types available include basic, medium, heavy and extra heavy cleaning.

These cleaning types may go by different names depending on the service provider or cleaning company hired. Eviction clean-out services have their unique pricing structures.

However, these aren’t much different from the figures given above. You’ll need to do some comparisons to get the best rates available.

  • Basic Clean Out Prices

As the name suggests, this type of cleaning isn’t as detailed as others.

However, it targets all surfaces and includes mopping, dusting, and removal of spider webs. In terms of cleaning supplies used, only basic supplies are applied.

Cleaning costs range from $150 to $190.

  • Medium Clean Out Prices

Medium clean-out services cover a little more than those for basic cleaning. This procedure costs around $210 to $250. It includes cleaning surfaces both within and outside the house.

It’s also performed with basic cleaning supplies, medium cleaning covers window sills, fingerprints on walls, and mopping.

Other cleaning actions involved are dusting, removal of spider webs, and baseboard cleanup.

  • Heavy Clean Out Prices

Here, it’s evident that this type of eviction cleanout service involves a lot more than those discussed above. Typical costs for such jobs falls within the $260 to $360+ range.

This includes the coverage of in and out surfaces, removal of spider webs, dusting, and mopping.

Other areas focused on include baseboards, window sills, and wall stains. Apart from basic cleaning products provided for such jobs, cleaning services also have special products and supplies.

These are applied to areas that require a more thorough cleanup.

  • Extra Heavy Clean Out Prices

This type of cleanout will be required where a lot of cleanup needs to be performed. Here, the evicted occupant must have abandoned their responsibilities, thus making the house very dirty.

Cleaning prices are typically higher for such jobs with average cleanout costs around $450 or more.

Here, special cleaning products and supplies are used for the job. The procedure includes in and out cleaning, mopping, dusting, and removal of spider webs.

Other areas covered include window sills, baseboards, wall stains, trash removal, and removal of grease stains, etc.

The Size of the House Matters

What’s the size of the property?

Property size counts in determining eviction cleanout prices. Here, eviction cleaning services charge per square foot. So, it’s normal to expect higher prices for larger properties and vice versa.

For example, a property measuring less than 800 square feet will attract extra heavy cleanup prices of around $450 or more. For a house below 1,500 square feet, expect extra heavy cleanout costs of around $500 or more.

Eviction cleanout prices increase with larger properties. For properties below 3,500 square feet, extra heavy cleanout prices will be around $610 or more.

Who You Hire Matters

Who’s going to get the job done? When it comes to eviction clean out, lots of service providers are available to pick from. However, it’s never a good idea to settle for just any company.

Rather, it’s best to carefully go through the options available to you.

In other words, you’ll need to carry out some background checks by way of customer reviews. Verified Customer reviews give you an idea of how good and reliable cleaning service is.

Having found a few of the most reliable, have them provide cleaning estimates for your property.

In most cases, such estimates are free. With multiple estimates obtained, you’re able to settle for the cheapest among them.

Location Counts

Where do you live? This is important because it could impact eviction cleanout prices. Bigger cities have higher living costs than smaller towns.

Therefore, it’s normal to find higher eviction cleanout prices in cities.

This is a general idea of pricing when it comes to eviction cleanout. It’s clear that not all cleanout jobs are the same. You’ll have to call for an assessment of your property to get a definite cleaning cost applicable to such property.


  1. What is your service area??? I am looking for a service in Springfield, Ohio.

  2. this house is a 3 bedroom 2 bath, tenants left a horrible mess, appliances, furniture, clothing, dishes all cupboards are full etc.
    landlord wants it totally cleaned out. what would be a reasonable price for that?

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