How Much Does Pressure Washing Fence Cost?

Do you know how much it cost to power wash fence per linear foot?

Here, we’re most interested in fence cleaning prices.

How much will it cost you to have your fence cleaned? This article takes a look at several pricing factors considered during estimation. So, are you seeking to have your fence cleaned any time soon?

The details supplied here should help out in that regard.

How Much Does It Cost to Pressure Wash A Fence?

Fences aren’t only meant to serve as protection for a property. They also increase the property’s value, plus, they beautify and act as noise buffer.

The most obvious benefit has to be the enhancement of privacy. While these benefits are clear, we aren’t discussing any of them.

What Type of Cleaning is Used for Fences?

When it comes to fence cleaning, power or pressure washing technique is used. As the name implies, a water jet at high pressure helps removed debris and all forms of dirt on fences.

This is mostly good enough for a wide range of cleaning actions.

However, a cleaning technician may decide whether it’s appropriate for your job or not.

How Much To Pressure Wash Fence

Power washing prices vary from one job to the next.

While this is true, there’s a threshold or average cost range for fence cleaning jobs. You’ll need to know such costs to have an idea of your estimated budget.

So, what’s your fence made of? Most fences are made from wood materials.

The average cost range for fence cleaning is between $150 and $300. This applies to standard cleaning procedures for a single-family home.

So, the exact cost of the job will be determined by factors such as the volume of dirt, mold, the complexity of the job, hourly costs, as well as stains (if any).

A more detailed discussion on factors affecting fence cleaning prices will follow shortly. The longer and more complex a fence cleaning project takes, the more it’s likely to cost.

So, how do you adjust the average prices mentioned to your specific project? You’ll need to find out the height of your fence.

Asides from your fences’ height, there’s also the linear length to consider. Now, the figure obtained from fence height is multiplied by the linear length to arrive at the square footage.

Fence material will also come into play when calculating costs. Asides from wood, there are fences made from vinyl materials too.

  • Other Pricing Considerations

To carry out fence cleaning, additional considerations will have to be looked at.

Asides from the average price range given above, there’s also the national average cost of cleaning fences. This procedure starts at $269.

At the minimum, a project may cost around $53 while its maximum cost goes as much as $600.

Factors Affecting Fence Cleaning Rates

We earlier mentioned several factors that influence fence cleaning costs. These range from the volume of dirt, mold, the complexity of the job, hourly costs, as well as stains.

Other factors include your location, which company gets hired for the job, fence material, as well as accessibility. All these counts towards the total cost of the project.

Let’s take a look at each factor.

  • Volume of Dirt

The volume of dirt always plays a part in determining fence cleaning prices.

There are varying degrees of dirt from one job to the next. If you’ve kept or maintained a cleaning schedule, your fence shouldn’t be as dirty as one which hasn’t seen proper maintenance or cleanup.

In other words, cleaning prices are bound to vary based on the condition or volume of dirt accumulated on the fence.

  • The complexity of the Job

Job complexity is quite all-encompassing.

In other words, it includes the condition of the fence, accessibility, as well as whether there are stains that need to be removed or not.

These and several other complexities could significantly add up to your total cost.

However, knowing your job’s complexity can be quite tricky. You might have no idea about what’s considered a difficult job and what isn’t. You have to call a cleaning service to assess your job.

At the same time, estimates are worked out and presented to you.

  • Hourly Costs

For any business, time is money.

This isn’t different for a cleaning company. Most cleaning services have time-based cost estimations. Here, hourly pricing is quite common.

The average hourly cost for fence cleaning is around $100. This means a two-hour job will be charged at twice the hourly rate.

  • Stains

Walls can be stained too. Here, part of the process of getting the wall cleaned includes the removal of such stains.

Vinyl walls tend to have more stain problems compared to walls made from wooden materials. It’s common knowledge that getting rid of stains is a different ballgame.

In other words, it will cost you more to clean your stained wall than it would clean one that isn’t stained. So, expect a higher fee if your walls are stained.

  • Location

Wall cleaning prices are influenced by location. Where do you live?

Bigger cities tend to have a higher cost of living compared to smaller cities. All of that will factor into your fence cleaning costs. So, what’s the cost of living like in your city?

  • Who You Hire

In terms of the number of professional cleaning services, there are several to patronize for your fence cleaning needs. These companies have competitive rates as well as value-added services that offer the customer the most benefit.

One of the ways to leverage such competition is by asking multiple service providers for quotes.

  • Fence Material

We earlier stated that fences are mostly made from wood and vinyl materials. Vinyl fences tend to have fewer cleaning requirements as they take longer to accumulate dirt.

However, these are more common for stains. A cleaning company may handle jobs differently based on the materials fences are made of.

  • Accessibility

How accessible is the job location? Certain fences tend to pass through difficult terrain. This is also worsened by the fact that the fences may be high.

That notwithstanding, there are specialized tools designed to surmount all sorts of challenges. Of course, you should expect an increase in your cleaning prices due to such a challenge(s).

There you have it! Fence cleaning costs have been discussed in addition to pricing influencing factors. You should have no difficulty figuring out the cost of your project.

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