Pressure cleaning, also known as power washing has become a popular and efficient means of cleaning. This is included among remedies for the removal of grime, dirt, loose paint, and lots more.

So, if you’ll need cleaning services any time soon, you might want to know more about pressure cleaning prices.

How Much Does Pressure Cleaning & Power Washing Cost?

When it comes to discussing pressure cleaning costs, a lot of things are involved. These range from the cost per square foot, cost per hour, and the cost for residential and commercial cleaning.

All these and more will be discussed to provide you with all the information necessary.

Pressure Vs Power Washing

A lot of times, these two (pressure washing & power washing) are interchanged.

Although they are similar, there’s a slight difference. In the case of pressure washing, cold water is used. The opposite applies to power washing.

Apart from this little difference both are pretty much the same. As we move on, you’ll find both terms being used interchangeably to discuss pressure cleaning prices.

Whatever Your Needs Are

Your cleaning needs will determine where your interests lie.

This article tries as much to incorporate all. In other words, we’ve included information for those in need of cleaning services as well as DIYers seeking to get the job done themselves.

If you’re a professional seeking to understand the variations in pricing, this article will serve your needs.

You get to better understand what a cleaning pricing structure looks like and how to apply or adjust such to your business.

Where Do You Live?

Where you stay or your location will impact the price you pay for pressure cleaning. However, there’s a national average when it comes to power washing costs.

This starts at $287. Cleaning prices fall within the range of $187 to $387.

Based on your cleaning needs, you may pay as low as $100 or as much as $620. Although this is key information, there’s more to the prices provided here.

  • Price Variations by Location

It’s no news that where you live will determine how much you pay for a power washing service.

While others are low, some are on the high side. Nevertheless, there’s no major difference in such prices. Certain locations and applicable cleaning prices are Charlotte, NC $150 to $300, and Atlanta, GA at $150 to $325.

Pressure cleaning price range for additional locations includes Miami, FL at $125 to $325, and New York, NY at $250 to $500. Power washing prices for the City of Minneapolis, MN falls from $250 to $450. If you live in Denver, CO, expect to pay anywhere from $150 to $350.

These are only a few of several locations. However, they give you a picture of what to expect when calling for pressure cleaning services.

Pressure Cleaning Cost Per Square Foot

As mentioned earlier, we mentioned the variations in pricing for power cleaning jobs.

Part of the many considerations includes per square foot pricing. Now, most pressure washing services will charge anywhere from $0.10 to $0.50 per square foot.

While this is true, economies of scale play a significant role in determining the price.

In other words, the larger a cleaning project or space is, the less you’re likely to pay per square foot. A lot of times, cleaning costs have been slashed by a significant amount simply by combining with additional areas.

For instance, a space that’s supposed to cost you around $0.40 per square foot to clean may see a significant reduction when consolidated with an exterior siding or other spaces.

Hourly Pressure Cleaning Rates

This pricing model is quite different from per square foot pricing.

Here, the hourly rates are charged per cleaner or crew member. As such, a cleaning service may demand anywhere from $50 to $100 per hour for each of its crew members involved.

To arrive at the total cost for pressure cleaning, you’ll need to sum up the hourly rates clocked by the number of crew members.

Equipment Determining Pricing

The type of pressure washing equipment used plays a role in determining eventual costs.

Equipment cost is mostly pegged at a minimum of $100. Such costs don’t only cover those for equipment but also for insurance, licensing, as well as travel among other overhead costs.

Standard Power Washing Prices

When adopting the pressure washing approach, there are times when power washing is more preferred. Because heated water is used, certain cleaning needs are better served. Power washing may be ideal for gutters, house siding, fences, driveway, as well as patio or deck.

There are pricing variations for each of these mentioned areas.

The cost for gutter cleaning falls within the $50 to $500 range. This costs a bit more for house siding at $150 to $400.

Fence power washing cost is estimated to be around $150 to $300, while driveway cleaning should cost anywhere from $100 to $250.

In comparison to pressure washing, power washing costs a bit more due to the energy costs involved in heating water.

Knowing this helps you better appreciate the little differences.

Pressure Cleaning Prices for Homes

All the while, we’ve been discussing the different parts of a home and the likely costs you’ll incur.

However, the cost of pressure washing a home varies significantly. This is determined by its size as well as the number of stories involved.

The average pressure cleaning prices for a single-story building range from $150 to $750. Cleaning prices for a 2 story building fall within the $400 to $1,400 range while those for a 3 story building range from $700 to $1,800.

The size of such property plays an important role in determining eventual costs.

Pressure Cleaning Rental Costs

To get the job done yourself, you’ll need to rent pressure cleaning equipment.

Based on the type of equipment needed, you’ll pay around $35 to $125 each day to rent such equipment. The fewer days, the lesser you pay for a rental.

How Much Does Pressure Cleaning Services Charge?

As a professional seeking to start your pressure cleaning service, you’ll need to consider your overhead costs in addition to achieving about 30% profitability. A minimum fee of about $100 should cover this.

There you have it!

Pressure cleaning prices are basic determinants over who gets hired, and the scope of the job among other things. We’ve provided a wide range of pricing details to enable you to prepare adequately.

You also get to know what best serves your needs.

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