Garage Door Spring Snapped | Dealing With Broken Coils

Here is why and what happens when a garage door spring breaks, including how to fix the problem. We will also see how to open a garage door with a broken spring manually.

Snapped spring is one of the most prevalent challenges with a garage door. This can cause substantial impairment and pose serious security risks to homeowners and businesses.

Now, several factors can make your door spring split.

These include wear and tear, rust, excessive corrosion, etc. When such an event unfolds, your door may be challenging to open, among other issues.

Broken Garage Door Spring

Read this article if you’re wondering what to do if your garage door spring snaps.

We’ll explore the dangers of snapped door springs, how to fix a broken door spring, how to keep your door running, and more.

Without any delay, let’s get started.

What Can Make a Garage Door Spring to Snap?

As we’ve noted above, several elements can make your door spring to get broken. These include wear and tear, running from cost, rust, and low level of maintenance.

Allow us to discuss a few of the factors briefly.

  • Running from Cost

It’s not uncommon that most people always look for options to reduce costs when purchasing replaceable parts. It’s not wrong to opt for cheaper alternatives.

But in most cases, the more affordable becomes expensive. Instead of buying high-quality springs, some homeowners and business people opt for low-quality components.

Such parts will not last. In a short period, they’ll break.

  • Wear and Tear

Most parking lot doors are designed to open and close around eight times daily. The springs hold the entire door’s weight as they’re lifted to open and close.

More opening and closing can result in excessive wear and tea. When this unfolds, your door spring can split at any time.

  • Rust

This is another factor that can trigger your door to snap. Rust entirely threatens machinery and can cause notable destruction if not prevented.

The metallic parts of your garage doorway, including the springs, are prone to rust that can eat them away. Before you know it, your door spring will be snapped.

How Do I Know My Garage Door Coil is Broken?

Your garage door spring may break when you’re absent from home or business.

In this case, you might not know it snapped until you attempt to open it. But don’t worry; you can tell if your door spring is broken in a few ways.

For those with garage doors that use extension springs attached to a pulley system or cable, you’ll see it hanging from the track. Handling such kind of door spring can be dangerous.

When they separate from the pulley system, they release a sharp and speedy tension. If you’re fortunate to be close by, you’ll hear a loud sound from whatever it bangs.

It could be your car, nearby storage track, wall, or even yourself if you’re close.

Replacing or Fixing a Garage Door That Snapped

If your garage door isn’t heavy, you can attempt to make replacements or repairs. It all depends on the cause and level of damage.

To fix a snapped spring on the garage door, you’ll start by removing the snapped spring. Next, you unplug the door opener and clam the entrance to the track.

You can use a locking plier or C-clamp for such an operation.

Next, you loosen the set screws while holding each spring with a winder bar to unwind.

Remove the nuts and bolts and slide the broken springs to the end bracket. Secure the tube and remove the cables, cable drums, and springs.

After that, you measure the length of the relaxing spring to the diameter of the spring and the size of the coil. While doing this, you can check for other rusted components.

Installing New Springs on Garage Doors

You’ll start by sliding the left spring onto the tube to install a new spring on your garage door. After that, you add the cable drum and install the center bearing and the proper spring to secure the cone.

Next, you thread the cables and tighten the drums. Wind and stretch the springs out until it’s well stretched.

The following action will be to tighten the set screw and lubricate the springs. When you’re done, you remove your C-clamp and plier.

Test the door and reengage the opener.

Can a garage door work without springs? Yes.

How to Open Garage Door With Broken Spring

It would be best not to open the door when your garage door spring breaks.

As mentioned earlier, entries in such situations may be challenging to open. That’s because the opener has lost its support spring that aids in lifting and lowering.

However, if you have an emergency, the following tips will guide you on how to open a parking lot door with snapped spring.

Now, there’re two types of parking lot doors. We have those made of torsion and extension springs. The procedure to open each of these doors with snapped springs is prevalent.

  • lifting garage door with broken spring

You’ll require another party to assist you when opening a garage door with either an extension or two torsion springs; You must inspect the door thoroughly before lifting.

Next, you manually open the door to avoid further damage to other framework parts.

Disengage the door from the opener if it’s touching the ground. You can do that by pulling the red cord. Lastly, lift the door until it’s raised along the horizontal rails.

Note: if your garage door is heavy and you can’t handle it alone, it’ll be best to call a professional company.

They’ll bring their team of experts to open your door safely and make necessary repairs or replacements. But remember, you’ll have to compensate them for their services.

Cost of Replacing a Garage Door Spring

Having found out your garage door spring is snapped, the following action is to replace it. Before you move to replace a broken spring, you must familiarize yourself with its cost implication.

Now, the price of replacing a snapped spring varies depending on certain factors. These include the size, weight, and material.

Generally, it will cost you around $249 to replace a single-door spring. You’ll spend a median of $349-$800 to make repairs.

Then, those who want to convert their extension springs to torsion will cost about $650-$1,000. You can further research your locality to determine the price of changing this garage door component.

Garage doors are a critical part of many homes and commercial facilities. They provide practical access and security for both lives and properties.

However, these doors are often taken for granted until something goes sideways. When your door spring snaps, you’ll spend money fixing them.

Not to talk less about the annoyance. It would be best if you regularly check your door.

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