Here is how much it costs to get rid of groundhogs.

Rodent issues can become overwhelming for homeowners. At this point, any help is appreciated, including lethal control methods.

This article will prove valuable and informative if you have groundhog problems on your property.

Average Groundhog Extermination Costs

When groundhog invasion becomes unbearable, extermination will be your best bet. However, it’s necessary to state that other control methods exist.

These include the use of repellents as well as live groundhog traps. However, we’re not interested in those.

If you wish to have these large rodents exterminated, the following details on cost should interest you. Before we get more price information, we must consider the types of problems posed by groundhogs.

Damage Caused by Groundhogs

Groundhogs are well known for their burrowing activity.

This leaves large holes below the ground surface, which have been known to result in structural damage. Structural damage results when tunnels dug beneath foundations weaken, thus causing them to crumble.

In the course of digging their tunnels, these rodents will readily chew through irrigation systems as well as electrical wires. As such, there’s nothing to cheer about when you notice a groundhog presence around your home.

The first thing to do is to call a pest management service.

How Much Will It Cost to Have Groundhogs Removed?

Many factors determine groundhog extermination costs.

However, the price range falls within the $150 to $200 mark. This service is categorized under the nuisance wildlife & animal control and involves various methods.

When extermination is the aim, lethal traps are deployed mainly by pest management services, costing around $150.

Why Use Lethal Traps On Groundhogs? Are there Laws Preventing Such?

Extermination may be your only option if you’ve tried to repel these rodents from your yard with little success. The need for this approach is further amplified by the level of damage caused.

However, not all states approve of this method.

Certain states prohibit the use of lethal methods for groundhog control. You’ll need to check what applies to your state. There are also other states with laws that approve cruel control methods.

So, what does it mean to use lethal control methods? Just that!

Vicious-looking traps are set with the aim of causing harm and exterminating groundhogs. Its jagged, sharp edges are triggered when hogs step on such traps. This grips their body, resulting in death.

Compared to other relocation methods, groundhog extermination costs less than $150. This is understandable as you won’t need to relocate live rodents.

Cost to Hire a Wildlife Control Specialist

When you need to exterminate groundhogs, you should take your request to the appropriate quarters. In other words, the best professional or technician for this task is the wildlife control specialist.

The reason is simple; wildlife control specialists know all about legal methods within your location. What more?

You don’t only get to rid your home of groundhogs but also get preventive services. Both of these are preceded by an inspection of your property.

So, returning to the service cost, you’re likely to incur a fee of around $30 to $40 per hour. When your location is entirely removed from the usual service areas covered by the exterminator, additional costs may apply

. You may attract an additional fee of around $0.50 per mile.

That’s not all. Sometimes, groundhog extermination may require multiple visits. Based on the number of visits required, the service charge increases. You may pay anywhere from $30 to $40 based on the hourly rate.

What Do You Do With The Burrowed Grounds?

The tunneling activities of groundhogs make them highly destructive.

Having successfully exterminated these large rodents, your following action will be to repair any damage. The damage caused depends on how long these pests have been around.

Your technician is likely to discover burrows extending right under the structure. Fixing such damage becomes quite challenging and must be done urgently. The cost of repairs could be significantly higher.

Repair costs depend on the type of damage. There are three main types: home damage, lawn damage, foundation damage, and yard damage.

Let’s briefly take a look at each as follows;

  • Cost to Fix Home Damage

When groundhog damage extends to your home’s structure, it becomes more complicated and costly to fix. We mentioned that these creatures would chew through just about anything they come across.

When it comes to homes, there are lots of things to chew on, including wiring and plumbing or irrigation systems. A repair may be necessary or total rewiring to have the problem resolved. This will cost an average of $8,000 to perform.

Fixing a chewed or damaged irrigation system will cost much less than replacing your wiring. You’re likely to incur a repair fee starting from $350.

  • Cost to Fix Lawn Damage

While tunneling through your property, groundhogs cause significant damage to your lawn. This is even made worse by the gaping holes left behind.

To have these wide holes filled back and your lawn restored will cost around $200 to $800. This figure, like the others, is only an estimate as it could cost more based on the situation on the ground.

  • Cost to Fix Foundation Damage

Structural damage can be severe when groundhogs infest your property. Their activity around your home’s foundation could threaten its stability.

You may incur thousands of dollars to have your foundation fixed. This should cost anywhere from $4,000 or more.

  • Cost to Fix Yard Damage

Most yards hold an ample supply of plants that groundhogs love to munch on. So, while tunneling through your property, they get to refuel by feeding on available plants, thus, causing double problems for you.

You’ll need to have your damaged flowers and plants replaced too.

Apart from replacing damaged flowers, additional costs will include installing perimeter fencing. Replacing damaged flowers alone may cost you around $200.

As seen so far, groundhog extermination costs vary based on the method used. We’ve provided this information and highlighted the costs of fixing such damages.

It’s also important to note that you could experience a combination of the above damage caused by these rodents.

This jerks up your extermination costs considerably.

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