Gym Cleaning Checklist – Tasks For Fitness Facilities

This gym cleaning checklist offers guidance to help you with carrying out specific tasks. These tasks combined result in a well cleaned and maintained gym business. This in turn likely to improve your membership.

Keeping your gym in top shape is one of the most important tasks to perform. Among the major maintenance activities is cleaning.

Now, cleaning a gym should follow a schedule with specific actions performed. Hence the need for a checklist.

Commercial Gym Facility Cleaning Checklist

In starting the cleaning process, you’ll need to first get all the cleaning supplies and equipment to be used.

These range from equipment polish, disinfectants, disposable face masks, hand sanitizer refill supplies, vacuum, and all-purpose cleaners.

Mops will also be needed in addition to cloths such as absorbent towels. A cleaning caddy will need to be used in moving around your cleaning supplies.

Gym Cleanliness Standard Checklist

This checklist includes a wide range of cleaning actions you should perform. These are specific and cover main areas such as the workout area, the office, and reception, the restroom, washroom & locker room areas as well as the gym equipment and machines.

  • Cleaning the Workout Area

This area of the gym is arguably the busiest with clients performing a wide range of workout regimes. Now, to provide a clean space, you’ll need to thoroughly clean all mirrors plus internal glasses and dust light fixtures.

Adequate natural lighting will be needed, as such windows should be wiped clean and kept free of streaks. Yoga and fitness mats should be targeted for cleaning and also disinfected. The most common touch areas should be focused on cleaning and disinfecting.

These include handles and railings as well as treadmill handles among others.

Inspect corners and ceiling areas for signs of cobwebs and clean these off if there are any. Now, dust all surfaces and vacuum floors and carpets.

  • Welcoming Entrances/Reception Area

You want to create a positive first impression the moment clients walk in through the entrance.

The clean conditions of this area will have a lasting impact on bringing them back. Dust or wipe down surfaces and also disinfect where necessary. Fingerprints should be wiped off all surfaces too.

Thoroughly vacuum carpets and wet mop floors. You want to pay attention to common touchpoints such as door handles or knobs in addition to pens, phones, and computers. These touchpoints should be dusted and wiped clean with sanitizing wipes.

Clean all tables or desks as well as chairs. Doors and windows should be cleaned and disinfected. Furniture and fixtures should be dusted. Also, check floor mats and ensure they are free from debris and are well laid to avoid becoming tripping hazards.

  • Gym Locker Rooms

The gym locker rooms should also get your attention when performing your cleaning rounds. Basic cleaning tasks include cleaning and sanitizing locker doors in addition to other touchpoints within the room. Benches should also be cleaned and sanitized.

Clear the floors of clutter or debris and polish windows and mirrors. Empty lockers should be cleaned and disinfected too. Doors leading into such rooms should be cleaned and disinfected. Points to pay attention too include the door handles or knobs. Also, wipe down the walls.

Vacuum locker room carpets or clean and mop floors. Empty trash cans and replace new liners.

  • The Bathroom or Washroom Area

A gym’s bathroom or washroom area requires proper cleaning. Specific cleaning tasks include thorough cleaning and disinfection of toilets and urinals. Clean and disinfect all sink areas including counters as well as faucets.

Bathroom showers will need proper cleaning too. The cleaning of showers should be cleaned from the shower heads to the floor area. Bathroom doors should be cleaned and disinfected too. Especially the touchpoints such as door handles or knobs.

Check to ensure that restroom supplies are available. In not, these should be refilled. Common supplies include tissues, towels, liquid hand soap, and shower soap. Floors should be thoroughly swept and mopped with disinfectants used during cleaning. The trashcan should be regularly checked and emptied with new liners replaced.

You might also want to inspect potential problem areas like grout channels between tiles. These points will need to be sealed up to prevent fungal growth from happening.

  • Cleaning the Office Spaces

The gym office or administrative area should be well maintained and kept clean. Doors should be cleaned and disinfected with touchpoints such as handles properly disinfected. Fingerprints are commonly found on glass surfaces. These should be wiped off too.

Next, clean and disinfect all surfaces as well as touch areas. These will include tables or desks, chairs, and office equipment like computers, printers, phones among others. Vacuum carpets or sweep and mop floors.

Dust and polish all furniture and fixtures. Also clean windows.

  • Floor Care

All floors, especially those in the workout areas must be well cared for.

Such care includes sweeping, mopping, and vacuuming all areas of the floor within your gym facility. Flooring issues or problems should also be detected early and addressed before they become tripping hazards or workout nightmare.

  • Fresh Gym Mats

Gym mats should be well taken care of after each workout session. These will need to be clean for the next use. In cleaning such mats, it’s best done using a pH neutral solution and disinfectant.

Get rid of the dirt on such mats and clean exercise areas often to ensure your gym is in the best shape for client use at all times.

  • Wiping Equipment

A gym is generally a high touch area with lots of gym equipment being used daily. Such equipment will need to be wiped clean and disinfected. At the end of each day, such equipment should be thoroughly cleaned and checked for damage.

If they need fixing, this should be done as soon as possible so as not to interrupt the gym session.

This is a standard gym cleaning checklist covering different parts of a gym that require cleaning. You shouldn’t be faced with difficulties trying to figure out what cleaning tasks to perform.

This checklist has included all the basic cleaning tasks as well as how to perform them.

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