Here, you’ll not only find ready products but also tips on how to make your own homemade horsefly repellent. Exciting right? It should be. Without further delay, let’s begin our discussion.

Like most blood-sucking insects, horseflies cause sharp pain when feeding. This is very uncomfortable and painful.

Getting rid of them relies on the use of effective repellents. Such repellents help keep them at bay. That is what this article is about; horsefly repellent.

If you’ve wondered if a solution exists for your horsefly problem, we’re glad to say it does.

You can also look at getting predators that eat these flies.

Why You Need A Horsefly Repellent

Apart from the vicious bites inflicted by horseflies which cause significant discomfort they also transmit diseases.

Such diseases include anthrax, anaplasmosis, tularemia, and hog cholera. These don’t only affect humans but also animals such as horses etc.

What Are Horsefly Repellents?

This is quite straightforward!

Horsefly repellents are simply products that are designed to repel. They are meant to keep horseflies at bay. These products come in various forms that include sprays, horsefly repellent gels, ointments, repellent wipes, and roll-on repellents.

Others are horsefly repellent bands (mostly meant for horses) and collars to keep flies from biting. This helps provides critical relief from the highly uncomfortable fly bites which result due to its feeding activity.

Horsefly repellents also come in varieties of product brands. These are either for multipurpose (effective on a variety of flies) use or single-use. More so, certain horsefly repellent products are made for animal use while others are for human use.

As stated earlier, there are also homemade horsefly repellents. Lots of recipes exist. You only need to choose one which has readily available ingredients.

Whatever the case is, repellents give you the much-needed relief from horseflies.

  • Homemade Horsefly Repellent

If you choose to follow this route, there are different types of recipes to select from.

We’ll be providing a few of those. One of such requires ingredients that include white vinegar, dish soap, and baby oil. Make a solution by mixing a pint of white vinegar, a squirt of dish soap, and 2 ounces of baby oil.

These should be mixed and poured into a spray bottle. Now, use this for topical application on skin and clothing. You may want to give your homemade horsefly recipe extra strength. One way to do this is by adding some essential oils (preferably tea tree or eucalyptus oils).

About 5 to 15 drops of these essential oils should be added and mixed. You should have a more effective horsefly repellent.

  • Other Repellent Products

There’s an almost inexhaustible list of horsefly repellent products that we cannot fully mention here due to want of space and time.

However, the few we’ll be mentioning include NAF Off Citronella Wristband, Lincoln Classic Fly Repellent Liquid for horses, and Bayer Flying Insect Killer.

Others include Z-itch Sweet Itch for Horses, Battles Horse, and & Cattle Fly Repellent Liquid, AB7 Industries Insect Repellent Collar for Horses, Horsewise No Flies Natural Spray, Equimins Fly Repellent Spray and Gold Label Citronella Oil for Horses.

There’s still more! They include Lincoln Fly Repellent Roll-On for Horses, Hydrophane Farmyard Louse Powder, Equine America Derma Gel, NAF Off Citronella Tag, Naf Off Citronella Wash for Horses, and Gold Label Louse Powder for Horses.

More products include Gold Label Citronella Compound Emulsion for Horses, Lincoln Bot Knife, Barrier Parasite Repel, Global Herbs Flyfree for Horses, Barrier Enhanced Formula Fly Repellent, NAF Naturalintx Tea Tree Oil Shampoo for Horses, Carr & Day & Martin Killitch Sweet Itch Lotion as well as VetPlus Switch Lotion for Horses.

How To Apply Horsefly Repellents

Having bought or made your preferred horsefly repellents, you’ll need to figure out how these will be applied.

Thankfully, the application isn’t such a complex process. Nevertheless, you’ll need to carefully follow the use instructions accompanying the product.

Remember, the manufacturer knows best. As such, you’ll need to follow every instruction to the letter.

  • Allergies May Result With Use

It’s important to factor-in a possibility when applying or using a horsefly repellent product. Some people and animals may have allergies which mean adverse reactions may result.

In such instances, it’s best to immediately put a halt to its usage while you seek medical attention.

Homemade Horsefly Repellents Vs Over-the-Counter Products

A lot of times, confusion may arise as to the efficacy of different types of horsefly repellents. A widely held belief (which may necessarily not be true) holds that horsefly repellents bought over-the-counter are effective.

Experience has shown that this may not be the case. Plus, homemade horsefly repellents tend to be safer when used on your body or those of your animals. The reasons are simple.

A lot of over-the-counter horsefly repellents may contain harmful chemicals.

These may have side effects and cause problems to you either immediately or later on (with sustained usage). For homemade repellents, most of the ingredients used are known and largely considered safe.

Such shouldn’t cause problems except for persons or animals with cases of extreme allergies.

How Long Do Horsefly Repellents Last?

The longer the effects of horsefly repellents on your body or those of your animals, the better it is. A lot of products are known to remain active for a few hours and will need you to reapply.

Thankfully, the horsefly season isn’t prolonged and only lasts a short time.

Also, horseflies are most active during sunny days. They try as much as possible to avoid shady areas.

Normally, you won’t be staying for prolonged periods under the sun unless your work requires doing so. Even under such circumstances, horsefly repellents will keep these pests away from you.

What Type Of Repellent Is Best For Me?

Knowing the horsefly repellent product(s) that works best for you entirely depends on what your needs are. Consider scrolling through as many products to find out what works best for your situation.

Different people will have their different preferences which are why loads of choices are available for you to pick from.

We’re confident you’ve learned a thing or two about horsefly repellents. These will help protect you and your animals from horsefly bites.

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