9 Classic Signs Of Squirrels In The Attic

Here, we’ve discussed common signs of squirrels in the attic. You only get to look out for such signs to determine whether or not they are present.

Squirrels are among the destructive rodents as they cause all sorts of damage to landscapes and plants. These cute rodents are also known to nest in undesirable areas such as attics.

This creates health risks as they’re known to spread dangerous diseases such as salmonellosis, rabies, tularemia, Lyme disease, and leptospirosis among others.

If you suspect rodent presence in your attic but aren’t sure what type you’re dealing with, you’ll want to find out by reading this article.

Common Attic Squirrel Signs

Squirrels, like most pests, leave tell-tale signs of their presence. However, a lot of homeowners are oblivious to such signs and only get to notice when infestation worsens.

To have a better chance of identifying squirrels early enough, you’ll have to be more attentive to such signs.

Now, a lot of people have no idea what these signs are. This article provides you with all such information and what to do when squirrel presence is confirmed.

Tell-Tale Signs of Squirrels in Attic

So how do I know if I have squirrels in my attic?

Squirrels will always leave behind certain signs of their activity. Some of these signs include droppings, squirrel footprints, foul odors, and nests.

Other tell-tale signs you’re likely to notice include acorns, property damage, unusual sounds, actual squirrel sightings, and squirrel fights.

Are you seeing damage to your yards such as dug holes or chewed tree barks? There’s a strong possibility of squirrels being present. You’ll have to take urgent measures to curtail their presence and activity.

Let’s further discuss each of these mentioned signs for more clarity.

  • Squirrel Droppings

In the case of squirrel infestation, their droppings are likely to be seen around your roof and attic as well as some other areas of your home.

If you’re seeing droppings but aren’t sure of whether they belong to squirrels or not, you may want to seek further confirmation. A pest technician will help with identification.

Squirrel droppings shouldn’t be touched as these may be bacteria-ridden.

Also, avoid cleaning off these droppings as you may easily inhale bacterial spores. Again, it’s best to hire a professional for identification and cleanup.

  • Squirrel Footprints

Can one identify squirrel footprints?

Aren’t they all the same as those of mice and rats? Not exactly! Squirrel tracks may be seen in your attic, snow, as well as your deck among other areas.

To easily identify whether they belong to squirrels or not, look for paw signs with four shorter fingers (for front paws), and paws with five fingers (hind paws).

This may be a little tricky identifying for some people.

If you have no idea, a pest technician should be able to help with that. Sometimes, squirrel footprints may not be too visible to the untrained eye.

  • Foul Odors

Foul odors are among the trademark signs of squirrel presence in attics. These arise from their urine and droppings. The nature of smell is stale or musty.

However, the same smell may apply to other rodents. Whatever the case is, you should share your space with any rodents as they’re all dangerous.

Foul odors arising from squirrel droppings and urine become more prevalent with steady growth in their population. You’ll have to act fast to eliminate the risk of disease being transmitted from such droppings.

  • Squirrel Nest In Attic

Squirrels will readily build nests in your attic.

You’re likely to find one or more nests as they’re known to build several within proximity. Now, nesting materials mostly used will consist of items found around the area such as insulation within attic and crawl spaces.

If you can’t readily find squirrel nests, consider taking a look at ruffled insulation.

Apart from insulation materials, squirrels may use optional nesting materials like debris and leaves among other things.

  • Acorns

Are you seeing any acorns within or around your attic area? If you do, there’s a strong possibility of squirrels being present there. These rodents love nuts and hoard them in preparation for winter.

With squirrel presence confirmed, what remains is to have it/them removed immediately. The longer they remain, the more likely the damage will be.

  • Damage to Property

One of the sure signs of squirrel presence in and around your attic is damage. Such damage is seen in the form of scratch, gnaw and chew marks on furniture and wood.

Squirrels will chew through just about anything they can, including wiring and molding.

To prevent further damage, you’ll have to move fast to address the problem. Addressing the problem requires exclusion from your attic or wherever they may be holed up.

  • Unusual Sounds

Wherever squirrels are, rustling sounds and loud scampering will be common. Like humans, squirrels are busiest during the day as they go out in search of food.

This is the reason why you’re likely to hear these sounds in the mornings and evenings.

Such noises are mostly absent during the daytime.

Compared to the other signs mentioned so far, the noise made by squirrel activity tends to be the most noticeable as you cannot but notice when strange sounds are being made from your attic and roof areas.

  • Actual Squirrel Sightings

Evidence of squirrel presence that stands out is actual sightings of these rodents. These rodents may be seen running along utility lines or trees as well as fences.

To know whether they’re nesting in your attic, observe to find out whether they get into your attic or roof.

  • Squirrel Fights

Squirrel fights are most common with population increase.

In other words, these rodents are likely to overpopulate a particular area which makes them fight to protect their spaces. With such development, it’s high time you acted urgently.

What To Do 

DIY squirrel control sounds appealing to many, but the reality is that it does little to give a lasting solution. You’ll have to pay for professional squirrel control.

Most rodent management companies offer comprehensive squirrel removal.

Now that you know the common signs of squirrel activity, all you have to do is take adequate measures towards addressing such issues.

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