Is Drano Safe For Septic Systems?

Are there reasons you shouldn’t use Drano? Is this product safe for your septic system? Here is all you need to know.

Septic systems usually develop issues arising mainly from the accumulation of gunk, hair, and several other substances which find their way into the system.

These may end up causing clogs or other problems to septic systems.

However, there are solutions to such problems as products have been developed to provide far-reaching solutions.

One of such products is Drano. The Drano products brand is from the stables of S.C Johnson and consists of a wide range of drain cleaning solutions.

List of Drano Products

Under Drano, the brand is several drain cleaning products. Such products include Drano Max Gel Clog Remover, Drano Kitchen Granules Clog Remover, Drano Dual Force Foamer Clog Remover, and Drano Liquid Drain Cleaner.

Others include Drano Snake Plus Tool + Gel System, Drano Max Build-up Remover, Drano Advanced Septic Treatment, Drano Hair Buster Gel, and Drano Kitchen Gel.

Are Drano Products Safe for Septic Systems?

Our discussion to this point has been focused on providing background information for readers with a limited understanding of what Drano is used for. Now that you know, our attention will be shifted to discussing its safety for septic systems.

So, are Drano products safe for septic systems?

Most of our discussion from this point will be focused on providing you with the much-needed answers you seek. Drano products are safe for your septic system.

Although we’ve provided a direct answer to the question, it involves much more than a yes or no.

In other words, there are a couple of things you’ll need to know about how these products act on your septic system. All of this information and more will be unveiled as you read on.

  • How Drano Cleans your Septic System

Your septic system is interconnected, starting from the drain emptying or channeling water into your tank. This process ends with the drain field absorbing and filtering treated wastewater, thus completing the treatment.

As waste flows through drainages, a gradual buildup of dirt is left behind. Such dirt range from soap scum, nasty clogs, hair, and gunk, among other things.

A wide range of Drano products is ideal for specific drain cleaning tasks.

You only need to browse its long list of products to find those appropriate for your situation.

Having applied Drano to your drainage, it gets in and begins to act on dirt by dissolving them, thus clearing out difficult dirt and clogs. So, what happens to your septic system after coming in contact with this product?

Well, as earlier mentioned, no damage is caused.

  • Safety of Drano Products on Your Septic System

The question of septic system safety due to Drano’s use is well justified due to complaints from users of other drain cleaning products. In other words, users of other septic cleaning products have complained about damage caused by drain cleaning products.

Such products have proven to be corrosive, hence dangerous for use.

The good news is, with Drano, you don’t have to worry. According to its manufacturers, Drano leaves no damage behind as it is specially formulated with ingredients that prevent pipe corrosion.

It does not matter what material your septic system is made of.

Whether it consists of a plastic or metal piping, stubborn dirt is cleared from your septic system with no damage left behind.

How Other Drain Cleaners Damage your Septic System

To better appreciate Drano, it’s necessary to discuss the damage caused by other drain cleaners briefly. You may have used such products before.

If you have, you may have noticed a rise in septic system issues. Such a rise in septic problems can be easily traced to these other drain cleaners.

So, what exactly are we talking about? Some drain cleaners are acidic, and these are corrosive on septic system surfaces.

Affected areas of septic systems resulting from contact with corrosive material include porcelain, stainless steel, aluminum, metal, and several others.

This is a problem you’d rather avoid, hence the need to seek septic-safe drain cleaner alternatives such as Drano products. What more?

Other drain cleaners containing acidic contents corrode not only your septic system but also destroy bacteria acting on organic matter in pipes.

The Best Use of Drano for Septic Systems

If you’re concerned with the safety of your septic system, as you should rightfully be, then you may want to pay close attention to using Drano the right way.

In other words, the results obtained depend on how well this drain cleaner is used.

All Drano products come with detailed use instructions for users. These must be adhered to for best results. Anything short of this may result in damage to your septic system.

Generally, Drano is safe for use on tub surfaces, sinks, plastic, metal, ceramic, or porcelain.

However, safety only depends on adhering to safety instructions or measures provided. When applying Drano, you may notice foaming in some instances.

When foams are observed, they shouldn’t be mistaken for something bad. This is only a normal reaction of the drain cleaner acting on dirt.

The foam should be rinsed after being left for the specified period to act on dirt fully. Not much water is needed to rinse the foam.

Do All Drano Products Serve the Same Purpose?

Not really. For better understanding, Drano products are quite varied, as listed earlier. Though each serves the purpose of drain cleaning, curtain drains are best cleaned with specific Drano Products.

Drano Clog Removers, for instance, will serve you best if you need a drain unclogged fast. These go in and dissolve tough clogs. However, using this cleaning product in toilets is not advisable.

You’ll need to find an appropriate product designed for toilet use.

With Drano, You’re covered. You won’t have to worry about this cleaning product degrading your septic system as the company has specially formulated its products to prevent that.

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If you’ve used other drain cleaners with a negative impact on your septic system, Drano drain cleaning products should give you the much-desired solutions you seek.

As we’ve seen, all its products are safe for your septic system. However, you’ll need to stick to the use instructions if you must get the desired results.

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