Top Septic Safe Drain Cleaner & Clog Remover Brands

What drain cleaners are safe for septic?

This article focuses on drain cleaners to provide information on which types are safe for septic system use.

Why should such cleaners be safe?

What are the top septic-friendly drain cleaner products (like Drano, in terms of safety) to pick from? These and more questions will be answered as you read through the article.

Septic Tank Safe Drain Cleaners

Homes not connected with central sewer systems are mostly served by septic systems. Here, caring for such systems rests solely on the homeowner.

Unlike sewer systems, you’ll have to be more attentive to the type of cleaners used, the amount of water flushed down your drain, and many more.

  • Why Use Septic Safe Drain Unclogger

How well your septic system works largely depends on the tank’s condition.

This is considered the primary component of the system where the safe breakdown of wastewater into its different components happens.

Naturally occurring bacteria are crucial to this breakdown process.

As the solids break down by bacteria, they also help make the water safe for onward treatment at the drain field.

Certain drain cleaners might give you the results you want in terms of cleaning but contain toxic and harsh chemicals that may end up in your septic tank.

These kill beneficial bacteria, thus affecting the normal functioning of the system, which might lead to other problems.

Luckily, these harsh and toxic chemicals have their safe counterparts designed solely for use in septic systems. These have been mentioned and discussed below.

  • Never Confuse Septic Safe for “Plumbing Safe” Cleaners

Persons with septic systems are likely to confuse or mix up septic-safe cleaners with plumbing-safe cleaners. Note that these are two different things entirely.

Many cleaners come with these labels to help buyers easily identify what qualities they want.

So, a drain cleaner labeled plumbing safe is likely to contain still chemicals considered harsh to beneficial bacteria within a septic tank.

As the name suggests, it’s only designed to be safe and not corrode or damage the system. Nothing makes reference to microorganisms involved in the waste breakdown.

However, certain septic drain cleaners can be both plumbing and septic safe. As a matter of fact, a lot of septic-safe drain cleaners are also plumbing safe.

It’s important to carefully read the product label to know what you’re buying.

Top Drain Cleaners Safe for Septic Systems

When picking the right septic-safe drain or toilet cleaner to buy, there are many options. These are made by different brands with varying results.

Before choosing what to buy, consider searching and reading through online reviews for details. We’ve helped you out by including some of the top products in the market.

These cleaners include Green Gobbler DISSOLVED Drain Clog Remover, Drano Max Gel Liquid Clog Remover, and Xion Lab Safer Greener Drain Clog Remover.

There are others like Bio-Clean Drain Septic, Zep Drain Defence Enzymatic Drain Care Powder, and Unique Super Digest-It Bio Enzymatic Drain Opener.

Buyers can also pick the following; RID-X Septic Tank Treatment Enzymes and InVade Bio Drain Gel. These and many more can be applied to address your septic drain cleaning needs.

Let’s discuss some of these septic-safe drain cleaners to provide you with options to pick from.

i. Green Gobbler DISSOLVED Drain Clog Remover

This is an environmentally friendly septic-safe drain cleaner that’s designed to be tough on stains and clogs but harmless to beneficial bacteria in septic tanks.

Not only does it clean, but it also dissolves paper, grease, and hair, ensures the free flow of wastewater, and is fast-acting.

ii. Drano Max Gel Liquid Clog Remover

Another septic-safe drain cleaner you can trust is Drano Max Gel. This offers many benefits, including being tough on clogs, safe on your plumbing, and cutting through standing water.

Starting at $7.99, it offers real value for money by getting the job done in the most efficient way possible.

iii. Xion Lab Safer Greener Drain Clog Remover

With Xion Lab clog remover, beneficial bacteria in your septic tank aren’t affected due to its environmentally safe formula. It delivers on the goods and ensures your drain is kept clean.

iv. Bio-Clean Drain Septic

Another septic-safe drain cleaner that helps maintain your septic system is the Bio-Clean Drain Septic. It’s environmentally friendly, hence safe for beneficial organisms.

v. Zep Drain Defense Enzymatic Drain Care Powder

Zep Drain Defense comes in powder form with clear user instructions. It’s safe for septic drain cleaning and does no harm to beneficial bacteria in your septic tank.

vi. InVade Bio Drain Gel

Starting at $35.49, InVade Bio Drain Gel contains active natural ingredients like citrus oil and microbes.

It’s designed to be applied directly to drains and helps ward off various pests like fruit flies, drain flies, and phorid flies and also helps eliminate odors.

This product is safe and should be applied as directed by the manufacturer.

Beyond Using Drain Cleaners Safe for Septic Systems

In addition to only using septic-safe drain cleaners for your septic system, it’s important to be mindful of what goes into your drain too.

In terms of household products, avoid using pouring down water softeners, bath oils, cooking grease, and gasoline into your drains.

These have the same effect as chemical drain cleaners.

Other things to keep out of your septic system include insect killers, photographic chemicals, solvents, paint thinners, paints, weed killers, kitty litter, and cigarette butts.

Cleaning products to avoid include chemical drain cleaners, chemicals containing methylisothiazolinone, disinfectant cleaners, and also antibacterial cleaners.

Homemade Septic Drain Cleaners are Safe

A wide range of natural ingredients commonly found in homes can be used for drain cleaning with great results.

The obvious benefit of using such is that they’re environmentally friendly. Such ingredients include salt, distilled white vinegar, borax, lemon juice, and baking soda.

These, among many, can be applied directly or combined to offer quality results while doing no harm to your septic tank.

Now you have an idea of some septic-safe drain cleaners you can apply for your cleaning needs. These do a thorough job while causing zero harm to beneficial bacteria and the plumbing system.

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