If you wish to have a chimney installed for your kitchen, one of your primary concerns will be the cost of such a project.

In terms of cost, this procedure will require thinking of the chimney size, installation type, time factor, and several other variables involved.

If you’re reading this to have a fair idea of what it will cost you to conduct this procedure, the information here will provide the needed help.

Here, we’ll be discussing the processes and cost implications involved among other related aspects of the job.

The Average Cost Range

Chimney installation is a major project that requires construction from the very foundation of your home and exiting your rooftop. On average, such a project incurs a substantial amount ranging from a low of $3,500 to a high of about $11,500.

On average, expect to pay around $6,500. Masonry chimneys are quite popular with homeowners and involve the use of stone, brick, or blocks for construction.

The extent of work done determines whether installation costs will climb or drop.

Basically, there are installation options like the inclusion of a decorative exterior and also the use of copper chimney caps among other customized preferences.

These attract extra work and by implication add to the cost of the project.

Kitchen Chimney Installation Costs Vary

As stated earlier, kitchen chimney installation costs are determined by multiple factors such as the type, the size, and the number of flues. Understanding all such factors gives you an idea of what to expect in terms of cost.

Let’s have a detailed look at each of these factors

i. Kitchen Chimney Installation By Type

What type of fireplace do you have?

Basically, the type of fireplace you have will determine the type of chimney to be installed. Two categories that come to mind among others are prefab chimneys and fireplaces as well as masonry types.

Here, installation costs are calculated per square foot inclusive of labor.

For prefab or factory-built chimneys, installation costs range from $85 to $150 while masonry chimney installations will attract a fee of about $120 to $240 per square foot.

If you wish to have a metal kitchen chimney installed, expect an installation fee of around $75 to $100. The price differs for a wood stove kitchen chimney. Such type attracts a fee between $175 and $350.

Installing a freestanding stove in your kitchen area will cost about $105 to $215.

In the case of a fire insert, the costs are quite different and start from about $100 to $200. Here, it’s clear that the type of chimney you want to install in your kitchen will determine the cost incurred.

ii. Kitchen Chimney Installation By Size

The height of a kitchen chimney will come under focus when considering costs.

In most cases, higher chimneys attract higher installation costs. Speaking of chimney height, this varies from about 13 feet to as high as 38 feet.

The installation costs are mostly inclusive of labor. Having a 13 feet high chimney built will cost anywhere from $1,300 to $1,950. For a 24 feet chimney, expect the cost to be higher at about $2,400 to $3,600.

A 30-foot high chimney attracts a price range around $3,000 to $4,500.

Installation costs climb further for chimneys measuring 35 feet at $3,500 to $5,250. For a 38 foot chimney, expect installation costs within the region of $3,800 to $5,700.

iii. Kitchen Chimney Installation by Number of Flues

Every additional flue added to a chimney automatically raises installation costs. There are kitchen chimneys with single, double, and three flues. So, you’ll need to figure out how many heating appliances you have around.

These will determine the number of flues to be installed.

On average, kitchen chimneys with a single flue attract an average installation cost of about $6,500. This includes labor costs. If you wish to have double flues added to a chimney, expect an installation fee of around $8,000.

As expected, chimneys having three flues cost more with average installation costs of about $9,500.

Additional Cost-Influencing Factors

Asides from the factors mentioned above, your kitchen chimney installation costs could vary by the chimney installation service used, the time spent on the job, design variations, as well as your location.

  • Chimney Installation Service Used

Kitchen chimney installation is performed by professional services.

Now, there are several of these available with each having its unique pricing structure. In a nutshell, you’ll find differences in installation fees between service providers.

A good way to take advantage of such competitive pricing is by asking for multiple price quotes to explore those having the lowest installation costs.

  • Time Spent on the Job

A lot of chimney specialist services charge by the hour. This mostly applies to the labor cost. Here, the eventual costs for the entire procedure are summed up based on the number of hours clocked.

So, the longer the process takes, the higher the installation costs incurred.

However, more specialists involved in the project cuts down the eventual hourly charges. Nevertheless, the calculation of labor costs still follows the same procedure.

  • Design Variations

In calculating the cost of kitchen chimney installation, expect the design variations to have an impact on the cost of the project. Custom designs such as those having decorative exteriors will attract higher installation fees than basic designs.

  • Your Location

Where do you live? Although there’s a national average cost for kitchen chimney installation, these costs will differ across regions or states.

Locations with higher living costs normally attract higher installation rates as opposed to those with lower living costs. In other words, expect to pay higher installation fees for this procedure if you live in a big city as opposed to a smaller town.

Kitchen Chimney Replacement

If there’s an existing chimney that needs to be replaced, the old chimney will need to be demolished to make way for the new one. In terms of cost, this is significantly higher as demolition costs will apply.

These are added to installation costs which will amount to tens of thousands of dollars.

The installation costs for kitchen chimneys have been discussed in detail above. Here you can see the variations involved with factors such as installation type, time, and more.

With the information made available, you’re better informed on project costs and other related details.

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