Laminate Shingles | Pros, Cons, Lifespan, Cost & Installation

We’ve provided an overview of this roofing material, the pros and cons of having laminate shingles, lifespan, cost, and reliable sources or suppliers.

All you have to do is tag along for these details and more. By the end, you should comprehensively understand what laminate shingles are about.

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What is a Laminated Shingle?

Are you looking for the best shingles for your home?

Laminate shingles are one of several options available to you. Different things work for other people regarding the choice of roofing material.

In other words, you’ll need to assess your needs to determine what serves you best. This guide discusses everything you need to know about laminate shingles.

An Overview of Laminate Shingles

Also known by other names like composite and dimensional shingles, this roofing material caters to the needs of new and existing homeowners (seeking new roof installation or replacement).

Laminate shingles are designed from fire-resistant granules, asphalt, and fiberglass. This makes it one of the most durable roofing shingles on the market.

Architectural shingles (another name for laminate shingles) come in multiple layers, which reinforces their strength, thus ensuring it lasts a long time under the harshest weather conditions.

Laminate refers to how this shingle is designed by sandwiching an asphalt-saturated felt layer between layers of heavy paper.

Pros and Cons of Laminate Shingles

In exploring your options, assessing the pros and cons of laminate shingles is vital. This helps you weigh your options, thus helping you make informed decisions before purchasing.

Pros of using laminate shingles include being resistant to damage, strength & durability, being energy efficient, being thicker & having a heavier base; laminate shingles will also improve your home’s resale value.

More advantages include its extended warranty, highly customizable sound design, long-term, cost-effective option, and superior weather resistance.

The cons or drawbacks, however, include not being suitable for all types of structures, more significant upfront costs, and weight. Overall, laminate shingles offer lots of advantages.

Lifespan of Laminate Shingles

Laminate shingles typically come with a 30-year lifespan.

However, the reality is that this is only the average as such roofs can deteriorate long before the time and may sometimes exceed the 30-year mark.

It depends on several factors, like how well it was installed, weather conditions around your area, and the accumulation of debris from overhanging trees.

If you’re looking for roofs with longer lifespans than this, then this could be a dealbreaker. You’ll have to go for more durable alternatives like slate, concrete tiles, etc.

If you prefer laminate shingles, there are ways to squeeze out more years of use from it through regular inspections & maintenance, and cleanup.

Cost of Laminate Shingles

A bundle of laminate shingles costs between $30 to $60. The price per sq. ft. is around $0.99 to $1.66, while the cost per square is about $99 to $163.

With this estimate, you know how to go about budgeting. There are multiple cost factors to consider when shopping for laminate shingles.

These include the brand, with options like Owens Corning.

Other laminate shingle brands include Malarkey, GAF, IKO, Certain Teed, and Tamko. Besides branding, cost may be influenced by the supplier, location, volume of purchase, and time of year.

The installation cost, typically labor costs, is also crucial and is vital in determining your overall expenses.

Reputable Laminate Shingle Suppliers

Going for reputable suppliers is essential to getting the best laminate shingles. Some of these include Local Roofer, Silvaris, and

Other suppliers to explore include Forward Distributors, Country Towne Builders, Addison Building Materials, Surrey Cedar Limited, Cedarwood Distribution Inc., and Westlake Pipe and Fittings.

There are more reputable laminate shingle suppliers like Alcoa Roofing Shingles and CertainTeed Laminate Shingles.

Before settling for a preferred option, consider researching each, including knowing what customers think through their reviews.

With such a strategy, you can sift through the options to find one that fits your needs.

Maintaining Laminate Shingles

One of the things about laminate shingles that make them popular is the low maintenance required.

While that is true, moisture damage is one of the conditions you’ll need to watch out for, as this roofing material can be susceptible to damage.  Frequent maintenance is vital.

You should also look out for any overhanging branches and have them cut back.

Design Versatility

Design versatility is one of the advantages you get from laminate shingles.

In other words, this roofing material comes in multiple varieties or designs, which gives you the benefit of picking what serves your needs best.

Options include multiple colors and textures. Reviewing the options, you’ll likely find something that matches your home’s exterior.

Laminate shingles offer the advantage of meeting the most complex roof constructions, thus showcasing your home’s best features.

For best results, you’re better off hiring experienced and skilled contractors who can help you achieve the best possible results.

Of course, you’ll need to discuss your needs and preferred outcome with these pros.

Impact on Property Value

One of the benefits of laminate shingles is enhanced curb appeal. Some might argue against laminate shingles improving a property’s value, while others may think otherwise.

For accurate answers, you’re better off discussing with an appraiser. Also, check with your home association to see if any roofing guidelines exist for homes within your community.

Laminate Shingle Installation

Can laminate shingles be installed via DIY? Absolutely! However, it’s mostly recommended to have a pro or roofing contractor do the job due to various factors.

For DIY enthusiasts, getting all the essential tools and supplies is crucial. These include a ladder, hammer, caulking gun, tape measure, and chalk line.

Supplies needed include laminate shingles, underlayment, roofing nails, cement, and ice dam flashing.

If you have the permit, you can start the installation process by first installing ice dam protection or eave flashing, installing the underlayment, and fastening your shingles.

Detailed instructions on installation may accompany your product.

If you plan to install laminate shingles on your roof, this guide offers an overview covering what this roofing type is, its lifespan, and how to install it.

You can research for more specific information or seek professional advice on steps to take during installation.

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