Living Room Cleaning Checklist – Complete List Of Tasks

Looking for a living room cleaning checklist.

Living rooms are without a doubt high traffic areas in homes. These will require proper cleaning as frequently as possible. Although cleaning is a necessity, doing it properly is even more important.

Cleaning a living room area can be quite challenging for persons having no form of guidance. This is why a living room cleaning checklist is an important tool you shouldn’t do without.

Now, for this section of the home to be properly cleaned, you’ll need a vital tool; a checklist. This checklist has been written to offer guidance on specific living room cleaning tasks to perform.

Our checklist highlights all the important areas and points to be covered while cleaning the living room. Also, specific cleaning tasks are provided to help ease the process. You’ll find the most relevant information here as it has to do with comprehensive living room cleaning.

By using it for your cleaning, you’re able to maintain focus while covering every area. The result is a thorough and satisfactory cleaning job.

Setting Your Cleaning Schedule

One of the most important decisions you must make before starting involves setting a cleaning frequency. Now, this can either be daily cleaning which involves basic cleanup procedures as well as deep cleaning which can be done both weekly and monthly.

All of these time intervals for cleaning are important. Daily cleaning of living rooms isn’t as thorough and leaves out certain areas where dirt isn’t so visible.

Deep cleaning on the other hand involves going all out to get rid of hidden dirt. Both of these are very important and should be adopted.

Living Room Deep Cleaning Checklist

In this section, we’ll be discussing every step involved in deep cleaning your living room area. These are simple steps that are often overlooked due to the absence of a checklist to serve as guidance.

Daily Cleaning

To clean your living room each day, certain basic tasks are necessary. These are simple cleaning strategies that shouldn’t take much time to handle. They include the following;

These steps include the following;

  • Clear Clutter

Begin the cleaning task by getting rid of clutter. These may consist of several things such as kids’ toys, pet toys, shoes, newspapers, jackets, and just about anything that isn’t supposed to be on the floor or lying around the couches in the living room.

By clearing such clutter, you create more space to begin the cleaning process properly. Return each item to where they’re supposed to be. You might want to get a basket to drop the items you pick off the floor in.

This process should take about 15 minutes or thereabouts.

  • Remove Cobwebs and Dust Down the Living Room

If you haven’t checked for cobwebs in a while, you only need to look up the ceiling as well as room corners to find out. Get a broom and clear up all cobwebs. Also, wipe down walls and dust the ceiling fan.

The condition of your living room walls will determine if they need to be washed or not. Certain stains may require some washing or painting them over to conceal such stains.

  • Pull Furniture from Walls

For deep cleaning of the living room to be complete, furniture should be moved away from walls to make way for cleaning. You might use some help to do this.

Now, dust the walls behind such furniture and also clean the baseboard as well.

  • Dust Furniture and Picture Frames

Part of cleaning the living room involves dusting all surfaces. This includes furniture, picture frames, wall hangings, and pieces of art or decorations. When carrying out this task, caution should be exercised not to cause damage.

As such, cleaners and other liquid cleaning substances shouldn’t be sprayed onto items that can be easily damaged such as picture frames. These can easily seep in and cause damage to the pictures. It is preferable to use a damp cloth when dusting to limit the chances of damage.

  • Remove Curtains, Draperies, and Blinds

For a thorough cleanup of the living room area, curtains, draperies, and blinds will need to be removed and washed.

Before proceeding any further with cleaning, look out for the manufacturer’s instructions on how they should be cleaned.

Next, the focus is on the window. First vacuum the windowsills and corners to help remove accumulated dirt. This should be followed by washing both the insides and outsides of the windows. And dry with a clean absorbent cloth.

  • Clean the Windows

As part of the cleaning process, curtains or drapes should be removed to the laundry room for washing (for those which are washable).

Next, clean the windows including the frames and glass areas as well as handles. Both the inside and outside of such windows should be cleaned. After washing the curtains and drapes, they should be replaced accordingly.

  • Clean the Lamps, Lampshades, and Accent Lamps

The next cleaning task should focus on cleaning light fittings. These include lamps, lampshades, and accent lamps.

Dust down or vacuum these fittings to remove dust and any dirt. You might be needing a stable platform to stand on such as a ladder for this purpose.

  • Clean Fireplace Tool Set and Scrub Hearth

All fireplace toolsets should be cleaned. The hearth should be scrubbed and visible portions of the fireplace cleaned thoroughly.

  • Clean and Disinfect Coasters

These are small mats for bottle glasses that can be found in living rooms. Deep cleaning will include cleaning and disinfecting these to ensure dirt and harmful bacteria are eliminated.

  • Remove and Wash Cushion Covers

Are your cushion covers removable?

If they are, you’ll need to remove and wash them properly on a weekly or monthly basis. It all depends on how often you want to carry out this cleaning task. In any case, it should be done as often as necessary.

  • Dust and Vacuum Chairs and Couches

Chairs and couches attract or accumulate their fair share of dust. You’ll need to either thoroughly dust to clean them off or vacuum such furniture. In some cases, both types of cleaning will be required to help remove dirt.

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Vacuum machines come with different attachments such as an upholstery attachment. Fix this when cleaning upholstery. You might be needing some cleaner to clean spots or stains on your chair or couches.

Before usage, try them out on a hidden part of your couch to see the results. This safeguards and protects your furniture by preventing further damage.

  • Tidy Bookshelves

Books are likely to get disorganized or scattered on bookshelves. These will need to be tidied. For thorough cleanup, empty the bookshelves and dust down the shelves and the books before arranging them back.

Sometimes, books can be more than the shelves can handle. In such situations, you can either donate the books, sell or give them out. If none of these seems interesting to you, get another bookshelf to hold your books.

  • The Entertainment Center

The living room entertainment center could use some cleaning. These consist of gadgets such as the home theater, game consoles, TV sets, and TV boxes. Use a damp and clean cloth to wipe off any specks of dust that may be settled on these gadgets.

For TV screens, use the cleaning cloth that comes with the TV. These clean better and leave no cleaning marks or stains on your TV set. Cords must also be closely inspected for wear or fraying.

  • Clean Carpets and Rugs

With daily use, carpets and rugs accumulate dirt and need to be cleaned daily.

Washing may be the best solution for heavily soiled rugs or carpets. You can get this done if you can. However, the easiest option is to call professional carpet cleaning services to handle the job.

For lightly soiled carpets and rugs, the normal carpet vacuuming routine should suffice. Get your carpet thoroughly vacuumed and ensure that all sides are covered.

  • Cleaning and Mopping Floors

Not all living room floors are covered with carpets or rugs. There are others such as wooden floors or tiles.

For wooden floors, only approved cleaning methods are recommended. If your wooden floors are made of sealed wood, you may mop them with a well-wringed mop. Avoid having water sit for long on such floors.

For normal floors, sweep, and mop as usual. Caution must be exercised when mopping by preventing kids from walking around. Temporarily restrict entry if you can to make sure no kid or pet steps on the wet floor until it’s dry.

  • Clean the Doormats

Doormats within and outside your doorways should be cleaned. First, inspect if they need to be changed. If not, dust them thoroughly and replace them.

This is a living room checklist to use for cleaning. You don’t need to stress yourself trying to recall areas that need cleaning. Just follow the guide as listed here and you’ll be good.

These are living room cleaning tasks that should be performed. We’ve split these tasks into daily and deep cleaning tasks to help you with the easy scheduling of your cleaning assignments.

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