6 Best Mole Traps and Bait Options That Work

One control option that has become popular with many is the mole trap. As such, our discussion will be centered on mole traps and baits. How do mole traps work? Let’s find out.

Moles are among underground critters notorious for burrowing through gardens and yards. Such burrowing habits deface home landscapes in addition to damage caused to plants and flowers.

Two types of tunnels are burrowed or dug by these creatures. Such include shallow and deep.

Most homeowners will do whatever it takes to get rid of moles from around their surroundings. If you’re seeking far-reaching solutions, we’re here to help.

Professional Mole Traps

When it comes to choosing mole traps, there are lots to pick from.

In other words, tons of mole traps are available from as many product manufacturers. Each of these comes with its unique design. However, the mechanisms and application are all the same; to trap and kill moles.

Mole Baits

Baits on the other hand aren’t as many and understandably so because traps alone would suffice once they’re placed correctly. Also, whenever you notice mole activity (burrowing) around your yard, chances are that there are lots of grubs, insects, and earthworms.

With such a sufficient supply, mole baits aren’t a necessity as the traps can serve just fine. Despite the short supply of mole baits, one of the most popular products available in the Talpirid Mole Bait.

Other products include Tomcat Mole Killer Grubs, Victor Poison Moleworm, and Kaput Mole Gel Bait.

Because mole baits are used in conjunction with mole traps, we’ll be taking or mentioning them as one. In other words, we won’t be mentioning these (mole traps and baits) separately from this point moving forward.

What Mole Trap Best Fits this Purpose?

The reason for using a mole trap is to control their presence.

In other words, traps are designed to eliminate these rodents from an infested area. However, there are lots of traps to choose from. Each of these has its own unique design in addition to instructions on how to deploy them.

Now, not all such traps will give the same result. Some traps will seem to capture more moles than others. Given this situation, you’ll have to make your own research and findings. Product reviews provide a great avenue to start from.

The more recommendations or positive reviews a mole trap brand gets, the more likely it is to be highly effective.

Are there Humane Mole Traps?

Not every homeowner can stomach the ordeal of handling messy traps.

Most traps will mangle moles on impact. However, some are quite humane. These types of traps won’t harm moles.

They catch them alive until your take the trap out to dispose or relocate captured moles as far away as possible.

Setting Mole Traps in Position

For a mole trap to be effective, it needs to be well placed. Being well positioned simply means picking out fresh or active tunnels before placing or setting the trap. So how do you know if a mole trap is active?

One of the simple ways to find out is by stomping on the tunnel surface.

This causes some parts of it to crumble. Now, when such tunnels are fixed within a day or two, it’s clear proof that such a tunnel is active and will serve as a target.

The next step is crucial! The mole trap(s) need to be properly positioned. You’ll have to look at your specific product to find directions for use.

You must follow every step provided in the manual. Only full adherence will deliver the goods.

So, now that we’ve provided some background information on mole traps and baits, let’s move to the different types available.

Types of Mole Traps

There’s a long list of mole traps we won’t be able to exhaust. These are manufactured by various brands. We’ve picked only a few of the most popular products to include here.

So, without further delay, let’s jump right into the types.

  • Victor Out O’Sight

If you’re seeking a reusable and weather-resistant mole trap, Victor Out O’Sight is one product to trust. Its powerful iron jaws are opened by two setting tongs.

This helps compresses the spring and ready the trap for use.

  • EasySet Mole Eliminator Trap by Wire Tek

For the EasySet Mole Eliminator trap, moles are controlled by a mechanism that’s cleverly built and includes a hammer.

According to the manufacturer, such a hammer is meant to break mole spines whenever they come within range. Setting this trap isn’t a complicated process at all.

All you need to do is push the trap into the target area or tunnel by stepping on it. You’ll have to read the use instructions accompanying the product for more details.

  • Catch and Release Live Tunnel Trap

From the name alone, you’re able to understand its humane design. This trap is built in the form of a tunnel which is set along mole burrows.

For this trap to be effective, it needs to be buried within the tunnel. Moles are caught alive. You’ll need to check regularly to release them at a more agreeable location.

  • Victor Plunger Style Mole Trap

Victor Plunger Style Mole Trap is a product you’ll find readily at home improvement stores. This mole trap has spears that thrust outward towards the target once triggered.

As with the other types of mole traps, you’ll need to find an active mole tunnel to set this trap.

  • Aspectek PROFESSIONAL Mole and Gopher Trap

This multipurpose trap can also be used for moles.

One of its several benefits is that it doesn’t require baits to work. All you need is an active mole tunnel to set. How to go about setting this trap is provided by the product manufacturer.

  • Black Hole Mole Trap

The design of this mole trap is a bit different compared with the others. First, its trapping mechanism is in a choke-type form. One great thing about this trap is its ease of use.

Before making a purchase, you’ll need to read product reviews to find out more details about it.

Mole traps and baits are among the most efficient methods to eliminate pesky moles from your yard. The faster you act the better. With proper use, the tunneling activity of moles is brought to a halt.

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