How Much To Charge For Cleaning Offices? [Service Prices]

Trying to figure out how much it will cost to have your office space cleaned? Here are the average cleaning rates.

This article goes all the way to provide you with satisfactory answers on how to price office cleaning.

Here, we take a look at average office cleaning costs as well as pay close attention to the factors involved in determining prices.

Office Cleaning Services Prices

These factors impact prices in a variety of ways as you’ll soon find out. So, do you want to schedule regular clean up or do you just need a one-time thing?

Here, we’ll be looking at all of that as well as how best to negotiate for this procedure. So, without further ado, let’s get to business!

How Much Should You Charge For Office Cleaning?

When it comes to pricing in office cleaning businesses, several variables are involved.

These include the type of office, the number of hours spent cleaning, the space covered (square footage), the degree of dirt or cleaning, and the regularity of cleaning.

Calculating Office Cleaning Rates

Let’s take a look at each of these key areas, shall we?

i. Type of Office

When it comes to office cleaning, the type of office matters.

Now, it’s common knowledge that different types of offices exist. Some of the broad categories include co-working spaces, medical offices as well as regular offices. What does yours belong to?

Now, the typical range for office cleaning is around $140 to $300. Now, prices could vary widely depending on whether a single office unit needs to be cleaned or a commercial office building is involved.

Depending on size, job conditions, etc, office cleaning rates could start from a low of $80 and climb to as much as $1,000 and above.

Also, the average cleaning prices are around $220. These costs apply to spaces measuring around 2,000 square feet. Here, it’s obvious that size plays a significant role in determining cleaning costs.

This is among the variables factored in by cleaning services when they come along.

ii. Number of Hours Spent Cleaning

The hours spent cleaning an office matters. This is because hourly costs may be charged for cleaning jobs.

So, how does this play out? It largely depends on the number of hours clocked. Office cleaning rates per hour run from between $20 to $80.

What makes hourly cleaning rates differ considerably?

It mostly has to do with the number of professionals involved. When hourly rates are charged, the cost involved is calculated by the number of technicians carrying out cleaning.

As such when a single person is involved, you tend to pay around $20 per hour, while a team of professionals will attract an hourly rate of $80 or more.

So, it means having a single technician handle your office cleaning job would be cheaper right? Wrong! Fewer hands on the job mean it will take longer for cleaning to be completed.

This translates to more cleaning hours being clocked.

On the other hand, the more technicians involved in cleaning, the less time is taken. So, there’s more advantage in having a team of professionals carry out your office cleaning than a single technician.

On average, you might be charged between $30 and $50 per hour.

iii. Space Covered

The office area or space being cleaned plays a big role in determining cleaning costs. For smaller office spaces, hourly cleaning rates are often used. However, this differs for large office spaces such as an office building.

Here, hourly rates don’t apply. Rather, a per-square-foot billing model is followed.

To get an idea of the cost involved, you’ll need to consider the amount being charged for large office complexes. Here, a fee ranging from $0.07 to $0.15 is charged per square foot.

For such large offices, a per square foot pricing structure is mostly adopted.

You’ll mostly find that larger offices tend to have lower rates per square foot. Such discounts mostly apply to serve as an incentive to the client. For office buildings, a significant amount of cleaning supplies is used.

Also, more cleaning equipment needs to be mobilized to the site for such cleaning.

iv. Are There Additional Areas to be Covered?

When it comes to cleaning an office space, considerations regarding additional services are made. Does the package include a bathroom, office kitchen, cleaning toilets, restocking paper products, and the likes?

These are key considerations that contribute to office cleaning prices. With such additions, expect an increase of around $55 to $75 per hour.

Anything outside of the basic office cleaning processes incurs additional cleaning costs. You’ll want to find out the pricing structure used by your service provider to get a fair idea.

v. Degree of Dirt

How messy an office is will influence cleaning prices. This is why an inspection of the office area is necessary before cleaning begins. The condition of the office determines the estimates given by the service provider.

It’s normal to expect higher cleaning prices when the office is very messy.

With lesser mess come lower cleaning costs. Are you wondering why? You’ll have to consider the volume of office cleaning supplies and the time spent on the job.

Very messy cleaning jobs will require the use of more cleaning products as well as equipment.

Such added effort will definitely factor into your eventual costs. Knowing this beforehand gives you an idea of what to expect in terms of cost. The opposite applies to less messy office cleaning jobs.

Such jobs take less time to complete and fewer cleaning products are used.

Lowering Office Cleaning Costs

To lower office cleaning costs, you can adopt the DIY cleaning route, arrange for scheduled cleaning or seek multiple quotes.

  • DIY Cleaning

DIY office cleaning could be an attractive option for small offices.

It’s mostly applicable when you need to cut down completely on cleaning costs. However, the downside to this approach is that productive time could be taken up by personally cleaning your office space.

  • Scheduled Office Cleaning

Most cleaning services charge less for office cleaning when the client chooses a long-term contract. Scheduled cleaning could be weekly, fortnightly, quarterly, or yearly, etc.

You tend to get better deals with such cleaning arrangements.

  • Multiple Quotes

With multiple quotes, you tend to gain a broader perspective of office cleaning costs. Prices are never the same across different cleaning services.

Asking for quotes from different cleaning services enables you to choose the best deal possible.

How much should I charge to clean offices?

Figuring out how much it will take to have your office cleaned doesn’t need to be complicated. The cost details provided above show what’s involved and the average cost for such a procedure.

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