Do you know how to price house cleaning jobs? In this article, we’ll be looking at the cost of commercial cleaning services, as well as factors that influence prices.

Average House Cleaning Prices

An important part of running a cleaning service is your ability to determine service costs or pricing. Planning your pricing structure involves a whole lot of preparation.

Preparation in this sense looks at the variables involved, such as cost per sq meter, cost per hour, cost per square foot, location, size of the apartment and so many more.

This is very vital if you look at widening your profit margin.

Having all these figured out is no easy work. You’ll have to get into the nitty-gritty of the whole process.

Thankfully, this article is written with you in mind. It sets out to simplify the whole process. You only need to read on to find out more about what exactly influences cleaning service quotes or prices.

How Much To Charge For House Cleaning

Real estate cleaning pricing isn’t determined by a single factor.

Rather, many things influence the price. The type of cleaning contract entered into is one of such. Your home’s condition and size are another. There are also specialized cleaning services.

These types of services are more costly than general cleaning jobs.

There are different kinds of cleaning jobs. The type of job will also influence pricing.

In other words, a flat fee won’t apply to all cleaning jobs. Distance also matters. A cleaning service provider in most cases charges higher fees when the client is outside their regular coverage area.

This is because it takes added expenses to transport equipment to such a location.

Commercial Cleaning Business Price List Guide

Cleaning services are of different kinds.

These include specialized, as well as non-specialized solutions. In any case, the task must be handled by professionals.

To have a better understanding of our discussion, we must give a rundown of various niches in the cleaning industry, in addition to estimated pricing. However, these won’t apply to all states.

You will have to find out what applies to your location.

Average Cleaning Quotes from Professionals

  • Window Cleaning Prices

This type of service exists for persons interested only in window cleaning.

The average fee for window cleaning is about $200.00.

This could go north or south depending on the size of your home. Larger homes have more windows than smaller ones. The latter will cost less than the former.

Commercial window cleaning for hotels or other institutions will cost more than residential properties. The reasons are obvious. Such buildings have many rooms with more than a window.

The more the windows, the higher the fee. Apart from the number of windows, other conditions may also determine the price.

Stained windows or those laden with grime are likely to cost more to clean. The type of equipment or cleaning supplies used also influences the price of such a service.

  • Carpet Cleaning Cost

Clients will ask for cleaning services for their carpets when it’s beyond redemption.

This may be due to tough stains or when vacuuming doesn’t seem to get the job done. In any case, the average fee for carpet cleaning hovers around $160.00. It will serve you to know exactly what you need. There may be stains you wish your cleaning service to pay attention to.

The price of cleaning services may vary depending on carpet size.

Certified cleaning services are likely to charge more than those who aren’t. Nevertheless, it is best to use their services as they are better skilled and experienced.

As earlier said, carpet cleaning quotes will vary based on location and the service provider you choose.

  • Heating & Cooling Ducts and Vents

As time goes on, ducts used for heating and cooling get clogged.

Getting these cleaned immediately is very helpful in preventing pest issues. Calling a cleaning service is likely to cost you an average fee of $350.00. A thorough job is done by taking out all forms of debris blocking such vents.

Professional cleaning companies are better suited to getting the job done. They might cost more but it’s worth it. Trying to cut down on expenses is a risky path to take. This is due to the damage that might result.

Plus, unlicensed cleaning companies don’t have insurance cover. As such, you may want to avoid such cleaning services altogether.

  • Waste Removal Service Cost

This type of cleaning job helps keep surroundings free of filth.

Waste removal companies will charge an average of $250 as a service fee. This may vary across different locations. Find out what applies to your state.

  • Maid Service Cost

Maid services provide people with the opportunity to keep their homes clean and tidy for an average fee of $160.

The type of service provided will also play a role in determining the cost. This pricing structure isn’t rigid but flexible depending on what you want.

How much does a live-in maid cost? You should expect between $30,000 – $50,000 as hiring fees every year.

  • Cost of Cleaning Your Home’s Siding

This is a problem homeowners usually face. Each year, cleaning services are called upon to clean up such areas.

The pricing for such a service will depend on the areas affected, the size of your home, and the severity of grime or dirt.

There are several ways of cleaning. However, the most popular is the use of a power washer. Power washers shoot strong jets of water that scrapes off stubborn stains.

Getting a professional to take care of your siding will cost a fee starting from $200. This may go up significantly depending on the above factors. Getting anyone other than a professional may result in damage to doors or windows.

This can significantly add up to cost in the end. Here is an estimated quote for such a service.

  • Rooftop and Gutter Cleaning Charges

Buildings with trees around are likely to have an accumulation of leaves. These, when not cleared can create problems. A buildup of leaves might lead to leakages.

When drainage or gutters are blocked, water finds a way to flow. This might result in leakages or lead to rust.

This can be prevented by calling a professional and licensed cleaning service.

The prices for such a service start at an average of $190. Here is the price of general roof cleaning.

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Like other cleaning services, the size of your home, its distance from the service provider, etc can add up to the costs of cleaning your roof gutters.

  • Residential Cleaning Cost

Residential cleaning is one of the most common types of cleaning services in demand. This involves cleaning the entire home, but unlike the others, the fee you pay for this service is determined either by the number of hours or square feet.

There are additional factors such as the number of times or cleaning frequency. Others include the type of surfaces, as well as the handling of pets if there are any. Residential cleaning services can be provided by individuals or professional cleaning services.

When a licensed individual or group of individuals are involved, you should expect to pay around $60 to $100 per person/hour. Professional cleaning services, on the other hand, are more costly. Expect to incur a higher fee.

Such services may demand a fee starting from $200 per hour.

  • Commercial Cleaning Prices

Commercial cleaning services are much bigger and wider in scope.

The pricing for these depends on the cleaning service being provided. One of such is construction site cleaning. The construction industry depends on such cleaning businesses to provide this valuable service.

The average cost for construction site cleaning is $500. This can be significantly higher or lower depending on the size, nature of the job, and distance or terrain, etc.

For example, these factors impact the average Jani-King service prices.

They also influence the average office cleaning rates.

  • House Cleaning Pricing Guide


  • Studio size (under 600)
  • Under 1000 square feet
  • Under 1600 square feet
  • Under 2400 square feet
  • $100 – $150
  • $180 – $300
  • $180 – $340
  • $200 – $400
  • Studio size
  • Under 1000 square feet
  • $150 – $200
  • $180 – $300
  • Room
  • Stairs
  • $30 – $50 per room
  • $2 – $5 per step
  • Regular Sofa (2 – 3 Seats)
  • Large Sofa (3 – 5 Seats)
  • Sectional Sofa
  • $100 – $120
  • $120 – $160
  • $160 – $200
  • $30 – $90 per hour
  • Minimum $50 – $100 per project
  • Maximum $350 – $550 per project

Deep house cleaning prices also depend on the number of bedrooms and bathrooms in the facility. This table is just to give you a broad overview.

Cutting Down on Professional Cleaning Service Cost

As far as cleaning companies are concerned, there are ways you can cut down on costs.

  • Specify the Cleaning Type Needed

First of all, you need to take into account all types of cleaning services with attendant fees. So for instance, instead of paying for an entire building, you may choose to restrict cleaning to a section of the property.

Such cleaning may be restricted to a room, two rooms, or more.

Another way to cut down on professional cleaning costs is by being more specific.

In other words, you may only require cleaning tasks for windows, walls, drapes, or carpets, etc. These provide options to the client, especially when the client is operating on a tight budget.

  • Using Your Cleaning Supplies

One other way to cut down on expenses is by having your cleaning supplies.

When cleaning services are called, they come with their supplies. However, these companies can use yours if you so desire, thereby cutting down on unnecessary expenses.

Apart from impacting on pricing, having your supplies enable you to choose only the best for the job.

  • Be Careful When Picking Your Service Provider

Your choice of cleaning service is crucial to how well the job gets done.

The cleaning industry is a competitive one. This means cleaning solution providers will offer competitive rates to attract clients. While this is true, certain services aren’t worth the try.

Some cleaning companies will provide clients with unbelievable pricing. While such can be exciting, the reality may be inconsistent with their claims. You may end up getting a shabby cleaning job all in the name of cutting down on cost.

Consider searching for reviews to find the best deals you can. Compare your findings with several others. Also, speak with people who have used such cleaning services in the past about their experiences.

This can be of great help in enabling you to get the best pricing you can.

Quote for House Cleaning: Conclusion

How much does a cleaning service cost if you were to hire one? We have provided some estimates.

Prices for home cleaning services vary widely due to the many types of cleaning jobs available in the market. We have attempted to provide a few of several cleaning jobs, in addition to their price quotes.

You only need to find out what applies to your needs and act accordingly.