If you’ve always wanted to have your patio cleaned but don’t have an idea of how much it cost, this article should provide you with the average cleaning prices.

Patios are important parts of homes used for a variety of purposes including recreation and dining. This is mostly covered and projects to the front of the entrance.

Here, our goal is to provide you with patio cleaning prices.

Average Patio Cleaning Prices

To better understand the cost details for patio cleaning, you’ll first need to know what’s involved.

First, the decision needs to be made. This decision will mostly involve carrying out patio cleaning yourself or hiring a professional.

Having the capacity or know-how to carry out the job will impact cleaning costs. All of these and more need to be carefully figured out before proceeding.

Diy patio cleaning can be performed with the expectation of lowering cleaning costs. This is a sure way to have your patio well maintained at the lowest possible cost. However, you’ll need the right equipment to get the job done.

This can be quite tricky as the lack of knowledge on the right piece of equipment to hire maybe a hindrance.

To get over this hurdle, consider speaking to a professional for some advice on what to get. A pressure wash will certainly be one of them.

If you want to know whether you’ve done the job right or not, consider taking a “before and after” snapshot. This should enable you to assess your cleaning ability.

Also, consider wearing the right protective gear during cleaning. Accidents may happen and you don’t want to be caught unawares. Basic protective cleaning gears will suffice. Such include gloves and goggles among others.

Factors Affecting Patio Cleaning Costs

When it comes to patio cleaning, multiple factors play a role in determining prices. These range from your location to the structure and size of the patio.

Your patio’s condition will also determine how much it will cost to have it cleaned.

  • Location

Locations count for something when calling for cleaning services. Your home may be out of the usual coverage area for a cleaning service.

Therefore, the extra resources and time needed to reach your location will be factored into the cleaning costs.

Cleaning jobs outside the usual service locations or coverage areas will normally attract higher fees or prices.

Knowing this in advance saves you the surprise and inconveniences that may result.

  • Size of your Patio

Patio cleaning is also priced according to size. Your patio will fall under any of three sizes; small patios, medium patios, and large patios. These have an average cost of £175, £250 and £350 respectively.

Patio Cleaning Costs

A wide range of details is included when fixing patio cleaning costs. Some of these have been mentioned above.

Patio cleaning may require additional maintenance services which adds up their cleaning costs. The cost of a job will be determined by what goes into it.

Patio cleaning prices have a lower and upper limit in addition to the average costs. As earlier stated, a jet washing a small patio will cost an average fee of £175. Cleaning prices may fluctuate to as low as £150 or a high of £200.

Cleaning a medium-sized patio normally starts at an average of £250. Based on other conditions or factors, cleaning prices may have a lower range of £200 and an upper limit of £300. A price quote is worked by your service provider to determine the exact fee you’re to pay.

Large patios will attract a cleaning cost of about £350. Prices may go as high as £400 or may be limited to about £300.

  • Additional Costs

There are value-added services that may be included with patio cleaning services. These increase your overall costs.

These may involve cleaning and maintaining your driveway among other things. You’ll need to find out what applies to your situation.

Patio cleaning prices that include driveway maintenance will come at an extra cost. Also, the size will determine how much it will cost to have a driveway cleaned. The average cost for cleaning and sealing a driveway costs around £10.50 with a lower and upper range of £8.50 and £12.50 respectively.

Cleaning and sealing smaller driveways are charged at £200 on average. Cleaning a medium-sized driveway cost around £300. Large driveway cleaning starts at £400.

When stains are involved, patio cleaning may be priced differently.

Who You Hire Determines What You Pay

One of the vital decisions you’ll have to make regarding patio cleaning prices is to choose who you hire. One important consideration is to ensure that your preferred patio cleaning company is reliable and up to the task.

Going through some online reviews should reveal a great deal about cleaning services.

The competitive nature of the industry makes it possible to find a company or service that cleans your patio at a reasonable cost. You want to ensure that a thorough job is done at the lowest possible cost.

Know all the Contract Details

It isn’t enough to hand over your patio cleaning needs to a cleaning service. You’ll need to know the very details involved. Here, details such as specific tasks to be performed, examining for any hidden costs among more. Being more involved leads to greater job satisfaction.

Deep Cleaning a Patio

Deep cleaning is a service that may be offered to you based on the condition of your patio.

However, this isn’t performed as often because normal jet-washing services will do. However, when deep cleaning is recommended, it comes at a cost.

The cost involved here is normally arrived at after an inspection of the patio. The inspection determines the extent of cleaning required.

Patio cleaning prices differ from one job to the next. Although cleaning costs are given, certain conditions may influence costs. This is why we’ve given a price range within which cost fluctuates.

You have the opportunity of carrying out patio cleaning tasks yourself. This is a way of limiting the cost involved.

However, you’ll need to rent a jet washing machine among other things. Generally, this method is much cheaper but may not be as efficient as one performed by an experienced cleaner.

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