How much should I charge to clean a parking lot? Here is a price list to help you.

Professional cleaning services are always on hand to provide cleaning solutions to both residential and commercial clients. These services also include indoor and outdoor cleaning.

One of those we’ll be focusing on here is outdoor cleaning.

Parking lot cleaning is as important as any other type as long as it meets a customer’s need.

Are you seeking to have your parking lot cleaned?

One of the things you’ll need to be aware of is the cost of the project. Learning about the costs helps you bargain better and anticipate what your particular cleaning task or job will incur.

Are you ready? We are! Let’s begin without delay.

Multiple Factors to Consider

Before we provide details about parking lot cleaning costs, let’s have a brief look at cost-influencing factors involved.

These factors include your parking lot’s current condition, parking lot size, obstacles, and obstructions, as well as the frequency of use.

Others include the business type and seasonal projects.

All of these play a key role in determining what you pay for a cleaning job. Also, the cleaning service you hire will determine the cost of the project.

It’s important to have an idea about what these are all about before calling or hiring a professional cleaning service.

Each of these points will be discussed shortly after providing the basic cost details for parking lot cleaning. Without further ado, let’s get into the specifics.

Average Cost of Parking Lot Cleaning

How much does parking lot cleaning cost?

The average price for cleaning (per sweep) a 500 space lot is about $83.38. At the low end, you may be charged around $75.80 while the high end costs about $90.96.

Cleaning a 25 space lot will cost an average of $77.92 with a low and high of $60.83 and $95 respectively.

For a 1,000 space lot, average cleaning costs will be around $163.50. At the low end, you’re likely to incur around $113 with prices climbing significantly to about $214 at the high end.

So, how much does this same procedure cost for a 200 space parking lot?

Expect an average cleaning fee of about $79.50 with a low and high of $66 and $93 respectively. It’s important to consider that these costs are only an average and may differ from actual estimates.

It mostly depends on the cleaning service you hire for the job.

All Parking Lot Cleaning Jobs Differ

One of the things you need to consider when calling for parking lot cleaning is that all jobs aren’t the same.

Each job is customized depending on existing conditions like the size, the extent of cleaning, type of cleaning, and location among several other factors.

So, your particular parking lot cleaning job will most likely be priced based on existing conditions. With that knowledge, you’re able to better understand what goes into pricing.

What more? By discussing with your cleaning service or technician, you’re able to gain an in-depth understanding of other finer details of the project.

Price Influencing Factors

As stated earlier, multiple price influencing factors come into play when carrying out parking lot cleaning.

These include your parking lot’s current condition, parking lot size, obstacles and obstructions, as well as the frequency of use, including business type, and seasonal projects.

  • Parking Lot’s Existing Condition

What’s the condition of your parking lot like? Has it been maintained in the past? If it has, there’s a chance that cleaning costs incurred will be lower. When in bad shape, a higher cleaning cost may apply.

To have a fair idea of what this is about, consider a parking lot with lots of potholes and accumulated dirt.

It’s obvious that such hasn’t been cleaned for a long time, hence will take more labor and time to clean than it would for a lot that has been maintained.

In this case, a parking lot in bad condition will cost more to clean or maintain. The opposite applies to one that has seen a lot of maintenance in the past.

  • Parking Lot Size

What’s the size of your parking lot? Size plays a role in determining parking lot cleaning prices.

In effect, the need to know the spaces a lot has is important. It’s not difficult to see that large parking lots will be priced higher due to the labor expended among other things.

Having this idea gives you a heads-up on what to expect when a professional cleaning service comes around.

  • Obstacles & Obstructions

Additional factors come into play when cleaning a parking lot.

Among these are the designs or layout of the parking lot. Does your parking lot have V-shaped parking spaces? Are there curved islands among other unique features?

All of that could play a role in determining your cleaning prices.

Such layouts may be considered obstacles that require the modification of cleaning approaches used. It’s normal to incur additional charges for these.

  • Frequency of Cleaning

Cleaning frequency also influences pricing. Scheduling your cleaning visits is one thing to prioritize as it tends to be cheaper in the long run than it would for one-time-only visits.

A lot of professional cleaning services encourage entering into a contract for enhanced parking lot maintenance.

Here, the time spent cleaning for each visit tends to be lesser and less rigorous. You’ll need to have an idea of how such scheduled cleaning benefits you before entering into any agreement.

  • Business Type

Commercial clients take the bulk of demand when it comes to parking lot cleaning. These include shopping malls, apartment buildings, fast food restaurants, and schools among many others.

The business type will determine the level of debris found to be lying around in the parking lot.

If your business generates a lot of trash and debris, you’ll likely incur higher cleaning prices for your parking lots.

  • Seasonal Projects

Seasonal projects may require contracting for snow removal or plowing, as well as for cleaning up leaves. Sometimes, your service provider may also offer such or recommend a contractor to get the job done.

Parking lot cleaning prices have been discussed in addition to price influencing factors.

By having a fair idea of what this process entails, you’re better informed about pricing.

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