What equipment does an arborist need? Here are the essential arborist supplies.

Apart from the experience and skill professionals have, one other vital requirement they need to carry out their jobs successfully is their equipment.

Every profession has its equipment that helps with proper job execution. In this article, we take a look at supplies used by arborists.

Wholesale Arborist Supplies Online

Whether you’re a seasoned arborist, at the entry level, or possess essential experience, specific tools are needed to execute a proper job. What are these tools?

There are several of them, as listed below. We’ve also discussed what they’re used for and tips for shopping for this equipment.

Before Purchasing Arborist Equipment

When shopping for arborist supplies, there’s a need to take carefully thought-out actions as this helps make the whole process worthwhile.

Every buyer wants to get the best deal for their purchase. You’ll need to understand your objectives, get a different opinion, and shop around for suppliers.

Also, you’ll need to decide if leasing arborist supplies is an option you’re open to. Safety is also paramount and should be given the attention it deserves.

With this said, let’s briefly discuss each of these before identifying the different arborist supplies available.

  • Understanding your Objectives

One thing you need to consider when shopping for arborist supplies is identifying your objective and shopping accordingly.

How impactful will these supplies be to your business? Are your performance driven? What equipment type and brand are you going for and why?

  • Getting an Extra Opinion

A lot of times, seeking a different opinion from a professional helps you make the right decisions.

These pros know the most durable arborist supplies and where to get the suitable suppliers that meet your specific needs.

More importantly, a better assessment of your needs is achieved.

  • Shopping around for Suppliers

There are lots of suppliers of arborist equipment. While that is true, not all offer the same quality of service.

Luckily, the internet is a ready and highly effective resource when seeking the right supplier. Customer reviews, testimonials, and more allow you to choose where to buy your supplies.

  • Is Leasing an Option?

If you’re on a tight budget, you might want to lease such equipment rather than an outright purchase. Not everyone wants to rent or buy arborist supplies for various reasons.

As a professional arborist, you must have your supplies that require buying them.

On the other hand, leasing will be a better option for persons who aren’t professionals but only seek to perform some DIY maintenance tasks on their trees. Here, the need for that isn’t frequent.

Hence it makes more sense to lease such supplies than to buy them.

  • Safety is Paramount

A lot of attention to safety is required as this line of work involves climbing trees and handling machinery and tools that can be risky.

There are also bits of wood that could accidentally get into the eyes. Here, vital arborist supplies include safety equipment like protective pants, goggles, helmets, and boots.

8 Essential Tree Tool Arborist Supplies

Regarding arborist supplies needed by professionals and non-professionals (DIY’ers), quite a lot are included. For some, only pros with the right kind of training can handle such.

Arborist supplies by category include climbing ropes, rigging gear, saws & sheaths, tree pole saws, pruners & parts.

More arborist tools by category include saddles, bucket truck accessories, ground tools, plant health care, and personal protection & work safety gear.

Let’s have a look at some of these arborist supplies.

i. Climbing Ropes

Arborist tree climbing ropes are their lifeline. They’re durable and designed to fit a variety of job types. The best arborist ropes have a minimum of 16 strands.

These come in different varieties and brands with some popular types, including Yale Kernmaster, Vortex Rope, Hawkeye Rope, etc.

ii. Rigging Gear

With rigging gears, arborists can gain a mechanical advantage. As with all arborist supplies, rigging gears makes the job easier.

You’ll have to decide on the correct type to use as certain types tend to fit specific applications. For example, bringing down a limb and felling the tree requires specific rigging gears.

iii. Saw & Scabbards

This is another category of arborist supplies vital for pruning tasks. With saws and scabbards, arborists can prune tree limbs quickly.

There are many types and brands of saws and sheaths to choose from. These include Silky Pruning Saw, Fanno Pruning Saw, Sawpod, Corona Pruning Saw, etc.

iv. Tree Pole Saws, Pruners & Parts

These are part of the essential supplies needed for tree pruning jobs. As the name suggests, these allow for greater reach without leaving the ground.

The best brands are also safe to use, workable and lightweight. Some popular tools in this category include Notch Sensei Pole Saw with Silky Blade, Fanno Saw Blade, etc.

v. Saddles

Saddles are also essential supplies required by arborists.

Apart from their comfort, saddles provide enhanced mobility while allowing arborists to perform their tasks with greater ease and accuracy.

Some saddle brands include New Weaver Cougar Saddle, Petzl Sequoia SRT Saddle, and Weaver Floating Dee Wide back.

vi. Bucket Truck Accessories

Professional arborists require a wide range of accessories for different work environments. Holders and chainsaw scabbards are good examples of these.

Some great accessory brands include Single Man Bucket Cover, Full Body Harness with Shock Lanyard, and Outside Mount Chainsaw Scabbard.

vii. Ground Tools

Arborist supplies include ground tools, with some essential types being log jacks, cant hooks, and lifting tongs. Other arborist supplies in this category include Scoop Shovel, Bush Hook, Ditch Bank Blade, and Machete.

viii. Plant Care

Arborist supplies aren’t only about tools or equipment.

There are tons of products used by professional arborists to administer treatment to trees and plants. These supplies include Clean-Jet, Nutriroot, Sprayers, Root Injector, Nutrient Solution, etc.

These are essential arborist supplies used by professionals for all tree-related maintenance tasks.

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