This article provides a comprehensive list of school cleaning supplies commonly used.

Schools are high traffic areas that require frequent cleanup to keep up with the population. As a professional cleaner or someone who’s new to cleaning as a business, you’ll need to get all necessary supplies in place to commence.

However, getting the necessary cleaning supplies depends on your knowledge of what is needed. You don’t need to be worried if you have zero experience.

List of School Cleaning Supplies

Cleaning supplies required to provide basic school cleaning tasks are quite varied. They include disinfectant wipes, hand sanitizer, Kleenex tissues, Wet Ones, microfiber cloth, paper towels, air freshener, brooms, vacuum cleaner, multipurpose spray, and mops.

Other supplies include nail polish remover, hydrogen peroxide, vinegar, bleach, protective gloves, supplies caddy, and multipurpose disinfectants. Magnetic wands and q-tips should also be included.

Let’s discuss each of these as follows;

  • Disinfectant Wipes

There are lots of touchpoints on school campuses. These range from door handles, desks, light switches, and bathroom surfaces. There are also computer keyboards, printers, and shelves and cabinets.

These frequent touchpoints will need to be sanitized to prevent the transfer of germs and harmful bacteria. Disinfectant wipes should be used to wipe down doorknobs, light switches, desks, and all other touchpoints.

  • Hand Sanitizer

School cleaning is never complete without making provisions for sanitizing points. Hand sanitizers should be made available across different points within the building. This includes the bathroom area, classes, as well as offices.

  • Kleenex Tissues

One of the essential supplies to have in school are tissues. These should be handy in classrooms and other sections for the school to wipe off the mess. Restocking this supply should be a top priority each time. You’ll need to check each day during your cleaning rounds.

  • Wet Ones

This is an antibacterial hand wipe that should be among your school cleaning supplies.

It is necessary to have this for your use as well as for the use of students and everyone working within the school environment. People make contact with a lot of surfaces, thereby picking up bacteria and germs.

However, these won’t stand a chance with Wet Ones as hands can easily be disinfected by using this product.

  • Microfiber Cloth

Microfiber cloths are among essential school cleaning supplies to have because they don’t leave lint or scratch marks behind when used for cleaning surfaces. This makes them ideal for cleaning all types of surfaces including delicate ones.

Another benefit of using microfiber cloth is that unlike paper towels, these can be reused by simply washing them after each use.

  • Paper Towels

Paper towels are very important for emergency cleaning.

In the event that there are spills, these will prove useful as such can be used to get rid of mess before properly cleaning the area. Paper towels can temporarily be used for cleaning due to its absorbent properties.

However, it can’t be used to replace microfiber cloths as it’s only a single-use cleaning supply. Nevertheless, it pays to have paper towels restocked during your school cleaning rounds.

  • Air Freshener

Certain areas of the school are likely to have a bad odor which is primarily due to activities performed there.

Odors are likely to come from bathroom areas. After cleaning these parts of the school thoroughly, a neutral air freshener should be applied to neutralize such odors.

This should always be in your caddy as you perform your daily cleaning tasks around the school.

  • Brooms

Most areas within a school see a lot of foot traffic. With this comes the transfer of dirt and debris from one point to the next. Brooms are essential to the cleaning of floor surfaces. These should be used to clean floor spaces each day.

Sometimes, apart from daily cleaning, brooms may be used more than once during the day to clean up a mess within the school premises.

  • Vacuum Cleaner

A vacuum cleaner is a piece of important equipment for cleaning as it is best used for cleaning carpets. So, instead of using a broom to clean carpeted areas which aren’t as effective, a vacuum cleaner does the job properly.

This cleaning equipment can also be used to remove accumulated dust on seat cushions in addition to other types of cleaning tasks.

  • Multipurpose Spray

Multipurpose sprays are effective cleaning supplies that should be used when cleaning surfaces. Most of these products also serve as disinfectants. Hence it can be used to wipe off a variety of surfaces most especially touchpoints which are commonplace and in abundance in a school setting.

The multipurpose spray comes handy when wiping off or dusting surfaces. Such surfaces range from desks, chairs, cabinets, and shelves among others.

  • Mops and Wringer

Mops are essential to school cleaning. While sweeping a floor gets rid of dirt, it doesn’t do so completely.

Mopping the floors helps get rid of all kinds of dirt. For an effective job, your mop bucket should include a wringer to help with squeezing off excess water from mops.

  • Nail Polish Remover

How is this needed or included in a school cleaning supplies list? It’s very much needed! Although you won’t be giving manicures to students, rather than used on nails, nail polish removers also help remove permanent ink stains.

This is commonplace in schools. It will be needed as you go around your cleaning tasks.

  • Hydrogen Peroxide

In place of bleach, hydrogen peroxide, mixed with vinegar can be used as a disinfecting agent. It is necessary to have some bleach too in addition to this product.

  • Vinegar

Used in combination with hydrogen peroxide, vinegar can serve as a disinfectant for a variety of school cleaning tasks. However, we recommend having bleach among your cleaning supplies too.

  • Bleach

Bleach is a known disinfectant used in a wide range of cleaning tasks. For schools, it is a perfect disinfectant that can be applied in a lot of situations. You only need to follow its use instructions to help with proper application.

These are essential school cleaning supplies every cleaner should get when faced with a cleanup of the school area.

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