Here, we will be looking at what it cost to repair a sump pump.

Sump pumps are vital moisture control systems installed in homes.

Most designs today are sensor triggered. This means they’re automatically started when the water rises or collects beyond a certain point within the sump pit.

Having pumped to a certain level, the sensor signals the pump to automatically turn off.

From the brief description above, it’s easy to see that sump pumps require minimal human input. However when such pumps malfunction, they’ll need to be fixed. For DIY’ers, this might sound exciting.

However, we’re more interested in discussing the cost of professional repair.

Cost Of Sump Pump Repair

Whenever sump pumps get installed, they need to be maintained in such a way that they’re always ready to pump out water when there’s a sudden water rise.

This could be due to a flood or leaky pipe among other possibilities. When sump pumps aren’t in their optimal state, such vital functions aren’t performed.

Any of these issues could be observed; a continuously running pump (even when there’s no reason to), possible blockage in discharge pipes, absence of water in the sump pit, and several other issues affecting its operation.

Some troubleshooting may resolve the problem, but the ultimate action to take is to call a professional.

Average Cost of Fixing a Sump Pump

The cost details for sump pump repair are quite varied. It depends on the type of problem, the sump pump type, location, and a whole lot of other variables. The national average for sump pump repair is about $300.

At the low end, you’re likely to pay around $75 for basic repairs.

High-end sump pump repair costs will be charged around $600 or more. With the high and low mentioned, what’s left out is the average repair cost which is between $200 and $500.

Sump pump discharge pipe repair cost around $100 – $220

To understand the subject being discussed in greater detail, we’ll have to look at certain key areas.

These include the cost of sump pump repair by type, costs by type of repair, cost by sump pump location, replacement costs, and also repair cost by type of problem.

Further cost distinctions can be made by details such as emergency repair, labor costs, and enhancement costs.

i. Sump Pump Repair Costs by Type

Sump pumps are broadly categorized in two; pedestal, and submersible variants.

Any of these could suddenly develop faults. To have them fixed, you’ll need to know the type or category your sump pump belongs to.

Technicians will charge around $150 to $500 to fix pedestal sump pumps. For submersible types, expect to pay around $175 to $550 in repair costs.

ii. Repair Costs by Location

Before we give the cost specifics, it’s important to note that this doesn’t refer to your living or geographical location. Rather, it has to do with where the sump pump is installed or located within your home.

Fixing basement sump pumps cost around $150 to $550.

One located outdoors is likely to cost anywhere from $200 to $600 to repair. Pumps installed in garages may also attract between $150 and $550, while those found in the bedroom may attract a repair fee of around $175 to $575.

Do you have one in your crawl space? Repairs costs may range between $200 and $600.

iii. Sump Pump Replacement Costs

When a sump pump has served out its lifespan, a replacement is usually considered because of the frequent problems it starts to develop.

Although replacements tend to cost more than repairs, it’s a worthwhile investment considering the frequent expenses incurred by trying to fix the old.

Depending on the type of sump pump you wish to have replaced, it may cost anywhere from $700 to $1,600. It’s important to go for a durable one.

iv. Repair Costs by Type of Problem

A problem is signaled when your sump pump no longer functions as it used to. The signs here are quite varied and point to particular issues.

There’s no way of knowing the exact problem if you aren’t a technical person. You’ll have to rely on the expertise of a technician to perform diagnosis and repairs.

Possible issues include a pump that runs constantly, a float switch that’s stuck, rust problems, frozen pumps, running but not working, leaks, as well as mold problems.

Others include clogging and rotting egg smell. Each problem mentioned attracts its own cost.

You’ll be charged between $150 and $500 for fixing a constantly running pump. Fixing one that’s frozen will also cost around $150 and $500. For a float switch that’s stuck, this can be rectified at $100 to $250.

Rust issues attract repair fees of $150 to $450.

Fixing a clogged sump pump will cost around $150 and $300. Also, repairing a sump pump with a rotten egg smell will cost between $100 and $250.

v. Emergency Repair Costs

Sump pumps could break down in times when their services are most needed. Such will require adopting an emergency approach. Luckily, technicians are always on hand to offer such services.

However, emergency repairs tend to cost more.

Depending on the problem, you’re likely to be charged an extra $100 to $200. This shouldn’t be much of a problem as long as your sump pump is up and running.

vi. Labor Costs

Labor costs tend to take a large portion of repair costs. Costs may be calculated on an hourly basis or may simply be priced as a lump sum. Hourly payments will typically range from $150 to $100.

It’s important to find out the pricing arrangement or structure adopted by your technician.

vii. Enhancement Costs

Enhancements made to sump pumps enable them to function better. Freeze protection may be applied for a price of around $125 to $250. Cleaning is also part of enhancements that promote functionality.

You may be charged between $100 and $200 for such service.

viii. Cost by Type of Replacement

There are times when certain sump pump components will need to be replaced. In a situation where the motor needs to be changed, you may have to pay between $250 and $500.

Float switch replacement may attract a fee within the $100 to $150 range.

These sump pump repair costs are only estimates. You’ll need to find out from your technician how much the procedure will cost.

The information here should give you a fair idea of how to go about your budgeting process.

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