10 Things To Never Do When Cutting Down A Tree

Felling a tree is a risky procedure that needs all the caution you can muster.

In other words, serious injuries, damage, and even death can result when safety procedures aren’t followed. The process counts a lot as certain actions need to be taken.

Never Do This When Cutting Down A Tree

While there are basic or laid down guidelines to follow for cutting down a tree, there are also things that you shouldn’t do. We’re focusing on the latter to help you maintain safety and ensure the tree removal process is successful.

It’s All About Safety

While trying to remove or cut down a tree, the aim is to get the job done properly.

More important is the need to have it removed safely. A wide range of safety measures must be adhered to. These range from positioning, the degree or angle of cutting, and how far your chain saw should go in among other things.

This is assuming that you’re a chainsaw operator who’s new to the business. It’s not enough starting your chainsaw and putting it at the base of the tree. Safety procedures need to be adhered to.

With time, you get to master the art and become better at sticking to the rules of the job.

The things you shouldn’t do when cutting a tree seeks to also protect your clients. The job site should be such that no one gets hurt.

Things you shouldn’t do when Cutting Down a Tree

There’s a long list of safety guidelines that come with tree felling these include never working alone, using the right safety gear, never using an ineffective chain saw, not checking if there’s sufficient gas, and not leaning your ladder against the tree.

Others include cutting down rotten trees, using a dull chain saw, having a weak grip on your equipment, and forgetting to recheck chain tension.

What more? Trying to cut down a tree close to a power line should be avoided at all costs.

There are lots and lots of actions you shouldn’t take when cutting down a tree. These are only a few of them. We’ll be covering more of those forbidden actions after explaining the ones mentioned above.

  • Never Work Alone

Trees vary in size but are generally large.

When cutting a tall one, you cannot observe the entire goings-on at the same time. Your attention will have to be on the cut area while the second pair of eyes will need to be around to alert you to any developments.

  • Not Using the Right Safety Gear

We’ve stated that tree felling is a risky job that requires wearing the right safety gear. Helmets having face screens, earmuffs, gloves, and boots must be used in addition to thick long sleeved clothing among other things.

Ensure all of these are available before taking on a job.

  • Using an Ineffective Chainsaw

A lot of power goes into the process of tree cutting. Hence, all equipment used must be in top shape.

Your chainsaw is a primary tool that needs to be in perfect working condition. Never use one that’s past its usefulness.

  • Not Checking if There’s Sufficient Gas Before a Job

Another thing you should never do when cutting a tree is to move your equipment to the job site without checking if there’s sufficient gas. The gas tank should be filled up and a reserve carried along in case of the unknown.

  • Leaning Your Ladder Against a Tree

A very risky situation that leads to a lot of chainsaw injuries involves leaning ladders on a tree while cutting. This should be avoided at all costs as the main aim is to be safe while you perform the job.

  • Cutting Down Rotten Trees

Rotten trees aren’t as strong as the others. Their structure is badly affected and can be quite unpredictable to cut. As such, never cut down a rotten tree yourself. Instead, seek the help of an expert to do it safely.

  • Using a Dull Chain Saw

Avoid using a dull chain saw as it only wastes time, effort, and fuel.

It takes a longer period to cut down a tree using a dull chain saw. It’s better to have it sharpened or replaced before starting a job.

  • Having a Weak Grip on Your Equipment

Not having a firm grip on your work tools is a sure sign of danger.

As such, you should never hold your equipment loosely. Your chainsaw, when held loosely is likely to bounce off to the nearest person or turn the opposite direction leading to severe injuries.

  • Forgetting to Recheck Chain Tension

When new chains are replaced, they stretch easily due to the heat from friction. When left unchecked, such chains might loosen and fly off, thus exposing you and others to serious risks.

Never ignore crosschecking your chain tension.

  • Trying to Cut a Tree Close to a Power Line

Trees close to power lines pose significant risks. These are special circumstances that require the expertise of tree removal companies. Never consider getting the job done yourself as your skills are likely to be limited.

Specialized cutting tools may be used by tree removal services for getting rid of the tree.

Other Things To Avoid When Cutting Down A Tree

Cutting a log or tree lying on the ground should be done in such a way that it doesn’t touch or cut the ground. Your chainsaw is likely to get dulled when this is done.

Do you want to leave the stump behind? Sometimes, leaving the stump behind is as bad as having the tree still standing.

This is true for situations where a tree becomes a menace. There are ways to go about stump removal.

You can either hire a stump grinder for the job or drill holes on the stump into which stump killers are emptied.

This kills the stump naturally through a rotting process.

These are a list of things to never do when cutting down a tree. Every tree cutting process is potentially dangerous. However, such risks can be reduced by following the simple safety procedures outlined above.

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