If you want to know the toilet paper roll sizes, read this article.

More will be discussed regarding these tissue papers’ usual length, height, and width. We’ll also talk about some things that impact the size of these items.

Dimensions of Toilet Paper Roll

Bathroom tissue rolls come in various sizes and have no specific dimensions.

Therefore, you must grasp the array of sizes of these items. It’ll aid you in finding the optimal fit for your lavatory, office, and other public spaces.

Toilet Paper Tube Dimensions

Companies produce bathroom tissue sheets in distinct sizes. The variation affects the cardboard tube and paper sheets’ width, diameter, and length.

But generally, the cardboard tubes of these tissue rolls have a typical length of 3.7 inches. However, some makers have a size closer to 4 inches and weigh around 0.5 grams.

Regarding how long a lavatory paper bundle can be, it depends on the supplier and style. But the typical length is usually around 75 feet or 90 inches.

You can also get sizes that are longer than this. We refer to jumbo, continuous feed, and mega sheets. Let’s consider other dimensions of this material.

  • Standard Diameter of a Toilet Paper

The inner restroom tissue sheet tube has a regular diameter of 1.6 inches (4 cm). This is primarily the size of commercial and industrial toilet paper.

However, the final diameter can be influenced by quality and thickness. When the sheets are new and unsealed, the diameter becomes more extensive.

But if otherwise, the overall size will decrease.

  • Common Width of a Tissue Roll

You must also know how comprehensive these articles can be. Numerous commodities today have shrunk in size as prices remained constant or increased marginally.

The typical width of a restroom paper sheet is around 4 to 4.5 inches—the regular distance between the two sides that open up with a hole.

However, you can get some brands with rings that measure 9 inches wide. Such rolls are also called “jumbo” rolls.

  • Height of a Typical Toilet Paper

Do you want to know the height of regular bathroom paper? Most industrial, commercial, and privately used pieces have a height of about 4 inches (10 cm).

In millimeters, the size ranges from 90 to 100 mm. However, you can get papers that are taller and for different purposes.

What About the Standard Ply of Toilet Paper?

When they say “ply,” it means the number of layers in bathroom paper. The more ply this paper has, it becomes thicker and more robust.

However, the thickness can vary among manufacturers. Before you buy bathroom paper, ensure you understand its specifications. That way, you’ll select the one that suits your unique needs.

Now, this tissue can be obtained in many classes. We have single, double, triple, and quadruple ply.

Single ply consists of one layer, which is thin and light. It also dissolves and unclogs quickly and efficiently. However, other plies have thicker and stronger layers.

Several factors and elements must be considered to select the correct ply for your needs. The size and number of people using the paper and how much use it’ll get.

If you want rolls for commercial purposes, go for a higher ply. They’ll last longer. Then rolls with a lower ply will be perfect for home use.

Typical Types of Toilet Paper Holders

It’s also critical that you learn about the classes of lavatory tissue holders. It will help you get the roll that fits appropriately. While most holders can fit typical tissue rolls, some accommodate wider rolls.

You can even get custom holders that include a wider roll size.

We have several types of typical restroom paper holders. They include spring-loaded, well-mounted, over-tank, and free-standing holders.

You must get the right size, regardless of your desired holder type. That way, it will fit properly and be easy to use.

The texture of a Typical Toilet Paper Roll

Lavetory papers are made with a variety of materials. As such, they come in varying textures. For instance, we have restroom tissue made from recycled pulp.

Such papers have a rough surface. Similarly, pulp from hardwood trees has a softer and fluffier piece than softwood trees.

The sizes will likely be more significant when toilet tissue is fluffier and softer. Then, sheets with a rough texture tend to have a smaller width. But generally, regular bathroom tissue sheets come in three textures: Soft and fluffy, medium soft, and rugged.

The ones with soft and fluffy textures are perfect for sensitive skin types and delicate areas. Then the medium soft is great for everyday use.

Lastly, the rough ones are good for industrial purposes. That’s because they’re coarser and less absorbent than smooth toilet paper.

Average Duration of a Toilet Paper Roll

These articles typically contain 250 to 1000 sheets. A packet of toilet paper is anticipated to serve a buyer for a week.

But this time frame may be extended or shorter, depending on how often you use the washroom and the amount of sheets you use per visit.

Other factors affecting its longevity include brand, number of plies, gender, and number of users. Price, size, and quality can also impact the duration of these articles.

So it would be best if you considered them.

Top Brands of Toilet Paper Rolls and Their Dimensions

Here are some reputable brands of restroom tissue rolls and their respective sizes: They’ll help you decide which will be perfect for your needs.

One of these brands is Cottonelle Professional, with 4 inches of width, 4.9 inches of length, and 451 sheets per roll.

We also have Scott Essential with 4 inches of width, 4.1 inches of length, and 550 sheets per roll, Charmin Ultra Strong with 3.92 inches of width, 4 inches of size, and 286 sheets per roll, and North Ultra with 3.8 inches of width, 4 inches of length, and 284 sheets per roll.

Seventh Generation Recycled has 4 inches of width, 4 inches of length, and 500 issues per roll. Then Kirkland Signature Bath Tissue has 4.5 inches of width, 4 inches of size, and 425 sheets per roll.

Several other brands of toilet paper rolls and sizes exist.

We need more time to list them all. However, you can see the typical sizes of bathroom tissue bundles in width, length, weight, and height.

You can also see some reputable brands of toilet paper and their dimensions. We are confident you can make the right choice after reading this article.

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