Tree Climbing Harness – Buying Guide & Best Types to Buy

Are tree climbing harnesses any different from those used for climbing rocks? You’ll need to stick around as we provide these answers.

Whether you’re reading to have an idea of what the best harness brands are or want to know the benefits offered, this article will provide all of this info and more.

Tree Climbing Belt

Among the many tools used by arborists and tree climbers, harnesses are essential and frequently used.

This gear is a must-have that protects you from falling off and helps reduce any strains associated with work positioning on trees. Here, we identify some of the best tree harnesses available.

  • Arborist Climbing Harnesses for Sale

Part of understanding what tree climbing harnesses are about requires taking a broader look at harnesses in general. First, these are safety tools for securing oneself while climbing rugged terrains or obstacles.

Tree climbing harnesses are just one of several types.

The others include a safety harness, body harness, regular harness, arrest harness, feet up the harness, butt board harness, and diamond rock harness. Others have rock harnesses and tree stand harnesses.

Each of these types is suitable for specific projects. However, we’re more interested in one of them; a tree climbing harness.

Shopping Tips for Tree Climbing Harness

While shopping for a suitable harness, it’s essential to consider certain factors. These allow you to choose better. They include the leg straps, harness material, and size.

For the leg straps, you’ll do well to go for harnesses with breathable leg straps.

Now not every product will come with breathable leg straps. Specific tree climbing harnesses are cheap and lack the quality and durability that will make them last.

While enhancing safety during tree climbing, harnesses made from breathable material allow air circulation, preventing irritation and overheating.

What material is your harness made from? This is a primary consideration you’ll have to make. Certain materials tend to be more durable. These include aluminum, nylon, and polyester.

Harnesses from any of these will withstand the most rigorous tree climbing tasks.

It’s essential to be attentive to your tree climbing harness size. These gears come in different sizes to fit different needs. Sizing may differ from one brand to the next.

Without picking the right size, you’ll experience multiple issues, which can be annoying.

Top-Rated Tree Climbing Harnesses

There are popular tree climbing harnesses from different brands considered among the best. Buyers tend to prefer these over others.

Some of the great tree harnesses in this category include XBen Climbing Harness, Eleven Guns Tree Climbing Harness, YXGood Treestand Harness, and Teufelberger TreeMotion EVO.

More great products include YaeCCC Climbing Harness, HaoFst Half Body Climbing Harness, and Gabbro Climbing Harness. So what’s great about these tree climbing harness brands?

Let’s find out.

i. XBen Climbing Harness

This excellent tree climbing harness brand meets all security and safety standards. Apart from tree climbing, it’s suitable for a wide range of climbing jobs.

In other words, the XBee climbing harness is multi-purpose. In terms of durability, this harness readily serves all rigorous climbing activities.

XBee climbing harness is CE certified and designed with high-strength polyester.

What more? This harness comes with breathable pads that make the user more comfortable and can be deployed for tree climbing, among several types of jobs.

ii. Eleven Guns Tree Climbing Harness

The Eleven Guns Tree Climbing Harness brand is one of the favorite tool brands used by arborists. This harness comes with padding to offer more comfort and support to the user.

Another key feature that makes it a great product is its durability. It’s long-lasting and able to hold up under rigorous use conditions.

With its ready accessory loops, you have more useful options and the confidence of increased safety while you work. Users have pointed out its comfort even while being used for long hours.

It’s one tree harness you should consider for your tree climbing needs.

iii. XYGood Treestand Harness

You’ll find tons of positive feedback if you go through customer reviews about this product. This tells a lot about the XYGood Treestand Harness brand.

Not only is it ideal for tree climbing jobs, but this harness also serves various needs, hence its versatility and wide acceptance and recommendation.

The XYGood harness comes with five-tool rings and breathable foam and is excellent for various outdoor activities. What more? Its padded waist and leg straps make for a more comfortable work experience.

You’ll find this gear fitting if you have a waistline between 80 and 120 cm.

iv. Teufelberger TreeMotion EVO Harness

Out of the many great features of this tree climbing harness, users get to customize it to suit their weight distribution needs. This tool meets several certifications and is highly adaptable to user needs.

That is why it has tons of positive reviews from users.

Teufelberger harness comes with individual leg straps, with the harness built from quality and durable material. You’ll find in double-stitched, single webbing, and knotted double rope bridge variants.

Is this the proper tree climbing harness for you? You’ll have to decide by comparing what it offers with your needs.

v. YaeCCC Climbing Harness

Arborists and professional climbers have a perfect tree climbing tool in the YaeCCC Climbing Harness brand.

Aside from meeting your tree climbing needs, its versatility makes it useful for other activities like recreational climbing, rescue, and several others.

This tree climbing harness is ideal for seasoned and inexperienced climbers.

vi. HaoFst Half Body Climbing Harness

The last Half Body Climbing harness comes with a reinforced tie-in point, a CE1019 certification, polyester webbing, and a high-strength stainless steel belay loop design.

It’s a heavy-duty, highly customizable tree climbing harness that meets the user’s unique needs.

vii. Gabbro Climbing Harness

This tree climbing harness is designed with a universal fit.

What more? Its premium material makes it highly durable and comfortable. While it can be used for various climbing activities, Gabbro Climbing Harness isn’t certified for rock climbing.

Its quick-dry material makes for a great feeling when performing intense climbing activities. This tree climbing gear is also lightweight and enhances your safety.

These tree climbing harnesses are some of the best you’ll find in the market. Here, we’ve provided an overview of what they are and some of the trusted and popular brands in the market.

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