Tree climbing tools vary by functionality.

Climbing spikes are among several used for tree removal jobs such as chopping. Tree climbing spikes aren’t good for trees unless such trees are being chopped down.

The reason is simple; these tools can easily spread diseases between trees.

Tree Climbing Spikes for Sale

This article takes a look at tree climbing spikes with details provided on shopping tips, the different products or brands, and other details that will help simply your purchase decisions.

So, if you’re looking to get these spikes anytime soon, you’re at the right place and will useful tips that help achieve your objectives.

Price Vs Quality

This is one of the primary considerations for many when shopping for tree climbing spikes.

While there’s a natural inclination to incur the least cost, that isn’t always the right approach. Quality should be your primary goal when buying tree climbing spikes.

That is because safety is non-negotiable and price shouldn’t come in the way. For the most part, the best tree climbing spikes tend to have a slightly higher price tag. You should be more focused on quality than cost.

Also, you may want to be on the lookout for great deals from retailers.

Tree Climbing Spike Buying Tips

When shopping for tree climbing spikes, adhering to certain tips will go a long way in helping you make the right pick. These include size, comfort, materials used, versatility, and lightweight Vs heavy.

Let’s briefly discuss each of these points before identifying the best climbing spikes available.

  • Size

Size is one of the primary areas of focus when shopping for tree climbing spikes.

Contrary to what some readers might think, the size being referred to has nothing to do with the size of your feet. Rather, it’s about tree bark thickness as well as the length of climb.

Short and long climbing spikes are designed for use. Out of these two, short tree climbing spikes tend to be more suitable for beginner tree climbers. They’re also ideal for use by electric workers.

As suggested by the name, long tree climbing spikes are longer and best used by experienced climbers.

  • Comfort

Comfort is a key area of consideration when buying tree climbing spikes. That is because you don’t want to be distracted from any discomfort caused by your equipment.

This in turn enhances safety and great user experience. Tree climbing spikes with fixed shin pads will greatly improve your comfort.

  • Materials Used

Tree climbing spikes are made from different materials. While some of these tend to be less durable, the reverse is true for others.

Common materials used for tree climbing spikes include titanium, carbon fiber, allow, and steel. Cheaper and durable climbing spikes are those made from titanium or allow.

  • Versatility

This is one feature you want your tree climbing spikes to have. Certain spike sets come with extra loops where other equipment can be attached.

An increased ability to make adjustments that fit your needs will make such a tool more useful. There are brands with this feature.

  • Lightweight Vs Heavy

For tree climbing, it’s best to use lightweight gear. With continued use of weighted tree climbing spikes, it won’t be long before you begin to experience discomforts and pain.

Lightweight spikes will cause none of these discomforts.

The Best Tree Climbing Spikes to Buy

Tree climbing spikes come in many designs and brands.

While there are tons of these, some are considered as being the best. Best in this sense consists of durability, adaptability, safety, affordability, and variety of sizing options among others.

Some tree climbing spike brands that make up this category include Sport Climbers Spikes, Klein Tools Tree Climber Set, and Evoke Gear Tree Climbing Spike.

Others include Buckingham Steel Spur Kit, and Gecko Climbers. Let’s find out what makes these tree climbing equipment special.

i. Sport Climbers Spikes

This tree climbing tool makes the process a lot easy thanks to its top quality, high-end build materials, and adaptability for use on all tree types.

What more? In terms of comfort, the sport climbers spikes won’t leave you your angles hurting or feeling numb after prolonged use.

While that is true, it’s still necessary to only find the right size to protect yourself from hurting. Like all tree climbing spikes listed, efficient and correct use will require following basic use instructions.

This shouldn’t be a problem if you’ve done your research.

ii. Klein Tools Tree Climber Set

Klein Tools is yet another top-rated brand that makes quality climbing spikes. First off, it’s reasonably priced and offers multiple size options that fit user needs.

This tree climbing spike is ideal for both recreational and professional tree climbers and is highly versatile for wide range of tasks.

You only need to read through customer reviews to have an idea of how effective this tree climbing tool is. To know if Klein Tools Tree Climber Set is for you, consider comparing with other brands to see where it stands.

Based on needs, buyers may have varying opinions.

iii. Evoke Gear Tree Climbing Spike

One of the advantages Evoke Gear Tree Climbing spikes have over others is its retail price.

Here, you get quality and affordability combined. Great features that make this climbing spike reliable include non-slippery, a user-friendly design, and aluminum material.

iv. Buckingham Steel Spur Kit

With Buckingham Steel Spur Kit, you get a reliable and durable tree climbing spike. Other great attributes of this product include being comfortable, long-lasting, and highly reliable spikes that hold your weight while your climb.

Compared with similar products the price may be a little on the high side. However, it’s still a great deal considering its build quality.

v. Gecko Climbers

Gecko Tree Climbing spikes offers a user-friendly design in addition to comfort of use.

You get to work for longer without strains or pains. It’s a great tree climbing tool that has earned the respect of buyers. Also, its safety makes it a good buy that will serve all your tree climbing needs.

With the basic details on tree climbing spikes provided above, your purchase decisions become much smarter. This is a result of using the tips and information provided here.

Before you choose, make comparisons between the different spikes to find one that serves your needs best.

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