Buying Tea Tree Oil – Product Uses, Where And How To Purchase

Do you know how and where to buy tea tree oil near you?

One essential oil that has been found to have a ton of benefits including anti-inflammatory functions is tea tree oil. This is considered a natural antiseptic that comes in handy for a wide range of purposes.

Derived from the Melaleuca alternifolia tree, this antibacterial essential oil has wide applicability.

In this article, we’re seeking to provide you with a guide on where to buy tea tree oil, how to buy it, in addition to the cost and other buying tips.

By reading through the whole article, you should be able to get your hands on the best tea tree oil product without stress.

Benefits of Tea Tree Oil

To provide you with the right learning foundation, we’ll have to begin by mentioning many unique benefits of tea tree oil, some of which you might not know about.

Tea tree oil has wide applicability for home, health, and garden. Some of these benefits include the treatment of acne and dandruff, as well as relieving nail fungus.

Other benefits include treatment of sinus infection, tooth decay, sore throat relief, as well as eliminating athlete’s foot.

Tea tree oil can also be used for head lice issues, eczema treatments, fighting bacterial, viral, and fungal infections, as well as for making DIY deodorants.

Minor cuts and abrasions can be cleaned with this essential oil in addition to relieving itchy bug bites. There are lots of other uses and benefits of tea tree oil we won’t be getting into.

Buying Tea Tree Oil

Not every tea tree oil product you find on store shelves will suit your needs.

To make the right pick, some considerations are necessary. These range from going for those packaged in dark glass bottles and looking for oils with a higher terpinen-4-of percentage.

You’ll need to be patient enough to read product labels and compare different products for concentration levels. If you’re confused about the points mentioned, the following explanations should make things much clearer.

  • Buy Products Packaged in Dark Glass Bottles

Why is it important to go for tea tree oil products packaged in dark glass bottles? It’s simply because the main active ingredient; terpinen-4-ol easily degrades when exposed to light.

This in turn reduces the overall quality of the essential oil. Those packaged in dark glass bottles preserve the quality much better.

Even when you buy well-packaged tea tree oil products, you’ll need to be mindful of how you store them. Consider placing it in dark areas as this helps preserve it better.

  • Go for those with Higher Percentages of Terminen-4-ol

Before you ever make a purchase, it’s necessary to be mindful of the percentages of terminen-4-ol.

This ingredient gives tea tree oil its natural antiseptic properties. You’ll want to pick those with higher percentages of terpinen-4-ol with lower cineole levels.

To give you a better idea of what you should be looking for, go for tea tree oils containing around 30 to 40% terpinen-4-ol and less than 7% cineole. Even after finding the right product, you’ll have to still test for chances of allergic reactions.

By applying a small patch on your skin, you’re able to observe if there are any allergic reactions or responses.

  • Carefully Read through Product Labels.

Before buying your tea tree oil, it’s important to carefully read through product labels to determine purity levels. Those significantly diluted won’t be as effective as undiluted tea tree oil products.

You’re also able to determine whether a product meets your requirements.

What to Know Before Buying Tea Tree Oil

Before deciding on what product to purchase, you’ll need to compare costs, know the top tea tree oil brands, and also know where to buy your products.

Let’s have a look at these points for a better understanding of what’s required.

  • Comparing Costs

You’ll always find varying costs for different tea tree oil products.

To make your pick, you’ll need to balance quality with cost. In other words, it’s not advisable to be focused only on the cheapest tea tree oil. You’ll also need to look out for quality.

To be on the safer side, you’ll need to first identify the top brands synonymous with quality before comparing the cost. This way, you’re likely to get the best possible deal.

Also, you’ll have to read through the product label as earlier stated to have an idea of what product has the highest terpinen-4-ol concentration.

  • Knowing the Top Tea Tree Oil Brands

When it comes to the top tea tree oil brands, several products easily fall into this category.

Some of the most reputable brands in no particular order include Essential oil Labs Tea Tree Oil, Healing Solutions 100% Pure Therapeutic Grade Tea Tree Oil, and Sun Organic Tea Tree Essential Oil.

Other quality products include Eve Hansen Organic Tea Tree Oil, Pure Body Naturals Tea Tree Essential Oil, and First Botany Cosmeceuticals 100% Pure Australian Tea Tree Oil.

There are still others like Now Foods Tea Tree Oil, Body Wonders 100% Pure Australian Tea Tree Oil, and the Body Shop Tea Tree Oil.

Good N Natural 100% Pure Tea Tree Oil is another you can trust. This list is in no way an exhaustive list of the best tea tree oil products to buy. You’ll have to make your own independent research of the best products.

With this information obtained, you’ll need to choose from the list of quality products.

  • Knowing Where to Buy

Knowing where to buy your quality tea tree oil is a no-brainer. There are lots of options which include visiting your nearest store or simply shopping online.

You’ll need to go with an option that’s more convenient for you. When it comes to shopping online, there are lots of stores you can shop your products from.

These include eBay, Amazon, Target, Walgreens Pharmacy Stores, Walmart, and Rocky Mountain Oils. These and several others provide you with options to choose from.

Cost of Tea Tree Oil

As stated earlier, tea tree oil comes at varying costs depending on the particular brand you want. Such costs may range from $15 to $40. Again, you’ll need to strike a balance between cost and quality.

Using the information provided, you can go ahead to shop for your quality tea tree oil products.

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