Are you searching for the best carpet cleaning sprayers for the money?

Many types of this device exist today from which you select the one that suits your needs. These brands include portable, chemical, electric and professional pump sprayers.

Carpet cleaning sprayers make it easier for you to clean any kind of carpets. While you can choose not to use them and still be able to clean well, that will only slow down your work. You will spend a whole lot of time applying one chemical or the other manually and the result may not necessarily look very professional.

That is the reason experts recommend using sprayers for carpet cleaning. Sprayers differ in costs, design, and functions. Read on to learn more about them.

Types Of Carpet Cleaning Sprayers

Carpet cleaning sprayers come in different types and designs. The most popular models are listed below:

  1. Pump-Up Carpet Cleaning Sprayers

This is the most popular type of carpet cleaning sprayer available today. They come in either plastic or metal models and are normally called all-purpose sprayers because they can be used for applying almost any chemical solution on carpets.

Though the smallest of them can hold about a quart size capacity, the normal capacity of pump sprayers ranges from 1 to 3 gallons. As such, they can be used for conducting any form of carpet treatment, including preconditioning, deodorizing and post-treatments.

While you can use them with hot water, the plastic versions demand a lot of caution when doing this. That is because the pressure from hot water can greatly affect a plastic pump-up sprayer, causing it to collapse or expand beyond the way it should normally be.

You can always recognize Pump-Up sprayers with their cone tips. They are usually less expensive compared to the other types. The fact that you can use them to apply almost any kind of chemical makes them very valuable.

  1. Trigger Carpet Cleaning Sprayers

Just like their name suggests, trigger carpet cleaning sprayers are usually small in size compared to other types of sprayers. They do not hold much volume of chemicals, just a little of it. That is why they are mainly used for cleaning smaller portions of the carpet, like the corners of the room.

In terms of price, trigger sprayers are cost-effective, thanks to their size, design, and capacity. You can find them easily on Amazon and several other commercial platforms.

If you have just a small carpet cleaning work to do, you will find this type of sprayer very effective.

  1. Inline Carpet Cleaning Sprayers

Another type of carpet cleaning sprayer that is also very popular today is the inline sprayers.

They are ideal for the fast application of hot chemical formulas or solutions to carpets. These sprayers do come in different designs and can be mounted on other carpet cleaning equipment for highly professional cleaning.

Inline sprayers can be used for preconditioning, deodorizing and also for post-treatments. They also come at a very high price and can be purchased at cleaning supplies stores.

  1. Battery/Electric Carpet Cleaning Sprayers

This type of carpet cleaning sprayer combines the features of the other types with the use of battery or electricity.

They can also be used to apply many types of chemical cleaners, deodorizers and so on. The only challenge with them is that you would have to regularly charge the battery or plug them to a power source.

If you have a very large carpet cleaning to do and limited time, an electric or battery-powered carpet cleaning sprayer can be a real lifesaver. It makes your work faster compared to other types of sprayers and is also very easy to come across in stores.

Choosing The Best Carpet Cleaning Sprayer: Buyers Guide

When it comes to choosing the perfect carpet cleaning sprayer for applying chemical cleaners, deodorizers and post-treatments, a lot of things are to be considered. This guide will enable you to get the right sprayer for your carpet cleaning needs.

Among factors that you should give careful consideration are:

  • Type And Design Of The Sprayer

This is one of the most important factors you should consider when choosing a carpet cleaning sprayer. Like we saw from the previous discussion, carpet cleaning sprayers are of different types and designs. You should consider choosing the type that suits your needs.

For a very small carpet cleaning, you may have to use a trigger sprayer. If you need to apply hot chemicals fast on a carpet during cleaning, you may have to go with an inline sprayer. Depending on your needs, a battery or electric sprayer may just be the perfect option.

If you have trouble selecting one to buy, you may have to just choose a pump-up sprayer, as they can be used for applying almost any type of chemical at any time; whether a cleaner, a deodorizer or an after-treatment.

  • Equipment Performance

How efficient is the carpet cleaning sprayer? Does it work well, deliver great results, etc?

These are questions you need to ask and find answers to before buying any carpet cleaning sprayer. I agree that getting answers to these may not be all that easy as almost every manufacturer claims their device performs excellently and delivers stunning results.

However, if you take enough time to do your research well, you might be able to get the answers you look for, especially via the internet.

To do this, you will have to read up many user reviews on such products from very reliable sources. For instance, you can get such on Amazon. Through these sources, you will be able to tell if the sprayers will work exactly as advertised by the manufacturers.

I know it is not always easy to come across many unbiased user reviews online as most of them available today are simply paid. But on platforms like Amazon, you will get reviews that are from real users, people who must have bought and used the sprayers.

  • Cost

This is also another very important factor to consider when choosing a carpet sprayer to buy. As important as carpet cleaning sprayers are, they shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg to get. You should be able to get something that matches your budget.

For most carpet cleaning sprayers, the price ranges from a couple of dollars to hundreds of them. You would be wise to select what will not cause a strain on your budget.

Once you considered all these factors, getting the best sprayer then becomes a very easy task.

Best Carpet Cleaning Sprayers To Buy

Below you will find some of the most recommended sprayers to use during your next carpet cleaning. Here are some of the best ones that you can find on Amazon at the moment. Check them out:

  1. BL25E Battery Sprayer

This battery hand-held sprayer by Sprayer Plus is one of the best sprayers you can use in cleaning your carpet. The device is very easy to use. It weighs just about 6.3lbs together with the battery, making it quite easy to carry about.

At an output of about 30 PSI, this equipment is definitely what you need to apply any kind of chemical on your carpet. It can withstand most of the strong chemicals used for carpet cleaning, including bleach and other sanitizing chemicals.

The extra-wide opening allows the tank to be easily filled without the solution spilling.

What is even more interesting about this is that it comes at a very affordable price, compared to other devices that don’t even do half of what it does.

  1. Chapin 20000 1 Gallon Sprayer

This carpet cleaning sprayer by Chapin International is one of the bestsellers on Amazon right now. The tank can hold about 1 Gallon solution, which can be any chemical of your choice.

To use this sprayer, fill the tank with the chemical you want to use and then pump the handle. Once you feel the pressure build to some extent, you can point it to the area you want to clean and spray it. Everything about the sprayer from the container, wand, hose, wand and funnel top is just perfect.

Chapin carpet cleaning sprayer is durable, it will last many years and still function well.

In Conclusion

Carpet cleaning sprayers are very important equipment to use for carpet cleaning. They make the work easier, faster and more professional.

Are you searching for the best carpet cleaning sprayers? Here, we discussed nearly everything about them, including their types and how they function.

I hope you find the information in this guide useful.

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