Here is how I find who buys cedar trees near me.

Do you have cedar trees you wish to sell for wood? Buyers are highly essential to the process.

While trying to dispose of your trees, you want to attract a good bargain from buyers. There are ways to go about the process. To help you achieve your goal, we’ve provided helpful information on cedar tree buyers.

Cedar Wood Buyers

In this article, you’ll learn about essential tips for attracting buyers, what you need to know as a seller, and factors that will likely determine the price of your cedar wood.

By the end of this article, you should have a clear idea of the process of selling Cedar trees. This gives you the edge you need to achieve your goal.

  • Who Buys Cedar Trees Near Me?

As a seller looking for buyers for your cedar trees, it’s essential to understand that specific basic details about your trees can give you an edge in the market.

These include knowing your cedar tree species, the tree’s height, circumference, and accessibility. When fully understood and used effectively, these details will likely attract the proper buy.

Mentioning these points alone won’t do justice to our discussion.

We’ll need to explain each before proceeding with the main discussion briefly.

i. Cedar Tree Species

What species of cedar trees do you have? There are three main types: the Cyprian cedar, Atlas cedar, Himalayan cedar, and the cedar of Lebanon.

Certain cedar tree species are more valuable in some locations than others.

Knowing what you have and the price it’s likely to fetch enables you to bargain better with buyers. You might want to contact a forester in your area to discuss your cedar species and their value further.

ii. Cedar Tree Height

Another piece of information you’ll need to know is the height of your cedar trees. Before they come around for assessment, buyers will likely ask for basic details about your trees.

If you have no idea how to measure the height, you can quickly search online for guidance or ask a professional for help.

iii. Cedar Tree Circumference

More giant cedar trees tend to attract higher costs when selling.

Logging companies prefer giant trees and will enquire for such details. More giant cedar trees translate to more volume. All you have to do to determine the circumference is measure it with tape.

Now have the inches converted to the diameter at breast height (DBH). This is done by dividing the circumference by pi. The measurement point should start at 4.5 ft above ground.

iv. Tree Accessibility

How accessible are your cedar trees? Accessibility is crucial as buyers will want easy access.

The easier it is to access your trees, the more likely you will have them sold. Easy and free movement of heavy tree harvesting equipment is necessary for effective harvesting.

Cedar Tree Buyers

There are lots and lots of tree buyers spread across the United States. Here, where you live matters a lot as it determines to a large extent the prices you’re able to attract and a whole range of things.

To begin with, a vital resource for detailed information regarding buyers within your area can be where you start.

Some buyers to contact for your cedar trees include Forest Forever LLC.,, Tree Wallace Tree Service, and Toribio Landscape Service. More buyers include Bruce Hurst Firewood & Tree, Rearock Industries, Jim’s Tree Service, Forever Lawn, and Ray’s Tree Services Inc.

More details include Jose’s Gardening, Todd’s Green Thumb Tree Service, A Blessing Tree Service & Hauling, and Quality Landscape and Maintenance.

There are tons of other cedar tree buyers spread across different locations.

Your best bis using a reliable search directory to find the one closest to you.

Additional Ways to Find Cedar Tree Buyers

As a seller looking for buyers for your trees, you’ll do well to contact logging companies.

Also, a professional forestry consultant will help provide critical help. What more? Forestry extension agents are essential players that help link you with buyers.

i. Logging Companies

Logging companies are in the business of trees and can be contacted if the volume of your cedar trees is much.

Even when it isn’t, discussing with these companies won’t be a waste of time as they can connect you with the right buyers if they won’t be buying.

ii. Professional Forestry Consultant

Professional forestry consultants offer different services. Such services include timber sale preparation & supervision, forest management, tree planting advice, and timber cruising.

After appraising your tree’s value as industry players, these professionals can link you with ready buyers.

iii. Forestry Extension Agents

Forestry extension agents often work with state Departments of Natural Resources, the Forestry Commission, or the Division of Forestry.

These are professionals that will have detailed knowledge of commercial cedar tree buyers. Contacting these agents will go a long way in helping you achieve your set goals.

Knowing the value of your Cedar Timber

Having provided basic details about timber buyers, it’s necessary to understand the actual value of your cedar trees. In other words, how much precisely will your trees sell for?

This is a crucial piece of information you may want to know about.

There are different ways to determine the value of your cedar trees.

These include contacting professional forestry consultants and foresters and researching for information about the going rate or prices for cedar trees in your state and surrounding states.

Consider Other Options

While looking for cedar tree buyers, little attention is paid to artisans, research woodworkers, furniture makers, artists, and carpenters.

Having all options on the table is essential when looking for buyers. Sometimes, these contacts will likely direct you to ready buyers if they won’t buy.

There are lots of options to consider when searching for cedar tree buyers. You only need to look in the right direction to find the right people.

Finding cedar tree buyers involve all of the steps mentioned above. These are reliable strategies that help connect sellers with buyers. Also included are tips on getting the best deal for your trees.

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