Pine Tree Buyers: Who Buys the Logs Near Me?

Here is how to find who buys pine trees for lumber.

Timber is a highly desirable product as it’s used for construction, as a fuel source, for furniture, and more.

Who Buys Pine Trees for Lumber Near Me?

Now, the value of timber varies. While some are considered highly valuable due to the quality of wood produced, others aren’t as valued. As a tree grower, buyers are critical to your business.

This is especially true when you’re a commercial grower. Because buyers are essential to the success of your business, we’ll be looking at where to find these buyers and other related aspects of pine tree buying.

As you read on, you’ll find many helpful tips to follow.

Top 20  Pine Tree Buyers

Do you have one or more pine trees you want to sell?

Don’t worry; this article will list some reputable buyers in the country. As you read on, you’ll bump into a list of the USA’s top 20 pine tree buyers.

These businesses will pay you handsomely for your hardwood while maintaining the safety of your property. Let’s take a look at them.

  1. Export Genius

An intelligence platform called Export Genius sells pine trees across the nation. Using potent AI-based technology and dynamic data visualizations, it offers industry-standard import-export data online.

For over ten years, it has provided comprehensive market research reports and high-quality worldwide trade data to more than 20,000 clients.

  1. Ben Hokum & Son Limited

Ben Hokum & Sones Limited can buy your pine tree at the best price possible. They purchase all species of logs by truckload.

These include red pine, white pine, spruce, and balsam. Besides buying these trees, the company specializes in red pine thinning. So either way, you will benefit from this buyer.

  1. Elder’s Forest Products

If you reside in Michigan, consider contacting this company to buy your pine tree.

The business is renowned for purchasing standing trees from landowners. Its experts assess your property and recommend the best way to remove trees.

  1. Beilers Sawmill

You don’t need to go far to find a place to sell wood or timber near Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Beiler’s Sawmill offers a simple and practical option to profit from your land.

They also have professionals who can provide you with a reasonable and truthful price for the wood on your property. The spacing and condition of the crown determine the quote value.

After you buy your timber, the company will handle all the cutting and transportation coordination. If you need forest management services, Beilers Sawmill is your best option.

  1. Miller Sawing & Timber, LLC

Contact Miller Sawing & Timber, LLC, if you want the best price for your pine tree. The company buys various kinds of pine trees, whether white, red, or spruce.

You don’t have to worry about the safety of your property. The company has a team of experts who will professionally remove trees from your land.

By contacting this buyer, you can make the right decision that could result in irreversible property damage.

  1. Welcome to Zauba

You can trust this buy for an excellent offer. The company is into purchasing pine trees for lumber and other products. No matter the type of your pine tree, they’ll be willing to give you a fair price.

They’ll also ensure your property is safe during the tree removal process.

  1. Amish Timber Buyers

Amish Timber Buyers can pay you cash for a pine tree. The price depends on the virtues of trust and respect.

With a team of top-notch managers and employees, you’ll be treated with the same high degree of respect and care. When buying your tree, you can rest assured that your property will be well cared for.

Once you call their official line, their forestry specialist will visit you and provide a quote for what they can offer.

  1. Stillwater Forestry

Stillwater Forestry has over a decade of experience in forest management.

While they aren’t buyers of pine trees, they can walk you through the process of selling one hassle-free. You only need to call their phone at (802) 491-4900. They’ll be willing to assist you.

  1. Colza Grow Global

Colza Grow Global is buying pine trees for lumber in the U.S. and Canada.

They will pay you for the value of your pine tree while maintaining your property. They can also be your best bet to buy pine wood products.

  1. Midwest Hardwood Corporation

Again, this is something other than a pine tree buyer. It’s a business committed to helping landowners manage their timberlands for generations.

However, if you need a buyer for your pine trees, they can help you get one. How much you’ll get will depend on the type of tree and current market prices, among other determining factors.

  1. Cascade Hardwood

Cascade Hardwood is a renowned buyer of trees. They are always ready to buy quality trees, including pine, maple, and alder. They’ll be willing to take it off your hand whether you’re standing.

The buyer offers various services, from landowners to commercial foresters. They have the staff and experience to maximize your timber value.

  1. Canal Wood

Canal Wood is among the leading timber harvesting & marketing companies in the Southeast.

For almost eight decades, they specialized in using environmentally sensitive strategies in timber management, harvesting, and marketing.

They’ll surely buy from you with an expert team of over 100 timber buyers from over 40 regional and field office locations.

  1. Sierra Pacific Industries

Sierra Pacific Industries is one of the largest purchasers of logs and timber. They purchase logs and wood from throughout the western U.S. and Canada.

If you have pine trees for sale, they can be one of your top buyers.

All you need to do is zoom in and click on their interactive map to get contact information for the appropriate procurement forester for your selected area.

  1. Gutchess Lumber

This company isn’t a buyer of pine trees.

However, they have been meeting the needs of customers for three decades. They provided the finest quality northern hardwood lumber through their interpreted manufacturing facilities across New York and Pennsylvania.

They can be your best shot if you need quality wood products and services.

  1. Gator Timber

Gator Timber is a renowned timber buyer in Northeast Florida. Whether you have land or timber you wish to sell or purchase, we can help.

As an environmentally conscious and family-owned company, they know the importance of replenishing nature’s resources. They can also help you with forestry management and buying pine trees.

  1. American Pole & Timber

American Pole & Timber is into purchasing and selling trees for lumber. They can buy your pine tree at the price you want. The company is also renowned for supplying treated timbers for marine and shoreline construction, farm and ranch, commercial, and industrial applications.

  1. Southwest Michigan Timber Buyer

Call Southeast Michigan Timber Buyer if you want the best price for your pine tree. The company pays top dollar for the trees it buys because it specializes in high-quality hardwoods.

Its trees of interest include walnut, maple, oak, cherry, and hickory. However, this company cannot buy trees from yards or residential areas where tree removal requires specialized equipment.

They also don’t buy trees blown down by weather, which damages the wood and makes it unsuitable for use as a high-quality hardwood.

  1. Trico

Trico will buy your pine tree at the best price possible. They specialized in purchasing standing trees and land.

The company also offers a variety of services to fit your timber-related needs. Besides buying trees, the company also drys, rips, and cuts boards up to 16 feet long.

  1. Hancock Lumber

Are you looking to sell your pine tree? Then contact this buyer.

The company consistently buys white pines for manufacturing purposes. For decades, they’ve produced pine boards in Bethel, Casco, and Pittsfield.

Hancock Lumber is proud of its local procurement of raw materials. This practice creates manufacturing jobs inside the state and supplies natural, tried-and-true items for building projects.

  1. Boatright Timber Service

You can contact this buyer anytime you want to sell your pine tree.

The company specializes in caring for and harvesting pine and hardwood tracks of all sizes. From large tracts of land to plantations and many remote forestry lands, they can cut, haul, and process your timber.

The business handles all types of timber buying and selling in the North Florida and South Georgia regions. It has the equipment to cut timber efficiently, sell it to buyers, or buy it directly from you.

We’ll stop here with a list of reputable pine tree buyers in the  U.S. These businesses can pay you handsomely for your pine trees. For those who aren’t buyers, they can connect you with potential buyers.

So contact anyone you think can offer you the best price for your tree.

Why Pine Trees are Valued

Pine trees are among the species in high demand due to their value.

These are used in construction and furniture, among several others. Here, you’ll find pinewood used for flooring, decks & structural application, moldings & trim, and several other uses.

Whatever the uses, such wouldn’t be news to producers like you who are primarily interested in finding a market for their timber products. As you’ll learn shortly, there are tons of buyers in need of pine trees.

You only need to be able to identify those closest to you.

Demand Drives Pine Tree Prices

While looking for pine tree buyers, one thing always comes up is the actual value of your trees.

Every seller will want to have a good bargain for their trees. The demand isn’t that much because pine isn’t used much as a structural wood but primarily for barn siding construction.

This means pine trees aren’t as valuable as certain tree species like the Brazilian rosewood, cocobolo, ziricote, or the koa woods.

Other varieties in greater demand than pine include Macassar ebony, pink ivory, agarwood, ebony, sandalwood, and African blackwood.

Pine Tree Lumber Cost Factors

In seeking buyers for your pine trees, it’s necessary to understand cost-influencing factors.

These include the condition & quality of trees, geographical location, tree size, location of the property, and accessibility.

All of these will play a role in determining the sale value.

i. Condition & Quality of Wood

Are your pine trees in good health?

It’s typical for those in good health to attract better prices. Buyers look out for such during purchase. You shouldn’t expect much in terms of bargains if your trees are sickly or decaying.

Sometimes, buyers are quickly put off when they find your trees in a pathetic state of health.

ii. Geographical Location

Your geographical location will influence how much you earn from your pine trees. Pine trees may be abundant in your area.

If so, the prices you fetch from sales won’t be as much as when these trees are scarce in your location. You’ll need to find out what applies to your site.

iii. Tree Size

Size always plays a role in the cost of a tree. The size of your pine trees will either attract a better bargain from buyers or a lower one.

For the most part, this is a no-brainer. So, to get the most from buyers, you’ll have to allow your pine trees to mature fully. This may take many years, but it is worth the wait.

iv. Location of Property

Whenever pine tree buyers come around, they factor in the location of your property as their base.

The less distance these buyers cover to get to your company, the better pay you’ll likely receive from them. This is likely to play a role in determining how much you earn.

v. Accessibility

How accessible is your property? This is important because pine tree buyers look out for such during purchase.

Not all properties have easy terrain. As such, this situation factors into the cost. The more difficult it is to access your trees, the less likely the buyer is to offer a good deal.

Where You Live Matters

To find pine tree buyers, you’ll need to consider your location.

Location counts because every state has a list of wood buyers, sawmills, and professional foresters interested in buying your pine trees.

In other words, what applies to one state may not be used in the next.

While this may sound vague, the American Department of Agriculture’s Forest Services is a reliable resource for detailed information about your state.

With such resources, you’re not only able to know these buyers but also find their contact information.

Finding Pine Tree Buyers Near Me

There are many ways to find pine tree buyers near you as a seller.

A quick online search should provide answers if you only want to find pine tree buyers within your locality. While that is true, there are downsides, as fraudulent dealers also exist.

So, it’s necessary to look at trusted websites. A little digging around should show proof of their trustworthiness. Are your family or friends in the timber business?

They’re likely to know about reliable buyers. All you have to do is ask for guidance on where to look.

If they don’t, you can post adverts on Instagram, Facebook, etc. This helps make your business more visible, making it more likely to attract the right buyers. Of course, such information should include your contact for easy reach.

To offer more specific information, we’ve included some pine tree buyers by region to help you find your first clients.

These include Cascade Hardwood, which covers the states of Oregon and Washington in the Northwest region, and Midwest Hardwood Corporation, which covers the Midwest.

Other potential buyers include Canal Wood for the Southeast region, Gutchess Lumber for New York & Pennsylvania, and Stillwater Forestry LLC for New Hampshire & Vermont.

American Walnut is a potential buyer for Missouri, while Sierra Pacific Industries covers the Western U.S.

Pine tree buyers are never in short supply. As discussed above, these are scattered across different states and regions. The online resource provided by the Forest Service of the American Department of Agriculture will provide you with all the details you need.

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