How Much Does Cinder Block Foundation Repair Cost?

How much does it cost to repair a cinder block foundation? Find out.

Bricks used for construction vary. One of the most popular is cinder blocks. These are hollow concrete blocks with wide construction applications.

Cost of Repairing Cinder Block Foundation

Depending on how well they were made, cinder blocks can be very durable and last a long time. Also used for laying foundations, cinder blocks may sometimes develop faults.

If you have a cinder block foundation and notice a problem, one action is necessary; calling for professional help.

As part of fixing the faulty foundation, one of the things you need to be concerned about is the cost implication of the project. In other words, how much will it cost to repair a faulty cinder block foundation?

This is where we step in. Here, we’ve provided comprehensive information on the cost details involved with cinder block foundation repair. You don’t have to guess your way through the repair process.

We’ve provided basic information that will help your budgeting process.

Common Foundation Problems Needing Attention

Whether your foundations are made from cinder blocks or not, common damages you may notice include settling, cracks, as well as leaks. These happen gradually and worsen when nothing is done to fix the problem.

It’s important to also note that not all cracks threaten structural integrity.

Some are normal and won’t expand beyond their current sizes. Nevertheless, it’s important to be alert to any structural defects including foundation issues.

Sometimes, you might experience bowed basement walls arising from defects. Whatever the problem is, it can be resolved by calling for competent help.

Average Cost Of Fixing Cinder Block Foundation

Before we proceed, it’s important to determine the extent of damage to your foundation.

Usually, the cost of fixing damages to cinderblock foundations is within the $2,300 to $6,700 range. Within this estimate, your particular foundation issue can be fixed.

The average cost of repair is around $4,500, while on the low end of things, you may incur a repair fee of around $600.

There are special cases such as foundation sinking or settling where special tools like hydraulic piers may be needed to rectify a fault.

These tend to cost significantly higher with prices going anywhere from $10,000 to $15,000.

Cinder Block Foundation Repair Costs by Type of Problem

As earlier stated, foundation issues come in different forms. These may include settling or sinking, cracks, as well as leaks. Depending on the type of issue, different repair fees will be charged.

For a more comprehensive understanding, let’s further discuss each of them as follows;

  • Settling

In situations where settling is determined as the main issue with your foundation, appropriate measures need to be taken to address such a problem. The approach taken may differ depending on desired outcomes.

When hydraulic piers are to be used for support, the required number is determined.

Now, it costs around $1,300 to $1,500 for a single pier. This gives an idea of how significant repair costs can be. The more piers required for the job, the more costly such repair becomes.

This excludes labor costs which are also significant.

You may wish to find out by asking your contractor if there are cheaper but effective alternatives to piers. Otherwise, you’ll have to be ready for the expenses. The good thing is the problem gets addressed.

  • Cracks

One of the most common issues with cinder block foundations is cracks.

Such cracks come in different forms ranging from the not-too-serious to those considered very damaging to the structure. When cracks are minor, the cost of repair isn’t much.

However, for more serious cracks, such would attract higher repair fees. Overall, you may be charged anywhere from $250 to $800 per crack depending on its severity.

Even the tiniest of cracks known as hairline cracks need to be sealed to prevent water from seeping in.

To fix such cracks, a variety of methods are used. One of the most popular involves the injection of epoxy resin into drilled ports. These have the potential to keep cinder block cracks from expanding.

  • Leaks

If you recently started experiencing a moisture problem, you may want to take a closer look at your home’s foundation. Cracks on cinder block foundation parts are likely to let in water.

Sealing and waterproofing of such openings need to be made immediately to prevent further moisture incursion.

This type of foundation repair can be quite costly. Depending on how serious it is, waterproofing costs could be anywhere from $2,500 to $5,000. In addressing the problem, a variety of approaches exist.

The most suitable for your situation is used.

One of the things you need to be wary of is who does the job. You must get a certified contractor with sufficient experience and the right skills.

Can Fixing Cinder Block Foundation be considered a DIY Project?

A lot of homeowners can be considered DIY enthusiasts.

They’re always looking for the next project to try their hands on. While there’s nothing wrong with that, certain repairs are best handled by professionals.

Some foundation problems can be more complex than others.

To avoid causing further damage, have the professionals handle your project. This eliminates the likelihood of the problem appearing again or even developing further.

One of the primary reasons people want to adopt DIY techniques is because it tends to be cheaper. Here, labor costs are eliminated because the job is handled by the homeowner.

Factors Affecting Cinder Block Foundation Repair Costs

The eventual repair costs incurred by you will most likely be determined by several factors. These factors include your location, the extent of damage to your foundation, as well as the repair method being used.

In the case of your location, you might live in an area known for high living costs.

These will easily reflect in the quote(s) being issued to you. On the other hand, a person living in a location with lower living costs is likely to get the same service at a cheaper rate than you.

When extent of damage is being considered, it’s not difficult to figure out that a significant damage will attract higher repair costs. Also, the repair method adopted by the contractor has its place in determining eventual costs.

Your cinder block foundation repair costs are likely to be captured within the details supplied above. You must use the right information in your budgeting process.

Also, speaking to your contractor allows you better understanding the costing process.

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