9 Cleaning Business Forms for Brand Promotion

These nine cleaning business forms define your company and improve sales.

An essential part of any successful business is the promotional aspect because regardless of how good your company is and how great your services are if you don’t have any customers, you won’t be in business for very long.

Cleaning Up with Good Business Promotion

In promoting your cleaning business, there are several items that you must-have.

Otherwise, business owners, consumers, and other potential customers may not take you seriously in terms of hiring you when they need the service that your company provides.

Essential Promotional Items

When promoting your business, there are several items that you must have. These include:

Business Cards

– All business owners must have business cards. These cards should be carried at all times, as you never know when you might meet someone who is a potential customer.

Ideally, your cleaning business cards should include the name of your company, the services that you provide, and your contact information. If your company has a logo, it should also be included on your business card.


– You should also have professionally made flyers. These can be hung at local businesses such as large grocers and other highly trafficked locations where they may be seen by other business owners and consumers who could use your services.


– A brochure is also a nice item to have – especially if you are going to target businesses. These can provide a very professional-looking touch to your business image.

Additional Forms That Your Company Needs

In addition to your business cards, you will also need other professional items such as carpet cleaning business forms. Depending on the type of company you operate, you will be required to carry the following forms with you to your jobs:

Carpet Cleaning Estimate Form (Residential and Commercial)

– This form outlines exactly what customers will be getting from you and at what price. It also specifies the square footage of the rooms to be cleaned by you. Most of these forms will also include the types of payment that your company will accept from its customers.

Work Order

The work order will outline exactly what the customer wants to have done, as well as the exact price that you and the customer have agreed upon.

Cleaning Invoice

– The cleaning invoice form typically includes a space where you can describe the services that your company has performed, as well as a place to provide a subtotal, tax (if applicable), and then a total that is due.

The invoice can also provide a space where you show the date that payment is due, along with the grace period. Many companies will describe their late payment policy directly on their invoices.

Oftentimes, invoice forms will include a payment stub so that the customer can mail their payment back while keeping the rest of the invoice as their receipt of services rendered for their personal or business records.

Breakage Report Form

– This form may be used to report any items that were broken during the time that services were performed by your company at the customer’s home or business location. It will also have a space to list the replacement cost value, as well as to remark whether or not a replacement item has been found.

This form is good for your company to keep for insurance purposes.

Satisfaction Survey Form

– Having a satisfaction survey form is a good idea in that it allows your company’s customers to state how well your company performed on the job. It can also be used as a reference for bettering your performance in various areas.

You may wish to leave this form with your customers – along with a self-addressed envelope – so that they can complete it at a later time and mail it to you.

Bad Check Notice Form

– This form can be used for demanding payment from a customer if their original check for payment bounces.

On all of these forms, you will want to keep a consistent look and feel.

This means including your company’s name and logo in the same size and spot on the page. All of the forms should also be printed in the same typeface and size.

This, too, will help in staying branded.

In addition to the forms you will need on your jobs, you may also require an independent contractor agreement form.

This agreement outlines payment information between your company and the independent contractors that you hire for jobs.

Also, it will outline the job responsibilities that the person should perform.

Most of these forms will typically include a statement that ensures that the contractor will not steal your customers.

Even if you do not use all of these forms regularly, it is good to have them on hand just in case. In most instances, all of these forms can be located at a local office supply store.

They may also be found online in downloadable format.

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