Cost of Connecting Electricity to Vacant Land / New House

In this guide, besides providing a cost for connecting electricity to vacant land.

You’ll learn about factors affecting electricity hook-up cost, prepping the ground, the place of patience, tips on lowering the cost to bring power to your property, electricity options, the process, discussing with professionals, asking the right questions, and underground vs. above-ground costs.

How Much Does It Cost to Put Electricity on Land?

Linking up your vacant land to the utility can be costly, and you don’t want to go through the process blindly without a comprehensive guide on cost estimation.

As cities become more populated and spread outward, barren lands must be developed. Here, we discuss the cost of connecting electricity to vacant land.

Here is the cost to run electricity from road to house.

Electricity Service Line to House Cost

For this guide to be comprehensive enough, we’ll have to start with the cost range of connecting electricity to your vacant land.

  • How much does it cost to install electricity on land?

Typically, this would vary widely based on several factors, which will be discussed shortly. Electricity connection costs vary widely between $2,000 and $30,000 or higher.

You’ll want to stick around to find out why prices vary widely.

When discussing connection costs, we’re looking at labor, trenching, installation equipment, and possibly a transformer. One thing you must understand is that every job differs from the next.

So, you shouldn’t expect the exact quote from a recent installation job to apply for another, especially when the conditions and circumstances aren’t the same.

Factors Affecting the Electricity Hook-Up Cost

To fully understand the wide variations in how much it costs to get power turned on, you must consider the factors.

As mentioned earlier, each job has unique circumstances, as the vacant land may be far from the power lines. So, to get electricity across, more expenses will be incurred.

Terrain also plays a role in determining electricity connection costs to vacant land.

The electricity company you hire will also determine how much fee is incurred. Here, you must compare quotes to find a less costly alternative.

Does the area experience blackouts frequently?

If it does, you may have to invest in a generator. Will your lines be run underground or above ground? Underground installation tends to be more costly.

More on this will be discussed shortly.

Prepping the Land

Connecting vacant land to an electricity grid will require adequate preparation. This may include soil tests, surveys, clearing or grading, and easement when power lines aren’t near your land.

Providing access roads is also necessary as it helps with easy access. Are you confused with these processes? If you are, you’re better off speaking with the nearest utility company.

Having these professionals involved from the planning stages helps ensure the right thing is done. It’s important to note that this isn’t a DIY project; hence, it should be done with professional assistance.

There’s a cost to be incurred when prepping your land. This is seen in the payment of fees for consultation, survey, grading, etc.

The Place of Patience

Connecting vacant land to electricity isn’t a day’s job as it involves many preparations, including getting the necessary clearance to embark on the project.

Other things like speaking with contractors and asking for multiple quotes from different contractors. These processes can be draining, hence the need to be prepared for the task ahead.

Lowering Cost of Electricity Connection to Vacant Land

Persons looking to connect their vacant land to electricity will likely seek ways to lower the project’s cost. First, you’ll need to research the electricity options and the cheapest to use.

More on this will be discussed shortly. It’s best to seek multiple quotes from electricity companies as this would enable you to identify the best and cheapest option.

Electricity Options Available

Besides the grid connection, which is widely preferred, others can serve the same purpose. Such include solar, wind, and generator. However, connection costs are something to be concerned about.

Of these four options, the generator is the cheapest option to connect your vacant land with electricity, while the costliest is a wind turbine.

The Process

The process of connecting vacant land to electricity isn’t complicated.

All that’s needed is a discussion with your utility company. All possible scenarios are discussed here, including an on-site assessment of the land and the nearest power lines.

If the power lines are far off, you may have to discuss with other land or property owners to seek permission to extend these lines through the property.

Your utility company will inform you about the necessary permits and approvals for connecting your vacant land to electricity.

As mentioned earlier, grading and clearing the land may be needed. If an underground connection is to be done, trenches must be dug for conduits and other installations.

Discuss with Professionals

This is vital to getting your vacant land hooked to an electric grid. Recall we stated that this shouldn’t be a DIY project if you’re not a professional.

There are guidelines, and only the pros can offer helpful information on the following action. Discussing your options, the best possible scenario, and the following line of action is best.

Ask the Right Questions

In understanding the cost of electricity connection to vacant land, there needs to be a clear understanding of the procedures involved and cost implications.

This calls for asking the right questions.

Such questions should touch on the best connection for your land, the advantages and disadvantages of the procedure, applicable laws, and the best possible point to drop the line.

Underground Vs. Above-Ground Installation Costs

In planning to get your vacant land hooked to electricity, one thing you’ll learn is the connection types available. These are the underground and above-ground installation types.

So, what are the cost implications for each of these? Expert recommendations will go a long way in executing a satisfactory job.

These pros are likely to consider your preferences.

With the cost of connecting vacant land to electricity established, you’re left with choosing what option will serve you best.

It’s a process that can be costly, plus your location will play a role in determining connection costs.

To find out exactly what it will take to connect your vacant land to electricity, consult the pros for the best advice.

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