How To Create And Grow A House Cleaning Website

In this guide, you will learn how to create a website for a cleaning business, including ways to generate sales online.

Having an online presence is critical for every business.

Cleaning businesses need this to make it easier for potential clients to find out about them. It is also a strategy to reach vast audiences.

After building your website, you need to increase traffic to it. This is what growth means. There are lots of ways to do this as you’ll soon find out.

So, if you’re planning on starting a successful cleaning business, creating a site for your service should be a major goal.

Does One Need To Be Knowledgeable In All The Technical Stuff?

Website creation has long been associated with nerds or persons thought to have very high IQs. Initially, this undertaking was considered highly technical.

Cleaning businesses had to either pay programmers tons of money or hire them to build and manage their websites. However, that is not the case today. This has been much more simplified with website building programs or software.

What this means is that you can easily download any of these free programs to start building a website for your cleaning business. Website design software has both free and paid options.

What you choose depends on the features available to you.

What You Need To Create A Website

The journey to creating a website for your cleaning business starts by getting a set of requirements in place. These are checklists that must be met if you wish to be successful in this regard.

They include having a cleaning business email address, having a domain name, choosing a preferred website building software and getting your website hosted (web hosting). Others include having a template design, logo design, getting high-resolution images for your site, Google Analytics and image editors.

Now, these may seem vague without explaining a little more. So, without further delay, let’s jump right to business.

  • Domain Name

What is a domain name? Talk about a digital address for a cleaning business, that is what a domain name gives you.

To set up one, you’ll need to find out if such a name hasn’t be taken by other cleaning businesses. Getting a domain name will cost you though.

However, this is very little as it costs anywhere from $9 to $25 per year.

  • Cleaning Business Email Address

To look more professional as a cleaning business, you need to have a customized email. They say first impression matters or counts.

In other words, not having a professional look and feel might cost you, potential clients. Clients lookout for any signs that might either prove a cleaning business as being competent or otherwise.

  • Choosing Your Preferred Website Building Software

This was earlier mentioned in passing. Nevertheless, its importance is vital to the process of building a great cleaning website. This is a tool that eliminates the laborious process of having to manually edit codes.

There are two categories. These include online tools as well as offline software. In the case of the latter, you get to download the software on your computer, create your web pages and publishing to your preferred host.

Popular website builders include,, Wix, Weebly, SiteBuilder, Squarespace and several others.

Each of these gives you the opportunity of creating a great website. Thus, eliminating the difficulty of having to figure out everything yourself.

  • Web Hosting

All websites need web hosting. This is a storage space that keeps the information about your cleaning website. As such whenever your domain name is entered into a browser,  a search is initiated. The browser does the job of getting and displaying your website’s content.

As your cleaning business grows and more people visit your site, your hosting needs will expand. This costs money too. There are four types of website hosting. These include free hosting, shared hosting, VPS hosting, and dedicated hosting.

  • Website Template Design

A template gives you a pre-made website design to work with. Luckily, lots of website building software give you tons of options to choose from. You only need to go through to find one which is perfect for a cleaning business.

  • Logo Design

A logo design is invaluable to a new cleaning business. You need to have an easily identifiable logo that is unique to your business. You can design one if you’ve got photo editing skills.

However, logo generators are great alternatives for persons having zero design skills.

  • High-Resolution Images

To make your cleaning website more interesting and engaging, you’ll need to have high-resolution images uploaded. These must be related to cleaning. You wouldn’t be using images related to wildlife for a cleaning business website, would you?

Why is important to have high-resolution images? The better the quality, the more highly your visitors think of your cleaning business.

  • Image Editor

Image editors are handy whenever you wish to resize images. This is something that happens constantly as the website content is updated. Website content for your cleaning business will need to be updated regularly.

This includes images. This is why you need an image editor especially if you’ve got no professional editing skills.

  • Google Analytics

As people visit and interact with your website, you want to know or have an idea of what they are looking for. Google Analytics makes this possible.

This is even more necessary when you’ve got a growing audience visiting your website for a variety of reasons related to cleaning services.

Growing Your House Cleaning Website

We have provided you the basic information you need on creating a cleaning website. Next is how to grow this cleaning website. It isn’t enough to create a beautiful cleaning website. No one will ever know of its existence if there’s zero information on it.

Growing your house cleaning website simply means increased traffic to such a site. The following are ways to achieve this.

  • Advertisement

One of the ways to get your cleaning service in front of people is by advertising it. Social media advertising should be embraced if you wish to get a lot of visitors. So also are paid search and display ads.

The more your visitors, the higher your chances of attracting paying clients in need of a cleaning service.

  • Create Appealing Content

A cleaning business provides a major service which is cleaning. While this is true, interesting content related to cleaning should be uploaded too.

Every second, millions of people are online searching out information. You would want to create content that will lead them to your site. You might want to have infographics as well as video content in addition to text.

  • Leverage On Social Media

We are in a digital age where a good number of people get their information on social media. This includes Instagram, Twitter, Facebook.

Try leveraging on the reach of these platforms by advertising your cleaning business website. You can also create social media accounts for your cleaning business while including links to your website.

  • Write Catchy Headlines

When people search for information on cleaning services, they jump or avoid articles having vague or uninteresting headlines. You don’t want to fall under this category.

You need catchy article headlines that will interest anyone, resulting in a click. You must make sure your content matches the catchy headline though.

  • Long-Tail Keywords

A lot of times when people search for content relating to cleaning. These people might just type a phrase consisting of related keywords. You want a good number of such searches to end up on your site. This will require lots of work.

Nevertheless, the benefits are worth it.

  • Try Guest Blogging

Guest blogging involves either posting relevant content on other people’s blogs after obtaining permission or inviting them to guest blog on your site. Either way, this is beneficial in helping your expand your cleaning website’s visibility.

For this to be successful though, certain requirements may need to be met. One important tip to avoid being sanctioned is to stick to quality content and avoid spammy tactics.

  • Post On LinkedIn

Want to improve your website’s profile? If you do, then consider posting content on LinkedIn.

The cleaning community (consisting of those in need of a service as well as industry players) will want to find out more about your cleaning business. This is an effective way to grow a website in popularity.

  • Some Interview Might Be Beneficial

People have greater confidence in a cleaning website when you can organize interviews. Such interviews should target major industry players in the business of cleaning.

Interviewing such authorities gives your cleaning website some form of validation and seal of approval.

  • Is Your Cleaning Website Fast?

Like slow internet connections, certain websites take a long time to load. To prevent this from happening, you’ll need a well-optimized site. Site optimization has to do with functional third-party plugins, file sizes and a host of other factors.

You want to significantly enhance the speed of your cleaning website to avoid visitors terminating their searches.

  • Find the Time To Respond to Comments

This can be a little difficult but it counts for visitors to your cleaning website to know that you value their contributions. You don’t need to respond to every single comment though. Just a few should suffice.

That way, your visitors won’t consider their efforts as being wasted.

These are surefire ways to create and grow a cleaning website. All the points included here have been useful for many in helping them realize their objectives. We believe the same will apply to yours.

Building a cleaning service website these days has been simplified to copy and paste. You can follow this simplified process to create one for your cleaning business. Promotion is essential to growing your audience.

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