Daycare Cleaning Checklist Template For Busy Centers

Here is a daycare cleaning checklist template. Find out more.

Do you run a daycare service? If you do, one of the many things you’ll need to have figured out is how to effectively clean your daycare. Now, it all begins with an important tool; a cleaning checklist. This increases your efficiency multiple folds and helps you carry out a stress-free cleaning.

You only need to follow specific cleaning tasks to have your daycare thoroughly cleaned. Using this tool, your cleaning targets are met with greater ease.

Sample Daycare Cleaning Checklist Templates

Effective daycare cleaning requires the adoption of multiple cleaning strategies. This provides different cleaning frequencies. For example, there are cleaning tasks to be performed on an ongoing basis.

Others are performed on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.

Still, yet, there are deep cleaning tasks that can be outsourced as they require thorough cleanup which you might not have the time or capacity for. Each of these will be discussed shortly starting with;

Ongoing Daycare Cleaning Tasks

Ongoing daycare cleaning tasks are carried out throughout the day. You’re dealing with kids, as such, they need for cleaning will constant. These will range from liquid spills to littered food & snack particles, changing diapers, and scattered toys among other things.

The following are ongoing cleaning tasks to be carried out;

Wipe Down Surfaces

Surfaces will need to be wiped down as frequently as necessary especially after snacks or meals. This requires a constant inspection to ensure dirty surfaces don’t stay unattended to.

Surfaces to be wiped down include the play area, seating tables as well as high chairs.

Clean and Keep Toys Organized

Kids will be playing with toys for most of the day. You’ll need to pick up toys that aren’t in use and check for damages or stains. Toys with stains and damage should be cleaned kept in a storage area that is out of reach to kids.

Keep Food Prep Stations Cleaned

Plates will need to be cleaned as well as food prep stations. In addition to cleaning, the food prep stations should also be disinfected

Remove Tripping Hazards

Kids will be running about and should be protected from tripping or accidents. The best way to prevent this from happening is by frequently checking around for trip hazards around hallways, and all activity rooms.

Diaper Changing Tables

After changing diapers, the diaper changing tables will need some cleaning and disinfection. This should be done with each use.

Also, you’ll need to sanitize your hands with any and every diaper change or disposal activity.

Empty Trashcan

Trashcan and used diaper disposal hold should be emptied as soon as they’re half full. You don’t need these to be littered around.

Daycare Daily Cleaning Tasks

These cleaning tasks are mainly centered around basic housekeeping activities. These should be carried out at the close of the day’s business it includes the following cleaning tasks;

Clean Food Prep Area Surfaces

Food prep area surfaces in addition to every related equipment and sinks should be properly cleaned and sanitized in preparation for the next day’s activities.

Inspect and Clean All Toys

At the close of business, all toys should be closely inspected as these may be damaged or have stains.

All toys should be cleaned and disinfected and damaged ones fixed. You might want to rotate toys to be used for each day for easy maintenance. Unused toys should be kept out of the reach of kids.

Clean and Disinfect All Touchpoints

Kids grab onto all types of surfaces with such hands easily finding their way into the mouth. You don’t want germs to be easily spread around. As such, all touch-points such as doorknobs, lower surfaces of doors, cabinet handles should all be cleaned and disinfected.

What more? Phones, keyboards, and other equipment used by staff will also need to be cleaned and disinfected.

Launder Nap Mats and Similar Materials

With frequent use, blankets, cot sheets, and nap mats get dirty and require some washing. Inspect these and load them into the washing machine for cleaning.

Sweep and Mop Hard-floors

Hard floors should be swept and mopped clean at the end of each day. Vacuuming will be necessary for carpets and a thorough job should be done.

Clean and Disinfect the Bathroom Area

Proper cleaning of the bathroom area is required. Toilets should be properly scrubbed and disinfected.

All surfaces (especially touch-points) should be wiped clean and disinfected. The floors will also require thorough mopping and disinfection.

Weekly Daycare Cleaning Tasks

Under the weekly cleaning schedule for daycare, specific cleaning tasks should be performed. Setting such tasks for specific cleaning tasks helps with organization.

Deep cleaning is usually set for such schedules. Common tasks include;

Cleaning Out Appliances and Refrigerators

To properly clean kitchen appliances and refrigerators, these would need to be cleaned both inside and out. For refrigerators, the contents should be emptied with the insides wiped clean and disinfected. Discard food that has passed its expiration date or isn’t fresh anymore.

Microwave oven and other appliances should be wiped clean both inside and out and also disinfected.

Remove Toys For Cleaning

Toys and other frequently used items should be removed from storage spaces for cleaning and disinfection. Return them after cleaning.

Wash All that Needs to be Washed

Items in need of cleaning in a daycare include cot sheets, blankets, nap mats among others. These should be laundered, dried, and neatly folded back in place for next use.

Dust and Clean Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans should be cleaned and dusted. Walls too must be wiped down and light fixtures thoroughly dusted.

Cleaning the Bathroom Area

The bathroom area requires a more thorough cleaning.

Check for, and get rid of cobwebs, wipe down walls and wipe down all surfaces. These surfaces should also be disinfected. Toilets should be properly scrubbed and disinfected too. The same should be done to urinals if available.

Monthly Daycare Cleaning

As earlier mentioned, monthly cleaning can either be done by you or outsourced to a cleaning service. It all depends on your capacity.

Cleaning tasks will include polishing windows and glass doors, cleaning and reorganizing shelves, inspecting doormats for wear, and removing tripping hazards.

You’ll also need to check the condition of drains and plumbing, dust window sills, and check all equipment and supplies.

This daycare cleaning checklist will help you provide a well-executed cleaning job without having to worry about what to include or ignore.

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