Garage Cleaning Prices – Cost Breakdown & Determinants

How much should I charge to clean a garage? Here is a price list for garage cleaning services.

Cleaning services offer a wide range of cleaning solutions covering both residential and commercial clients. For residential clients, the entire property can be targeted for cleaning as well as a section of it.

Of interest to us is the garage area. Here, we’ll seek to discuss garage cleaning prices.

If you’re planning on having your garage cleaned, you’ll need to have an idea of how much it takes to get the job done. This article gives you all such details.

So, without further ado, let’s get to business.

Cleaning Prices For Garage are Only Estimates

The price details supplied here are only estimates and do not represent or substitute price quotes from cleaning services. In other words, applicable garage cleaning costs may be different due to multiple variables which are discussed below.

You’ll need to contact a reputable cleaning service to properly assess and give you a quote for your cleaning job.

Still, the prices discussed here give you an idea of what to expect.

Average Garage Clean Out Service Costs

When it comes to professional garage cleaning, several things are involved.

First off, is the cleaning technician a sole operator or from a large cleaning company? Also, how detailed or extensive is the cleaning job?

These are a few considerations that influence the cost of the project.

Labor cost for garage cleaning usually attracts the most cleaning charges. Here, expect to pay anywhere from $64 to $77. These costs are calculated on an hourly basis and cover basic cleaning supplies.

Depending on the equipment being used for cleaning, you might incur an additional fee of around $7 to $9.

So, what happens to the balance of minimum labor charge per hour when such is unused? When minimum labor hours aren’t exhausted, the cleaning service simply applies them to other cleaning-related tasks.

Based on the above cost details, the total average cost for garage cleaning is around $75 to $91 representing the low and high respectively.

What’s Involved In The Cost Of Garage Cleaning?

It’s necessary to have an understanding of cost details for garage cleaning. To better explain, we’ll have to consider the labor aspect of the job, supplies as well as the cleaning equipment used.

  • Labor Involved

We’ve stated above that labor takes up a larger chunk of garage cleaning prices. In terms of the basic labor required for normal jobs, cleaning tasks will include the removal of dust and debris from ceiling fixtures.

This extends to the garage floor and walls.

Next, window openings and doors are targeted for cleaning. Vacuuming may be required for such. Before the cleaning task takes off, the area will have to be prepared.

Also, protection may need to be put in place where necessary.

  • Cleaning Supplies

The types of cleaning supplies used are mostly determined by the condition of your garage.

Normal cleaning jobs will require basic cleaning solutions, machine and tool consumables, as well as disposable cleaning supplies. In most cases, these won’t impact your cleaning prices much.

  • Cleaning Equipment

Again, the cleaning equipment used depends on the condition of the garage.

For difficult cleaning jobs, specialty equipment may be deployed. The aim is to provide quality cleaning while also enhancing efficiency.

Basic cleaning tools will normally include floor cleaning and vacuuming tools and dusting implements. What more? Other scrubbing tools will be deployed for the job.

Factors Affecting Garage Cleaning Prices

There are always cost-influencing factors for every cleaning job.

For garage cleaning, these would include the intensity of cleaning, whether the cleaner is a sole operator or representing a major cleaning brand, one-off Vs repeat orders, and also the time taken to complete the cleaning job.

What’s the size of your garage? This will also count towards your eventual cleaning cost. What more? The type of cleaning as well as the location of your garage matters.

Let’s discuss each of these points as follows;

  • Cleaning Intensity

How much labor is needed for garage cleaning? Not all jobs are the same when it comes to this. While certain jobs won’t take up much time, others will.

Difficult jobs will require more labor, thus attracting higher cleaning costs. In a nutshell, the harder the job gets, the more it’s likely to cost and vice versa.

  • Is the Cleaner a Sole Operator or Represents a Major Brand

Whenever you hire a cleaning professional, one thing will always matter; whether he’s a sole operator or represents a major cleaning brand or service.

In most cases, it costs less to hire a professional sole operator than it will hire a major cleaning brand.

However, the bigger companies tend to be safer to patronize as these are insured and bonded. When your property gets damaged in the process of cleaning, you won’t have to be liable for its replacement.

  • One-Off Vs Repeat Orders

While routine garage cleaning tends to be cheaper per visit, you end up saving more money when you enter into a scheduled cleaning arrangement.

Here, cleaning is less often such as fortnightly, monthly, or quarterly.

  • Time Taken to Complete the Job

The time factor is a key price-determining when it comes to garage cleaning. This is closely tied to cleaning intensity. The harder it is to clean the garage, the more time it takes.

This ultimately contributes to your total cleaning costs.

  • Garage Size

Garage size matters. A bigger space needs more labor needs to be expended. Also, a larger garage space will require more cleaning supplies. In a nutshell, size plays a role in determining garage cleaning costs.

With a smaller garage, you tend to spend less than for larger ones.

  • Type of Cleaning

There’s also the type of cleaning required. What type of flooring does your garage have? In most cases, the flooring type will determine cleaning costs.

What applies to your particular job in terms of cleaning cost is determined during the pre-cleaning assessment.

  • Location of Garage

Your location counts towards determining garage cleaning prices. There are upmarket and down-market areas when it comes to cleaning services.

Therefore, if you reside in an upmarket location, expect higher garage cleaning prices as cleaning costs mostly reflect the high living costs within such areas.

That’s that about garage cleaning prices. These basics give you an idea of what to expect when it comes to cleaning costs.

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