Do you want to learn about the Goodman AC unit reset button? If so, you’ve landed in the perfect place. We’ll show you where to look for the reset button and how to reboot.

We’ll let you know the way out if your unit has no reset button. But we’ll open our discussion with some reasons to reset your device.

Goodman AC Unit Reset Button

Air conditioners from Goodman are reputed to be high-quality and easy to use. But you may need to reset the unit for several factors.

You can try a DIY before contacting a trained technician or HVAC company.

However, knowing your AC’s unit rest button location will give you an easy way to carry out such an operation successfully.

Why Reset a Goodman AC Unit?

There are many reasons to reset an air conditioning unit.

The most obvious reason is when the protection circuit breaker in your device kicks in. This mainly occurs after a power outage, and it’s to prevent fire and a possible explosion.

Furthermore, a thermostat error can cause the unit to stop blowing cold air. Instead, it’ll blow warm air even in “cool” mode. A reset may be all that’s needed to fix the issue.

But remember, several problems may cause your AC to stop blowing cold air.

A Little About Goodman AC

The Goodman air conditioner is a product of the Goodman Manufacturing Company.

It was opened in 1954 and is a recognized producer of HVAC units for both homes and enterprises. They also focus on offering user-friendly, high-quality, and moderately priced devices.

Where is the Reset Button on a Goodman AC Unit?

Typically, the location of the Goodman AC reset button is close to the point where the type connects to the condenser unit outside the house.

The tube is usually fixed to the device by welding. Therefore, you must look for the pipe that links to the outside condenser unit by welding.

While you do that, remember that there may be chances of a high-pressure switch tripping when hot. So it would be best to look for any dirt or grime clogging the coil.

Resetting a Goodman AC Unit

Resetting this brand of air conditioning is simple, even for beginners. Once you locate the reset button, press and hold it for about 20 seconds.

Wait a little for the AC to resume normal operations. It means something is wrong with the power supply if it doesn’t. Or the filter may be clogged.

Usually, rebooting the unit by pressing the rest button works well. But if the AC isn’t responding well, there may be continued tripping of the circuit breaker.

The issues may be caused by bare wires within the AC system or loose connections. Either of these issues may eventually turn off the unit’s reset button.

What if My Goodman AC Unit Doesn’t Have a Reset Button? 

Specific Goodman air conditioning systems are designed without a reset button.

That’s because people tend to keep pushing the button unnecessarily. If you hold such a unit, don’t worry. We’ll show you how to go about resetting such a system manually.

First, disconnect the AC from the disconnect box.

Next, you go to your home’s circuit breaker and switch it off. Again, check the unit and ensure no electric current flows from any source.

If you wish, you can pull the cord from the dedicated socket.

Before anything else, check the AC’s settings and ensure it is set to “cool” mode. You then turn off the electricity for roughly 20 minutes.

Turn on the circuit breaker and reconnect the appliance to the power. Turn on the disconnect unit and run some checks. The system should be fully reset by then.

Benefits of Resetting a Goodman AC Unit

Resetting an AC unit comes with a few perks. It includes improving efficiency, reducing energy bills, extending lifespan, enhancing quality air, and a few repairs.

Allow us to review these benefits separately.

  • Lower Monthly Energy Bills

If your unit isn’t running correctly, it can impact your monthly energy usage. Therefore, the price you pay for energy each month will spike.

But if you restore the unit to its default mode, the glitch will be settled. That way, you will cut your overall energy costs.

  • Improving System Efficiency

The accumulation of dirt and dust over time can make your unit work harder than necessary. Resetting the AC can help clear away any built-up debris.

Plus, it will help the device run more efficiently.

  • Extend the life of AC.

Generally, proper care for air conditioners can lead to an extended lifespan. Carrying out a routine reset is part of the regular care given to these devices.

If you reside in regions with high temperatures, you must reset your HVAC systems regularly. That’s because the temperature in such environments fluctuates regularly.

You’ll maintain a comfortable space inside your home by resetting your Goodman AC unit when necessary.

  • Improve Air Quality

Similarly, debris and dust can affect the air quality in your AC unit. It can make the air inside your home worse. However, resuming your unit will aid in removing dirt and debris.

In this way, you can elevate the purity of the air in your house.

  • Less to Repair 

You can avoid spending much on repairs by resetting your AC device regularly. Each time your system develops minor problems that require resetting, do it without reservation.

In the long term, you’ll wind up saving money. Additionally, dealing with a broken AC unit will be less of a problem.


Resetting an AC can result in specific issues, as highlighted above. But having to do it excessively can be problematic.

Similarly, continually pressing the button on the unit might worsen the situation. If your breaker trips repeatedly, you shouldn’t continue with the reset.

Moreover, don’t attempt a reset if you see any exposed wires or visible damage to your outside unit. Seek the help of a qualified and licensed HVAC technician.

They’ll come to fix the issue efficiently while ensuring your safety and that of your device.

Resetting a Goodman AC unit is an excellent way to improve the efficacy of your device. Lower monthly energy expenses by resetting frequently used units.

Consult an expert if periodic resets are required to fix issues permanently.

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