How much does it cost to clean gutters? We will be looking at the pricing breakdown in this article.

A roof without some form of a gutter system is a sure recipe for disaster.

This provision ensures that rainfall, snow, and all other forms of moisture have a place to go. These gutters guide the water off the roof to the downspouts which channel it off to your water drainage system.

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How Much To Clean Gutters

We aim to discuss extensively cleaning prices for gutters. After each cleaning, gutters steadily and slowly accumulate debris in the form of leaves, fruits from overhanging tree branches, and dust.

This accumulated debris needs to be cleared up biannually to prevent further problems.

Is Gutter Cleaning of Any Benefit?

To discuss gutter cleaning prices, we’ll need to provide information about its benefits. This is because some homeowners don’t see such cleaning as a necessity. At the end of the day, common problems develop.

In answering the question, gutter cleaning offers loads of benefits.

With a cleared gutter, water can flow freely and not flood over your roof resulting in leaks. You’ll need to understand that your gutter was installed for a reason.

When it doesn’t function as it was designed to, it brings up all sorts of problems.

So how much does it cost to have your gutters cleaned?

Average Cost To Clean Gutters

A whole lot of factors come into play when discussing gutter cleaning prices. However, taking a broader look at the costs involved, the average cost for gutter cleaning is about $188. This is the national average.

Also, expect cleaning prices to fall within an average range of $150 to $225.

  • Commercial Gutter Cleaning Prices

At the minimum, you may end up incurring a cleaning fee of $70. Gutter cleaning prices could climb to as high as $450. These prices only provide a general view of what’s involved.

However, there are other aspects of this cleaning procedure you’ll need to know about.

  • Gutter and Roof Cleaning Prices

Why include roof cleaning costs when the focus is on gutter cleaning? It’s simply because most gutter cleaning services like Ned Stevens also extend their reach beyond the gutter to the adjoining roof.

Unlike gutter cleaning, roof cleaning is charged per square foot and attracts a fee of around 15 to 30 cents per square foot.

Most times, gutters will be so laden with dirt that it starts to pile up along the roof.

Without cleaning the roof area, such a job will be incomplete. Both gutter and roof cleaning for a house measuring 1,500 square feet will cost an average of $350.

Now, these services (that is gutter and roof cleaning) can be offered separately. Experience has shown that when such are performed individually, the prices tend to be higher.

The advantage of a combined gutter and roof cleaning is the lower cost involved.

  • Gutter Cleaning Cost Per Linear Foot

Gutter cleaning isn’t a complicated process in terms of pricing. However, the level of cleaning difficulty could differ from one job to the next. Pricing is normally charged per linear foot.

The process involves the manual removal of debris using an appropriate tool such as a gutter brush among others.

Pressurized water is used to get rid of caked dirt too. With cleaning completed, basic checks are made on the gutter and roof to identify any issues. Less complex problems are fixed immediately.

This same procedure applies to all gutters. In terms of pricing, an average cost of $1 to $1.5 per linear foot applies.

This cost only applies to first-story gutters. As the building goes higher, so do gutter cleaning costs increase. This is understandable due to the increased challenge of reaching the gutters.

A two-story home will attract a gutter cleaning cost of between $1.90 and $2.50 per linear foot.

As expected, prices climb for three-story homes with average gutter cleaning fees of $3 to $3.17 per linear foot. If the gutter is found to be laden with dirt from years of neglect, it’s possible to find cleaning prices reflecting the level of work to be done.

  • Gutter and Downspout Cleaning Prices

Just like it was for gutters and roof cleaning, other adjoining drainage components such as the downspouts may also require cleaning.

Base on its condition, a cleaning service may decide to incorporate such into your cleaning costs. A clogged downspout could attract an additional fee of $50 to $100 to the total gutter cleaning costs.

Factors Affecting Gutter Cleaning Prices

You’re likely to notice variances in gutter cleaning prices.

These differences can be attributed to the multiple factors that come into play.

Cost influencing factors for gutter cleaning include location, height, gutter condition, gutter guards or screens, clogged downspouts, and gutter condition.

  • Location or Terrain

Location plays a role in determining gutter cleaning prices. Some homes have very stable and easily accessible grounds surrounding their gutters. This makes it easy to set up equipment such as ladders among other things.

Here, gutter cleaning costs won’t be impacted at all.

For a location that poses accessibility challenges, such would easily attract more cleaning costs. With these, more time is spent trying to set up ladders and other equipment to access the gutter.

  • Height

Most of the cost details supplied above apply to a single-story home.

We’ve mentioned earlier that the higher the building, the more you’re likely to spend on gutter cleaning. With each story comes an added cleaning cost.

This impacts how much to get gutters cleaned.

  • Gutter Condition

What’s your gutter condition like?

Gutters that haven’t been cleaned for long (more than 2 years) usually accumulate lots of debris. Due to the weight of debris, gutter hangers may become loosened. Plus, there may be rust problems among others.

Repairs will need to be performed on affected areas. This automatically adds up to the total cleaning cost.

  • Gutter Guards or Screens

Even when you install gutter guards or screens to keep out debris, these provisions will give way at some point.

This is especially true when the gutter isn’t frequently inspected. However, screens still in position and in good condition may reduce your cleaning costs.

  • Clogged Downspouts

If you have clogged downspouts, then chances are that your gutter cleaning costs might increase. These are attended to during gutter cleaning.

How Much Is Gutter Cleaning?

With the information above, you’re in a better position to make informed decisions bordering on gutter cleaning costs. You can better negotiate or choose a preferred gutter cleaning company for your cleaning tasks.

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