How Much Does Brick Cleaning Cost?

This article discusses brick cleaning prices with a focus on all aspects of the job. If you want a brick cleaning job performed on your property, you’ll like to pay attention to what’s being discussed.

Here, we’ve looked at all price influencing aspects of the job and what it’s likely to cost you.

Brick Cleaning Prices

Bricks form the outer façade of buildings as a result these are continually easily exposed to all sorts of conditions including weather, pollutants, grime, and dirt.

As time goes on, such bricks become discolored or their brilliance or natural appearance is dulled out. The easiest way to have these maintained is by having them cleaned.

Why Professional Cleanup is needed

If you want your brick cleaning job to be done excellently, there’s no better person to handle the job than a professional.

Some cleaning services offer brick cleaning jobs. Their trained and experienced technicians coupled with state-of-the-art cleaning tools often result in the best possible job.

However, not every service provider will be suitable for a brick cleaning job. You have to go for only reputable cleaning services that have proven their worth.

Luckily, there are online reviews from customers that give you a fair idea of who you’re dealing with.

This makes you narrow down your picks of service providers to only the best.

What Brick Cleaning Prices Include

To have a better idea of pricing, you’ll have to consider certain costing aspects of the job.

Brick cleaning usually follows a per-square-foot pricing model. Each square foot of space covered during cleaning is multiplied by the total square foot area to arrive at the cost of the job.

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What more? There are other aspects of pricing such as supplies being used for cleaning, as well as labor costs usually charged hourly.

Your home’s condition will determine just how much it will cost to clean.

Plus, other price influencing factors could play a role in either reducing or increasing total cleaning costs.

Average Brick Cleaning Costs

How much does it cost to clean a home?

As stated earlier, the cost of brick cleaning largely depends on the factors involved. The cleaning cost per square foot usually ranges between $0.39 and $0.48.

The total area covered is multiplied by the cost per square foot.

For a 500 sq. ft. property or space, it will cost between $196 and $242. Here, it’s evident that the larger the space is, the more it will cost to clean.

As mentioned earlier, there are other aspects of pricing such as labor costs and cleaning supplies.

Cleaning supplies will impact pricing. Depending on the supplies used, such would add between $13 and $14 to your total cost.

Supplies here include basic cleaning solutions as well as disposable cleaning materials, as well as tool and machine consumables.

When it comes to labor costs, the hourly cleaning cost for brick walls is between $33 and $41. Here, the number of hours clocked on the job is multiplied by the cost per hour.

For example, a 4-hour brick cleaning job should incur around $135 to $164.

Some types of equipment will add to your total cost of brick cleaning. Such are known as brick cleaning equipment allowance and could cost between $48 and $64.

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What Brick Cleaning Prices Include and What Isn’t

Every brick cleaning job differs from the next. This simply means every job is unique and priced differently.

However, there are certain aspects of the job that contribute to eventual prices being charged. These include the cost of preparing a cleaning job site in readiness for brick cleaning.

Others are the cost of equipment delivery and labor setup time.

  • Cost of Prepping a Cleaning Job Site

Before brick cleaning commences, the job area needs to be set up in readiness for the cleanup procedure. Here, existing structures will need to be protected.

Also, components, finishes, and materials will need to be preserved from possible damage. The cost of carrying out this procedure will count towards your overall or total cost.

  • Cost of Equipment Delivery

Any time you call for brick cleaning, equipment will have to be transported to the job site.

The cost of transporting or moving this equipment to and from a job site isn’t borne by the cleaning service. The client pays for all of that.

This is included in the estimates given after inspection.

  • Labor Set-Up Time

As seen earlier, labor costs are part of the estimates which contribute to the overall cost of the project. Costing cannot be done without such.

So, what Isn’t Included?

While pricing includes all the factors listed above, it doesn’t include others. When there’s a need for testing and remediation of hazardous materials, such won’t be included in brick cleanup costs.

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Other things not included are structural modifications, sales tax on supplies & materials as well as general contractor overhead & markup.

Seek to understand what’s involved

Sometimes, clients aren’t careful to understand the cost details involved with brick cleaning.

You must go through estimates and ask for explanations when there’s any part of the estimation you don’t understand.

This understanding is necessary to enable you to avoid hidden charges. Plus, you have the freedom to ask to call another cleaning service for price quotes.

By comparing quotes, you get to choose the better offer.

Factors Affecting Brick Cleaning Prices

When it comes to brick cleaning, several factors play a role in determining cleaning costs. First, there’s the company you hire as well as your location.

Other factors include the type of cleaning performed and the condition of your brick walls.

In the case of location, this is a vital price determinant due to the variations in living costs between cities. Larger cities tend to have higher living costs.

Here, there’s a corresponding rise in the price of services including brick cleaning costs. The opposite is true for smaller cities with lower living costs.

These are the basics of brick cleaning you might want to know about.

We’ve provided average price ranges that give you an idea of what to expect and how to get a lower cleaning price.

You can begin your search right away by looking for service providers with a reputation for offering the best possible job.

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