Sample Tenant Cleaning Checklist Template

This tenant cleaning checklist will provide you with ample information on specific cleaning tasks to carry out. This is for persons having little idea on what to do or what strategies to adopt for more effective cleanup.

As a tenant, one responsibility you have is to clean your apartment. This begins with move-in cleaning and lasts throughout your stay. Cleaning is a basic human responsibility that must be done at all times.

However, having a guide to follow during cleaning makes the process much easier.

If you are interested in cleaning after your tenancy, here is another checklist.

Sample Cleaning List For Tenants

Figuring out what cleaning supplies and equipment to use isn’t that difficult. These include a variety of cleaning products such as multipurpose cleaners, disinfectants, sanitary wipes, and buckets.

Others include mops, mop wringers, vacuum cleaner, broom, protective glove, nose mask, towels, and dusters. These are just a few of many cleaning supplies and equipment you’ll be needing to carry out a great cleaning job.

What to Clean

To handle the cleaning tasks, you’ll need to know what exactly needs to be cleaned. There are different areas or sections of a home that need to be individually cleaned. As such, the following tasks will be necessary to carry out;

  • Windows

When cleaning windows, it should be done from both within and without.

First remove all dirt and dust before using your preferred glass cleaning product to wipe the window panes. Also make use of a microfiber cloth when cleaning window panes as it leaves them streak-free.

Other areas to be cleaned include the window sills, ledges, and frames.

All such areas should be thoroughly cleaned and free of dirt. For deep cleaning, window curtains or blinds are dusted or washed. Replace these after completing the cleanup process.

  • Cleaning your Freezer

For freezers to be properly cleaned, they’ll need to be defrosted.

The simple way to do this is by turning it off or unplugging its power source. This should be allowed to sit for a while until the ice completely melts before cleaning the interior. Clean both interior and exterior of freezers before returning its contents.

  • Cleaning the Refrigerator

To clean the refrigerator, remove all of its contents, and wipe the insides clean.

Also, clean the outside and discard items that aren’t needed or food that has been kept for too long. Stains can be removed using a vinegar solution or other cleaning products. Wipe the top and sides of the refrigerator.

  • Other Appliances

Several other appliances in the kitchen will need to be cleaned. Clean both inside and outsides of such appliances using an appropriate cleaning product.

  • Cupboards and Cabinets

Cupboards and cabinets can be found in different parts of a home such as the sitting room, kitchen area, bedroom, and bathroom. For a less detailed clean up, wipe the tops and sides of such cupboards and cabinets.

Deep cleaning will require removing the contents and dusting the interiors as well as exteriors of such cupboards and cabinets. These contents should also be dusted and replaced.

The pantry area should be emptied and expired food disposed of. Clean up the interior and exteriors of such cabinets and replace the food items.

  • Carpets and Rugs

Carpets and rugs hold a lot of dirt as they are stepped on. These will require some vacuuming. All carpet surfaces should be covered during vacuuming. Deep cleaning will require moving off furniture to clean underneath.

Stains on carpets may require washing or shampooing. A thorough cleaning job can be done at a carpet laundry.

  • Dust Ceiling Fan and Ceiling Areas

The ceiling area including the fans should be dusted to remove accumulated dust. Also, you should look out for cobwebs and get rid of them too.

Apart from the ceiling area, also check wall corners to spider webs and clean them off.

  • Wipe Down Walls and Hangings

Over time, dust accumulates on walls as well as on wall hangings.

To get rid of such dirt, wipe down all interior walls including hangings. Wall hangings should be removed for proper dusting before returning them.

  • Wipe Down All Flat Surfaces

All flat surfaces within the home will need to be wiped clean. These include tops of drawers, wardrobes, cabinets, tabletops, countertops, stools, and more. Wipe these surfaces clean and polish where necessary. This helps keep them shiny and clean.

  • Vacuum Couches and Upholsteries

Your couches, upholstery, pillows, and cushions will require some vacuuming to remove accumulated dust.

You’ll need the right vacuum attachments to properly clean these areas. When vacuuming, also cover or include tight spaces and joints to ensure a thorough job is done.

  • Remove Mattress Covers

Mattress covers or sheets should be removed for washing including pillowcases. Next, vacuum such mattress and flip them over.

Also, bed frames should be dusted clean and polished. Replace with fresh sheets and beddings as well as pillowcases. During a deep cleaning, blankets should also be washed clean.

  • Sweep and Mop Hard Floors

Floors with no carpets or rugs should be swept clean and mopped. However not all floor types are cleaned the same way. Wood floors require a more careful approach when mopping. Water shouldn’t be allowed to sit for long on such floors as it eventually damages the wood by causing it to swell.

Other floors like tiles, granite, marble, etc can be cleaned as usual. Floors should be polished where necessary to enhance their appearances.

  • Bathroom

Cleaning the bathroom requires more than following the usual cleaning procedures. Apart from cleaning, surfaces will need to be disinfected. Srub the toilet and disinfect in addition to the bathtub or shower area. The interior of shower screens should be wiped clean as well.

Bathroom doors and handles should be cleaned and disinfected with vanity and sinks cleaned and kept tidy. Sweep, mop and disinfect the floor and empty the trash can. Also, replenish supplies like handwash and toilet paper.

This tenant cleaning checklist highlights the different tasks to be performed. You only need to execute such tasks accordingly to maintain a dirt-free surrounding.

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