How Much Does Spray Foam Insulation Cost?

How much does spray foam insulation in existing walls cost?

Basement insulation is one of the primary ways of keeping water out. Because basements are below ground, they tend to present the most challenge when it comes to moisture control.

Apart from moisture control, basement insulation offers several other benefits that include lowering energy costs and improving air quality, etc.

Spray foam insulation techniques have become very popular, hence are widely accepted across the construction industry. Here, spray foam insulation costs for basements are what we’re most interested in.

For readers interested in carrying out this insulation procedure, you’ll find the cost details here very informative.

Spray Foam Insulation & Basement Walls

As a homeowner wishing to have your basement area insulated, you might have deliberated a lot on which insulation type to go with.

Spray foam type of insulation easily shows up when making your findings. Also called spray polyurethane foam (SPF), spray foams are spray-applied plastics used for a wide range of insulation jobs.

Its eco-friendly nature is one of the benefits you get. Also, spray foam insulations tend to increase a structure’s sturdiness in addition to eliminating allergens common with mold growth due to moisture.

It prevents pests by sealing entryways and also tends to last longer. These and several other benefits make spray foam insulation a favorite for many.

  • Types of Spray Foam

As part of providing information on spray foams, it’s necessary to state the types.

This insulation material comes in two variants, the open call, and closed-cell types. Open cell insulations are mostly applicable to interior insulation jobs like those for basements etc.

For close cell spray foams, these tend to be harder and thicker and generally improve the sturdiness of the structure.

More importantly, it helps keep out moisture. With this said, it’s time to shift our focus back to the cost implications of basement insulation using the spray foam technique.

Average Cost Of Spray Foam Insulation

When it comes to determining the cost of spray foam insulation, it is calculated using the board foot metric of measurement. This translates to about a square foot of space or area with about an inch of thickness.

To get or arrive at the total cost amount, the price per inch of spray foam insulation is multiplied by the basement space to be covered.

The cost per board foot for spray foam basement insulation is around $0.50 to $2. Labor costs are key determinants of overall costs and make up a significant part of the total.

The national average costs for basement insulation ranges from $1,400 to $6,300.

One of the factors that determine the variance in pricing is the size of the basement space. Several other price-influencing factors will be discussed shortly.

Factors Affecting Spray Foam Insulation Costs For Basement

Who gets hired to perform this procedure will have a price-determining role to play.

Also, accessibility is another factor to consider. There’s also the condition of the structure, as well as your location. The size of the work area is another factor that can’t be overlooked.

  • The Contractor Hired

To insulate your basement, one of your primary considerations should be who gets hired.

Of course, only competent professionals will need to be considered. Apart from seeking a better deal for your insulation needs, you want to achieve the desired outcome in terms of the quality of the job.

There are lots of competent home insulation services each offering an array of options. You can take advantage of such by requesting multiple quotes.

Using such quotes, you get to compare and choose the best possible deal you can find.

  • Accessibility

How accessible is your basement? Moisture control contractors will consider this.

In other words, such detail might be factored into the quote issued to you. Basement areas that present significant challenges to the insulation process will hike the cost of the procedure.

This is why an assessment of the area is done first before working and issuing out the quote.

So, if you suspect that accessing your basement will present a challenge such as a hindrance to the free movement of technicians and equipment, then expect such to reflect in your total cost.

  • Condition of the Structure

Structural conditions may play a role in determining how pricing for basement insulation using the spray foam technique will unfold. New or fairly recent structures tend to be easier to insulate.

This is largely due to the favorable conditions which mean no other forms of maintenance work are necessary.

For older structures, there may be a need for some form of maintenance before applying spray foam insulation. Any additional work to be done easily increases the total cost of the project.

For example, a bowing basement wall cannot be insulated without first fixing it.

The logical thing to do is have the wall fixed first before insulating using spray foam. The cost of fixing the wall alone can be significant. Some contractors may offer both bowing basement wall repairs as well as insulation services.

This will drive the cost of the project higher.

This is why it’s important to first discuss the options available to you before committing to the job. By seeking expert advice, you avoid a lot of costly mistakes and get your desired outcome.

  • Location

The location has a significant influence on insulation costs.  This is seen in the standard of living around your area. Big cities are known to attract higher living costs compared to smaller cities.

So, if you live in a big city, it’s likely that your basement insulation job will cost higher than a similar job performed in a smaller city.

  • Size of the Work Area

How large is your basement? Size matters when it comes to applying spray foam insulation. Remember we mentioned that cost is calculated per board foot.

When multiplying the cost per board foot with the total area covered, it translates to a bigger amount. So, the bigger your basement area, the more likely your costs will go higher.

Using the information provided, you can have a better idea of how much your basement insulation using the spray foam technique will cost.

You can find out further details about the entire costing procedure from your basement contractor.

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