How much does it cost to get an area rug cleaned? Here is a rug cleaning price list.

Area rugs offer added beauty to your floors and enhance the ambiance of your home’s interior. With continued use, these rugs accumulate dirt and will need to be cleaned.

Maintenance is key to ensuring the look of your rug is maintained.

Area Rug Cleaning Prices: Cost By Material, Size & Washing Method Used

So, what does it take to maintain or clean it?

For most people, the cleaning cost will be the most interesting part of the job they’re interested in. Of course, you’ll also want a thorough cleaning job done for any expense to make sense.

Here, we’ve provided details on pricing that will be of interest to you. With these, you should be well informed about the cleaning procedure.

So what is the cheapest way to clean an area rug?

How Much To Clean A Rug

As you’ll soon find out, a lot of factors come into play when looking at area rug cleaning costs. Before we get into such details, let’s first begin by mentioning that the national average cost for area rug cleaning is $470.

  • Professional Rug Cleaning Cost

The average range is between $300 and $640.

At the minimum, you’re likely to spend around $160, with $750 being the maximum cleaning costs. We’ll need to get into the specifics for a more detailed understanding of area rug cleaning costs.

These have to do with the rug material, rug size, type of cleaning method, and more.

So how much is professional rug cleaning?

  • Area Rug Cleaning Prices By Material

When it comes to area rug cleaning, the materials they’re made from will determine your cleaning costs. Each material needs to be approached differently during cleanup.

Cleaning prices will reflect the level of difficulty involved in the job.

The most common of these materials include sisal, viscose, polypropylene, silk, cotton, jute, wool, and seagrass. The cleaning techniques used won’t be the same.

For area rugs made of sisal, expect to be anywhere from $4 to $7 per square foot inclusive of labor costs.

Viscose materials attract a cleaning price of around $2 to $4 per sq. ft. The same cleaning price per square foot applies to area rugs made from polypropylene materials.

For silk materials, the cleaning costs range from $5 to $8 per sq. ft. while cotton materials typically cost around $4 to $7 per sq. ft.

Jute area rug materials will attract a cleaning fee between $4 and $7 per sq. ft. If your area rug is made from cotton, expect cleaning fees around $4 to $7 per sq. ft.

Cleaning prices are slightly higher for wool materials with fees ranging from $5 to $8 per sq. ft.

Cleaning costs for seagrass materials are around $4 and $7.It’s important to note that all of the above cleaning fees mentioned are inclusive of labor.

  • Area Rug Cleaning Prices By Size

Area rug cleaning costs by size are another key consideration to make. These rugs come in multiple sizes from as little as 9 sq. ft. to as large as 300 sq. ft.

As expected, the cleaning costs increase with higher rug sizes. For example, an area rug measuring 9 sq. ft (about 3 X 3) will attract a cleaning fee between $9 and $72.

A 40 sq. ft (5 X 8) area rug will cost around $40 to $320 to clean. Other cost details include area rugs measuring 96 sq. ft. (8 X 12) which typically attract anywhere from $96 to $768 in cleaning costs.

Does your area rug measure around 120 sq. ft. (10 X 12)? If it does, you’re likely to incur around $120 to $960 in cleaning costs.

Cleaning costs climb steadily as size increases.

A rug measuring 140 sq. ft (10 X14) will attract anywhere from $140 to $1,120. Cleaning 144 sq. ft. (12 X 12) area rugs cost more at about $144 to $144 to $1,152.

For an area rug as big as 300 sq. ft (15 X 20), cleaning costs will be around $300 to $2,400. All prices mentioned are inclusive of labor costs. Here, it’s quite evident that size has a lot to do with cleaning prices.

However, this is just one aspect of pricing that will come into play.

  • Area Rug Cleaning Prices by Cleaning Method

As stated earlier, different cleaning methods require different cleaning approaches or methods.

Your cleaning company or service provider decides what method best fits your situation. Speaking of cleaning methods, there’s the use of a rug washing machine as well as steam cleaning.

Other methods include shampooing or hand washing, as well as dry cleaning. Washing machine cleaning method for area rug cleaning costs between $3 and $8 per sq. ft. inclusive of labor costs and materials.

Steam cleaning costs around $1 to $4 per sq. ft. while shampooing or hand washing for area rugs goes for around $3 to $8 per sq. ft.

Steam cleaning an area rug will typically attract a fee of around $1 to $4 per sq. ft. As always, the cost includes labor costs as well as cleaning supplies used.

Here, the sq. ft area covered is multiplied to get the actual cleaning costs.

  • Area Rug Cleaning Prices by Type/Style

The type or style of area rug you have will affect cleaning costs. Speaking of styles, there are several.

These include handmade, flat weave, and Indian. Other styles include Persian, oriental, and woven. So, how much does cleaning cost for each type of area rug?

For handmade area rugs, you’re likely to be charged around $3 to $8 per sq. ft, while a flat weave goes for between $3 and $8 as well.

Other cost details include $3 to $8 per sq. ft. for Indian, with Persian also going for the same amount per sq. ft.

The same $3 to $8 per sq. ft. cleaning cost applies to oriental and woven rugs.

  • Area Rug Treatment Costs May Apply

Cleaning services offer a wide range of treatment processes. These help extend the lifespan of your area rugs. Such treatments include antimicrobial disinfectant, odor removal, moth prevention, and stain prevention sealing.

Here, costs are taken up by material costs only.

Depending on the particular treatment being offered, typical costs will range from $1 to $50 per square foot. Stain and odor removal attract the most treatment prices.

Area rug cleaning prices have been discussed with different aspects of pricing being considered. Your location, rug condition, size, and material will have some impact on cleaning costs.

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