In this article, we have included a wide range of chimney supplies.

Apart from categorizing these supplies, we’ve gone ahead to break down those supplies into each category. It’s also important to note that apart from the different supplies available, there are also different brands.

For a chimney to function effectively, the right type of supplies must be used. The term “supply” is quite broad and includes several things. This might sound a bit confusing to you. However, as you read on, you should find more clarity to burning questions.

You’ll need to settle for your most preferred brand. For guidance on the best chimney supply brands available, we advise you to check online product reviews. That way, you’re able to make informed choices.

Chimney Supply Categories

To help you better understand the different chimney supplies available, we’ve included broad categories.

Under each of these categories are lots of high-quality products consisting of cleaning tools, chimney parts, and more.

Our chimney supply categories include; Chimney Cleanout Doors, Chimney Cleaning Brushes, Chimney Pipe, Chimney & Fireplace Dampers, Wohler Chimney Cleaning Systems, Chimney Caps, and Chimney Surrounds for Pipe Chimneys.

More chimney supply categories include Chimney Fan, Chimney & Fireplace Maintenance & Repair, Chimney Caps for Wind Problems, and European Copper Chimney Pots.

We’ll now proceed to discuss each of these categories by listing the different supplies under each.

  1. Chimney Cleanout Doors

Every chimney needs a back door or cleanout door through which dirt or rubbish ( mostly in the form of soot and ashes) is taken out. This is among our chimney supplies and comes in different sizes. Such sizes include the 8” x 8” Chimney Cleanout Door, the 10” x 8,” the 12” x 8,” 12”x 10,” 12” x 12” and the 16” x 12” chimney cleanout doors.

Choices are largely influenced by multiple factors including the size of the opening you intend to have. Luckily, there are multiple sizes to choose from as we’ve seen above.

  1. Chimney Cleaning Brushes and Rods

Chimney cleaning brushes are essential tools without which a thorough chimney cleaning will be impossible. These cleaning brushes come in different variants including shapes and sizes.

Each of these is designed to help you perform certain cleaning tasks.

Chimney rods serve as extensions upon which these brushes are attached for easy reach and coverage of every chimney space.

There’s a long list of cleaning brushes to choose from. What you select should serve the purpose for which it was made.

A breakdown of these supplies includes Chimney Master Square Heavy Duty, Chimney Master Round Poly and Wire Heavy Duty, Chimney Master Rectangle Heavy Duty, and Chimney Master Flex Rods and Poly Brush.

Others include the Pro Quality Rectangle 3/8” Heavy Duty, SuperFlex Poly Chimney Brushes, Pro Quality Square 3/8” Heavy Duty, and Pro Quality Round 3/8” Poly and Wire Brushes. There are also AW Perkins 1/4″ Chimney Rod, Rutland 1/4” Round Poly and wire Chimney Brushes, AW Perkins ¼” Rectangle wire Chimney Brushes, and Heavy Duty 3/8” Round Poly and Wire Chimney Brushes.

There is the ¼” to 3/8” Adaptor, Chimney Master Poly Flex 5/8” Chimney Rod, Pro Quality 3/8” Heavy Duty Chimney Rod, and the Pro Quality 3/8” NPT to Chimney Master Adaptor.

Additional included under the chimney cleaning brushes and rods category include ButtonLok Super Scrub Power Sweeping Whip, Heavy Duty Flat Wire Brushes, ButtonLok 5 Foot x ½” Diameter SuperFlex Poly Rod and the ButtonLok Drill Adaptor.

More supplies include ButtonLok Chain, ProKleen 1 Foot Starter Rod, RoVac ButtonLok 5 Foot Fiberglass Chimney Rod and Big Stick Soot Remover. There’s more!

These include ProKleen Steel Rods, Hearth Country Ash Vacuum, ProKleen Glaze Removal Chains, and ButtonLok 3 Foot x ¾” Diameter ButtonFlex Poly Rod.

  • More Supplies Under Chimney Cleaning Brushes and Rod Category Include;

Rod and Brush Caddy, Chamber-Ease Scraping tool, Paint N Peel Fireplace Cleaner, ButtonLok Smoke Chamber Brush, Noodle Brush 17” Long, Curved Handle Wire Brush, Noodle Brush, and Millbury Brush.

You can also choose any of the following; Scout Brush, U-Brush, Smoke Chamber Brush, Scratch, and Scrape Wire Brush.

All of these are essential chimney supplies under the brush and rod category.

  1. Chimney Pipe

To vent hot exhaust released from fuel, a chimney pipe will be needed.

Common supplies found under this category include Wood Stove Pipe, Rigid Stainless Steel Relining, Chimney Pipe, Chimney Liner, Homesaver RectangleFlex, and Homesaver Oval Flex.

  1. Chimney and Fireplace Dampers

A damper is mostly used to seal your fireplace or chimney when not in use. This keeps heat from escaping out.

This supply comes in multiple forms which include the Lock-Top II Chimney Damper, Lyemance Top Sealing Chimney Damper, RS Adaptor, and the Lock-Top Chimney Damper.

Others include Replacement Fireplace Damper Plates (comes in various sizes) Sweeps Ring for Lock top Damper, Cast Iron Fireplace Dampers, and Replacement Fireplace Damper Poker.

  1. Wohler Chimney Cleaning Systems

This is a brand of chimney supplies that include tools like the Viper 8” Poly Brush for 6” Flue, Viper 6” Poly Brush for 4” Flue, Viper 10” Flat Wire Star Brush for 8” Flue, and the Viper 8” Flat Wire Star Brush for 6” Flue.

More supplies include the Viper 12” Poly Brush for 10” Flue, Viper 10” Poly Brush for 8” Flue, Viper 14” Flat Wire Brush for 12” Flue, and Viper 12” Flat Wire Brush for 10” Flue.

  1. Chimney Caps

Chimney caps are included in our list of supplies and these come in many variants. They include Top Mount Black Galvanized Caps, Round Black Galvanized Caps, HY-C Black Galvanized Caps, and Homesaver Pro Black Galvanized Caps.

Others include Stainless Steel Band Mount, Multi-Flue Top Mount Stainless Steel Caps, Gelco Stainless Steel Caps, Homesaver Pro Stainless Steel Caps, Multi-Flue Top Mount Copper Caps, and Copper Band Mount.

There are Also, Gelco Copper Chimney Caps, Stainless Steel Designer Lid Caps, HY-C Stainless Steel Chimney Caps, Caps for Pipes, Top Mount Stainless Steel Designer Lid Caps, Round Stainless Steel Chimney Caps, Flue Stretcher Caps, Chimney Dampers, Copper Chimney Pots, and VacuStack Chimney Caps for Wind Problems.

  1. Chimney Surrounds for Pipe Chimneys

Chimney surrounds are metal boxes that enclose the extended part of a flue pipe.

There are two types of this chimney supply which include the 2 to 8 Foot High Square Chimney Surround and the 2-8 Foot High Rectangle Chimney Surround.

  1. Chimney Fan

Chimney fans are usually installed at the top of chimneys. These are designed to pull out or suck gases out of the flue. We’ve included four different products from a popular chimney supply brand.

These products include the Enervex Chimney Fan RS-14, Enervex Chimney Fan RS-9, Enervex Chimney Fan RS-12, and the Enervex Chimney Fan RS-16.

  1. Chimney and Fireplace Maintenance and Repair

Lots of supplies are available for chimney & fireplace maintenance & repair. These include the Chimney RX Brushable Crown Repair, Chimney RX Masonry Water Repellent, Chimney RX Masonry Crack, and Joint Repellent, and Chimney RX Elastomeric Black Flashing Sealant.

More chimney flashing sealant options include CrownCoat Brushable Sealant, Chimney RX Safer Brick & Masonry Cleaner, Cold Weather Crown Coat 1 Gallon Brushable Sealant, and the ChimneySaver Brick Water Repellent.

There are more supplies. They include CrownSaver Crown Repair System, Saver System Crack and Joint Sealant, CrownSeal Waterproof Coating, and Firebrick.

Others are the Rutland Fireplace Mortar, Chimney Sweep Furnace Cement, Homesaver Flue Goo Furnace Cement, and Rutland Refractory Cement.

More supplies include FlashSeal (in brown, black, white, and fabric variants ), Rutland Exterior Chimney Masonry Patch, Paint N Peel Fireplace Cleaner, QuikPoint Power Tuckpointer, Factory Built Fireplace Replacement Panel, SaverSystems Chamber Coat, and Water Repellent with SaltShield.

  1. Chimney Caps for Wind Problems

Under this category are caps designed to withstand problems caused by winds.

Supplies under this category are made by a trusted brand with products that include Oval or Rectangle Vacu Stack, VacuStack Chimney Cap, Vacustack Square/Rectangle Flue Adaptors, and Vacustack for Air Insulated Chimneys.

  1. European Copper Chimney Pots

Like the other supplies listed above, these copper chimney pots are quite varied.

A chimney pot is simply an extension above the chimney that serves to create a longer smokestack. This extension results in better combustion.

Supplies under this category include The King, The Knight II, the Bishop I, The Bishop II, The Pawn, and the Queen.

All these chimney supplies are crucial to its smooth functioning. You’ll need to choose what best serves your needs.

Fireplace Accessories

Also included among our list of chimney supplies are fireplace accessories.

These two are quite numerous and varied. Broad categories of fireplace accessories include fireplace and ash containers as well as vacuums, fireplace grates, hearth rugs, and fireplace screens.

Others are fireplace tools, fatwood, firestarters, holders and matches, firebacks, and fireplace andirons. There are still more.

They include fireplace bellows, fireplace candelabra, log carriers, firewood racks, Woodhaven racks, log hoops, firewood carts, small hearth log racks, and wood holders with carriers.

What’s the Best Brand To Go For?

There are bound to be questions about the best chimney supply brands to go for. This isn’t an easy question to answer because lots of brands hype their products as being the best in the market. The only way to find out is by making some online research.

Also, you can ask your chimney technician for some advice.

If you’ve read through to this point, you’d notice that “chimney supplies” is quite a broad term. We’ve discussed this by breaking down what it consists of.

For a chimney to function smoothly, these supplies must be provided or made available.