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Gelco has grown to become one of the trusted brands when it comes to chimney products and accessories. Much of this popularity can be attributed to its array of chimney caps.

Modern chimney caps come in a variety of designs and materials ranging from galvanized steel and copper.

Gelco’s other chimney cap designs come in stainless steel, easy-clean, and flue stretcher design. The type of cap you need would largely be determined by the material you prefer.

Also, the cap design is likely to play a role in customer preferences for such caps.

Chimney Caps From Gelco

With Gelco, you get the options to choose from. Its long list of available quality products makes it the go-to manufacturer for efficient venting system components.

For a better understanding of its list of products, let’s consider the different chimney cap categories.

These include the galvanized steel caps, copper chimney caps, stainless steel, easy-clean, and flue stretcher chimney cap designs. Each type provides certain benefits that fit your unique preferences.

You’ll need to weigh your own needs against the utility being offered.

i. Gelco Galvanized Steel Chimney Caps

These products from the Gelco brand come with a low-luster, high-temperature enamel-like finish.

Gelco’s galvanized steel chimney caps come with a 3-year warranty against rust-through as well as a 7-year warranty on materials and workmanship.

Chimney caps under this category are dip-painted black as well as have a wide range of dimensions designed to fit different chimney types. Cap sizes range from 8” x 8”, 8”x 13”, 8”x 17”, as well as 13” x13”.

These galvanized steel caps also have sizes ranging from 13” x 17”, and 17”x 17”.

There are also varying outside tile dimensions for these caps. Depending on the size of your chimney, you’ll need to pick from 5 different sizes with a starting price of $55.35.

Although Gelco’s galvanized stainless steel caps are built to last, they tend to have the least lifespan compared to copper and stainless steel variants.

ii. Gelco Copper Chimney Caps

As always, Gelco’s copper chimney caps are built to have superior quality.

Whether you’re using these for fresh installations or simply carrying out renovation or maintenance work, these caps help to keep your chimney in good shape and condition.

Like it is with its galvanized steel caps, there are varieties of copper chimney cap products to choose from. The best part is; Gelco’s chimney caps come with a lifetime warranty.

This is one of the best deals you’ll get for such chimney caps.

All its copper chimney caps come with a ¾” mesh spark arrestor that enhances safety. Its base screws are made from a stainless steel material with a copper coating.

Part of the accessories you’ll need to maintain your Gelco chimney caps is a clear protective coating known as 421.

  • Sizes

When it comes to sizes, there are several to choose from.

You’ll need to take the dimensions of your chimney to find a fitting cap size. These sizes range from 8” x 8”, 8” x 13”, 8”x 17”, 13” x 13”, 13” x 17”, and 17”x 17”.

Other sizes include 17” x 29”, and 17”x 41” chimney caps.

The cost of Gelco’s copper chimney caps tends to be higher than its galvanized steel caps. This is understandable due to the materials they’re made from. Such costs start from around $219 to as much as $617.16.

The larger the cap size you need, the more expensive it gets.

  • Gelco Stainless Steel Chimney caps

Gelco’s stainless steel caps are also top-quality products you can trust. Similar to its copper stainless steel caps, Gelco stainless steel chimney caps also come with a lifetime warranty.

These are made from 100% stainless steel 304-grade with 8” screen height with ¾” mesh.

These cap types are suitable for use on all chimney types irrespective of the fuel type burned. In terms of size options, stainless steel chimney caps tend to have a wider variety compared to the other two discussed.

These are categorized under standard, and California spec models.

  • Gelco Chimney Cap Sizes

Under Gelco’s standard ¾” mesh model chimney caps, sizes include 8”x 8”, 8” x 13”, 8” x 17”, 12”x 12”, 12” x 16”, and 13” x 13” caps. Other sizes are 15” x 15”, 13” x 17”, 15”x 15”, 17” x 17”, 9” x 22”, and 9” x 28” sizes.

For Gelco’s California Spec stainless steel caps having 5/8” mesh, sizes range from 8”x 8”, and 8” x 13”. Other sizes under this category include 8”x 17”, 8”x 19”, 10”x 17”, 13” x 13”, 13” x 17”, 13”x 21”, and 17”x 21”.

In terms of prices, Gelco’s stainless steel chimney caps have prices ranging between $74, to $195. The chimney cap design and size are likely to affect its cost.

iii. Gelco Easy Clean Caps

Gelco’s easy clean chimney caps are designed in response to the need for easy maintenance.

These are designed from stainless steel material and do not require taking off the cap completely. These are built with hinges that allow you to swing such caps open and shut them when you’re through with cleaning.

With its hinged design, an easy clean cap swings out of the way to allow for faster and safe cleaning. These caps come in different sizes ranging from 8”x 8”, 8”x 13”, 12”x 12”, and 13”x 13”.

Prices start from $75 to $99 depending on the size of the cap.

iv. Gelco Flue Stretcher Chimney Caps

Gelco’s flue stretcher chimney caps are designed to solve two problems; helping to prevent the pull due to negative pressure from other flues besides the one with the cap.

Also, its flue stretcher chimney caps help project or raise the flue height above nearby structures or roofs, thus improving drafts.

Gelco’s flue stretcher chimney caps are made from durable materials (copper and stainless steel variants). These mostly come with a lifetime warranty.

They’re held in place with the help of screws.

These are the basics of Gelco chimney caps with detailed information on how they work, and how much they cost. We’ve also provided information about the different dimensions available.

All you have to do is take the dimensions of your chimney to find the most appropriate cap for it.

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