How Much Does Dry Cleaning Cost?

This article discusses all dry cleaning prices.

Despite providing the cost range, it’s important to note that pricing for your particular cleaning job will be determined by your specific needs.

Also, the number of items to be cleaned will count. So, are you ready to find out the cost details?

How much is the average price for dry cleaning? Let’s begin.

Average Dry Cleaning Prices Near Me

Are you looking to start a dry cleaning service or just seeking to have your items dry-cleaned? Apart from getting a quality service, pricing is another thing a lot of customers are interested in.

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As expected, the cost of cleaning varies by item, dry cleaner being patronized, your location, and the cleaning procedure followed.

All of that counts towards determining cost.

So how much is dry cleaning?

Dry Cleaners Price List Per Item

To understand what’s included in dry cleaning costs, you’ll need to know that pricing follows a per-item billing.

Items could range from shirts, pants, draperies; wedding dresses, coats, dresses, suits, and comforters just to name a few. These are differentiated by standard cleaning and specialized cleaning.

Wedding dresses tend to be among the most priced items with prices averaging around $500. So, what’s the typical price range for dry cleaning?

Costs range between $3 and $700 depending on the item being cleaned. A clearer understanding will require listing these items and providing the average cleaning range for each.

  • Shirts

If you wish to have your shirts dry cleaned, you’re likely to incur anywhere from $2 to $4. There could be additional charges on shirt laundry prices if you want the shirt hand-pressed.

There are times when small fixes may be required such as fixing a button. These too will attract additional fees.

Because dry cleaning prices for shirts are done per item, you should expect the price per item to be multiplied by the number of shirts you seek to clean.

  • Pants

Pants are charged a little more than shirts.

As such, you should expect the price range to be between $5 and $8. Cost-influencing factors come into play here. They include the type of material such pants are made from.

For example, materials can be divided into two main categories; linen and leather pants. As expected, leather pants will cost more to clean than linen pants.

  • Draperies

If you’ve got draperies you wish to have cleaned, the average going rate is mostly around $17 per panel. A per-foot pricing model is followed for some dry cleaners while others charge per set.

While this is true, you might find that certain materials will attract higher drape dry cleaning costs than others.

When it comes to per-set cleaning, you may be charged between $75 and $200. There are also provisions for on-site cleaning. Such would cost around $25 to $60.

  • Wedding Dress

For a wedding dress to be cleaned, expect charges in the range of $120 to $500 or even higher.

What you end up paying depends on the condition of the dress. The wedding dress material also determines the cleaning costs.

Certain materials may be more delicate than others.

Your wedding dress may be made from any of satin, chiffon, charmeuse, organza, lace, and tulle. Before cleaning, the wedding dress will need to be inspected.

It may be discovered that small fixes or repairs will be needed.

Of course, extra wedding dress dry cleaning charges will apply if the service is to perform such repairs.

  • Coat

For a coat, the average cost range for dry cleaning is around $13 to $25. Now, the type of coat material matters.

These could range from Cashmere, wool & wool blends, shearling and faux shearling as well as leather. It will cost more to clean a leather coat for instance, than a linen material coat.

  • Dress

Dry cleaning prices for dresses fall within the $10 to $18 range per piece. Dress length and material count in determining cleaning costs.

It’s obvious why material type affects cleaning prices; certain materials tend to be more delicate than others. So, expect your cleaning costs to be either within the range or even higher.

  • Suit

The cost for suit cleaning is around $10 to $15.

However, the type of suit also matters. $10 to $15 is the cleaning price for a two-piece suit while a three-piece suit costs between $13 and $18.

Apart from the design, the cleaning price for a suite can also be determined by the material.

  • Comforter

A comforter or duvet will attract around $30 to $40 in cleaning costs.

Like most materials for dry cleaning, the type also plays a role in pricing. These materials range from microfiber, wool, and silk among others.

Also, its condition will play a role in determining how much you end up paying.

  • Vest

For a vest, you may be asked to pay between $4 and $7 per piece in cleaning costs.

Materials also impact cleaning costs. The number of vests to be cleaned is multiplied by the cost per piece.

In cases where there are tough stains, expect your cleaning fee to be even higher than the average.

  • Light Jacket

The cost of cleaning a light jacket goes for between $13 & 20.

It’s also necessary to state that your location can affect cleaning prices. While the cost of dry cleaning is higher in certain locations, the opposite applies to others.

You may end up paying lower or higher than the stated average amount.

  • Blazer

Dry cleaning a blazer is charged anywhere from $6 to $10. This cost applies per piece of every item you have. So, the total cost is multiplied by the number of blazers you have.

  • Shorts

If you have shorts included in your laundry items, this will be charged between $4 and $7. Pricing per item can be lower or higher depending on where you live.

  • Sweaters

For sweaters, expect a dry cleaning price between the $4 and $9 range. More sweaters mean cleaning price per item will be multiplied by the number of sweaters.

  • Ties

Ties are charged anywhere from $3 and $6 per item. The more your ties, the higher prices climb.

Stain Removal

There are special situations where laundry items may be stained. Dry cleaning to remove stains is definitely charged higher.

So how much will you typically incur in stain removal cost?  It depends on the type of stain and its spread.

As seen above, dry cleaning prices are quite varied and are determined by the item, type of material, size, and so on. Who you hire will also play a role in determining cleaning costs.

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