Monthly Cleaning Checklist – Schedule A To-Do List

Here is a monthly cleaning checklist containing a list of tasks to achieve a thorough job.

There are cleaning tasks that don’t need to be performed frequently (that is, either on a daily or weekly basis). These will need to set schedules that are adequately spaced out.

Monthly cleaning tasks tackle specific cleaning assignments that are more detailed and thorough.

What Determines Monthly Cleaning

Having a monthly set time for certain types of cleaning can be determined by several factors. One of the major ones has to do with the level of traffic an area gets. Certain areas in homes rarely attract much activity.

For these, some months can be skipped as dirt buildup is very slow.

For areas with human activity, not only is daily cleaning necessary, but monthly cleaning is also needed to provide deep cleaning to such areas.

A Standard Checklist for Monthly Cleaning

Here, monthly cleaning is carried out in an organized way. Definite actions are recommended to help you avoid skipping certain cleaning tasks. The result is an effective cleaning job with no part of your home left out.

The following cleaning tasks are included in our checklist;

  • Getting Rid of Cobwebs

Monthly cleaning for a home, irrespective of the area being cleaned should begin from the top down.

Hence the need to check for cobwebs and remove such wherever they are found. Every part of the building, including the sitting room, bedrooms, office, bathrooms kitchen, and dining area among others must be checked for cobwebs and cleaned.

  • Dust All Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans to accumulate dust. These should be dusted thoroughly to get rid of the dirt buildup. You’ll need a high platform to stand on while performing this task. There are portable ladders that can be purchased for this and other tasks that require climbing.

All installed ceiling fans like those in the sitting room, bedrooms, and kids’ rooms should all be cleaned or properly dusted. Performing this cleaning task, like similar tasks offer several benefits one of which includes the prevention of dust from being circulated or dispersed.

Plus, it also keeps the fan in good working condition.

  • Dust and Vacuum Air Vents

Air vents play a major role in adequately ventilating a home. While doing this, dust is also accumulated over time. You’ll need to unscrew such vent covers to dust or vacuum them. This should be done for each vent inlet.

Performing this cleaning task once each month prevents dust from being blown into your homes.

In addition to cleaning vents, also wipe down the nearest way as chances are that dust will be resting on such wall due to the vent which is close by.

  • Dust Light Fixtures

Light fixtures are delicate and should be carefully cleaned or dusted. Cleaning such fixtures each month should suffice. There are varieties of such light fixtures. These range from chandeliers floor lamps, table lamps, ceiling lights, wall sconces, and much more.

Cleaning such lights makes the lights shine much brighter as dust and dirt blurring or coating the fixtures are cleaned off.

  • Clean Walls

Although it may not always look visible, walls harbor dirt that will need to be cleaned off. Apart from the dust resting on such walls, children are bound to make marks on such walls out of curiosity. As a result, you’re left with crayon marks and all sorts of stains.

Performing a monthly cleanup of the walls will significantly reduce the degree of dirt on such walls. Clean off all marks on the wall and splatters. Key areas to look out for when cleaning your walls include the kitchen, dining, play area, and kids’ room.

  • Clean Windows

The cleaning of windows includes much more than the windows themselves and window sill.

It also includes curtains and drapes. These should be removed monthly and cleaned thoroughly. Lots of dust rest on such curtains and drapes in addition to the window and window sill.

Window cleaning includes cleaning the inside of the glasses. It’s best to use a reliable glass cleaner to help remove streaks and smudges or spots.

  • Thorough Dusting

An intensive dusting of your home should be carried out every month. This is irrespective of the daily or weekly dusting performed.

Here, you’re going much deeper than usual and cleaning behind furniture and appliances. Generally, monthly dusting targets difficult to reach areas that aren’t paid much attention to.

  • Intensive Vacuuming

This type of vacuuming is much more thorough and detailed. You’ll need all the time to vacuum clean your couches and upholstery as well as your carpets.

Such cleaning will require moving furniture to allow for adequate cleaning of carpets. All tight areas and spaces are cleared or opened up for proper cleaning or vacuuming.

  • Treat Spots on Carpets and Upholstery

There are stain treating products that help remove difficult or stubborn stains. These can be used on carpets and upholstery. However, before using it, apply a little at a corner or inconspicuous part of the carpet to ensure it won’t compound the problem.

Next, inspect spots or stains around the carpet and upholstery and apply the treatment appropriately.

  • Are your Smoke Alarms Functioning Well?

During monthly cleanup, take the time to also inspect if your smoke alarms are in good working condition. These should also be dusted or cleaned and batteries replaced if they are due for replacement.

  • Change Air Conditioning and Vacuum Cleaner Filters

Filters play a vital part in providing clean air for air conditioners. After some time, they degrade and will need to be replaced. The same applies to filters used in vacuum cleaners. Replace the filters when due.

  • Deep Clean Kitchen Gadgets

Kitchen gadgets range from cookers, microwave ovens, refrigerators, toasters, and so on. When cleaning these, more detail should be given to cleaning. Use an appropriate cleaner preferably one with disinfecting properties to clean both in and out of these appliances.

This monthly cleaning checklist has covered the basic cleaning strategies to adopt when cleaning your home. This is much more detailed and thorough when compared to either daily or weekly cleaning.

With deep cleaning, you’re able to maintain the best hygienic condition plus, this checklist gives you a definite guide on the exact steps to take.

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