Multi Flue Chimney Caps – Benefits, Types, Materials & Buyer’s Guide

This article seeks to discuss multi-flue chimney caps.

Modern chimney caps come in many variants and all serve the same purpose; the protection of a chimney from rain and downdrafts. Other functions of chimney caps include the prevention of debris and wildlife from blocking the flue.


From the name alone, it’s obvious that such caps serve to cover particular chimney designs. It won’t make much sense to have chimney caps fixed individually on multiple flues on a single chimney.

This will look chaotic.

Dual flue chimney caps help solve such problems with a single cap covering several flues.

Multi-Flue Chimney Cap Materials

When it comes to the types of materials these chimney caps are made from, there are several. The material your chimney cap is made of will determine its lifespan and durability.

The most common materials include galvanized steel, stainless steel, copper, and concrete among others.

Major Chimney Cap Brands

There are key players within the chimney industry. These companies manufacture a variety of chimney systems as well as components such as the multi-flue chimney cap.

Some of the most popular brands include Artis Metals HVAC Vent Manufacturer and Chimney Cap Design LLC.

Others include HY-C, Fireplace Essentials, Reliance Industries Limited, Volko Supply Co. Inc, and Chimney King, LLC. Other brands include Chim Cap Corp, GLL, and Olympia Chimney Supply Inc.

Each of these players caters to a wide market with quality products that come in varying designs, and materials.

Benefits of Multi-Flue Chimney Caps

Multi flue chimney caps offer many benefits which include convenience, being easy to install, helping to prevent fires, and also serving as a cost-saving option compared to single flue caps.

A multi-flue chimney will also save your chimney from animal and debris obstruction. Let’s have a further look at each of these points.

  • Convenience

One of the primary benefits you get from a multi-flue chimney cap is convenience.

Rather than fixing chimney caps for each of the flues coming from a single chimney, one, single flue gets the job done. This makes it more visually appealing and less chaotic.

  • Ease of Installation

Multi flue chimney caps are easy to install. Such ease of installation makes them ideal for DIY’ers to mount.

However, the cap must be custom-made for the chimney because not all chimneys are the same. You’ll have to take the dimensions of the chimney as well as the flue projection above the chimney.

All of these dimensions are used to design a multi-flue chimney cap that perfectly sits atop the chimney. Of course, provisions need to be made to hold the cap in place. This helps prevent it from getting blown.

Consider calling a pro for such installations if you’re scared of heights.

  • The Prevention of Fires

Fires should only be contained within the chimney system and not leave it. Now, sparks are quite common during combustion. This is especially true for wood fuels.

Such sparks leaving the chimney could end up igniting leaves on your roof among other combustible items especially when there are strong winds.

Multi flue chimney caps are outfitted with a screen or mesh. Such screens help trap sparks, thus limiting or eliminating potential risks of fires.

  • Cost-Saving Option

As mentioned earlier, there’s no need to have every flue on a chimney fitted with individual chimney caps as it will look chaotic. Your best bet is to have one multi-flue chimney cap that does the work.

This covers all the flues, thus saving you cost.

  • Preventing Chimney Obstructions

More often than not, a chimney without a cap is exposed to possible blockage. During the cool months, rodents, birds, and other wildlife find the warmth coming from your chimney attractive.

An open flue provides them easy access to building their nests.

The same problem is seen with an overhanging tree branch. Leaves and twigs are continually shed or blown by the wind. These end up in your chimney flue, thus resulting in obstructions.

All of that can be prevented with multi-flue chimney caps.

Types of Multi-Flue Chimney Caps

When it comes to multi-flue chimney caps, there are several broad categories to choose from. These include rectangular, bolt-on, round, square, stainless steel as well as top-mount.

Under each of these are several other multi-flue chimney cap variants to choose from.

You’ll need to make your pick by sifting through tons of search results or visiting a store for chimney products and accessories to make a pick. Is there a guide on how to make the right choice? There are!

To help you make the right pick, let’s consider some of the basic tips for shopping for a multi-flue chimney cap.

Tips For Buying A Large Chimney Cap

Before you settle for a chimney cap, there are things to look out for. Your choices will play a role in how long and how well your chimney cap serves.

We recommend you have a long-term outlook, choose one with a lifetime warranty, and also ensure it can withstand strong winds.

Other tips include having a fine mesh around it, buying the right size and type, and finally having a professional install it.

  • Have a Long Term Outlook

Before you settle for a particular type of multi-flue chimney cap, you must consider its lifespan. The type of material it’s made from will determine its lifespan.

Those made from copper and steel tend to last the longest.

  • Choose one with a Lifetime Warranty

Does the multi-flue chimney cap have a lifetime warranty? Most copper and steel caps do have lifetime warranties.

  • Ensure it can Withstand Strong Winds

These caps are going to be exposed to strong winds. Now, the question is whether they can withstand such winds without getting damaged or blown off. Durable multi-flue chimney caps should be chosen.

These should also be properly secured to hold them in place.

  • Must-Have a Mesh or Screen

A ¾ inch mesh screen should suffice.

A chimney cap without a mesh hardly helps in keeping the chimney functional.

Here is how to maintain a cap screen.

  • Buying the Right Size

As mentioned earlier, only the right cap size should be installed over your chimney.

Getting the right size is only possible when you measure the chimney for the cap before purchase.

  • Have a Professional Install it

Professional chimney cap installation will help with proper placement. Plus, strong winds are unlikely to blow off the chimney cap.

This is as far as we’ll go about multi-flue chimney caps.

These caps have several benefits as shown above.

You only need to get the right type and one that fits your chimney.

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