Custom Chimney Caps – Benefits, Designs & Materials

Here, you’ll learn all the basics about custom chimney caps.

Chimney caps, like most chimney components, serve a definite function. Basically, this part of the chimney serves to keep out rain and excess moisture from getting into the chimney.

Also, animals such as birds and rodents are prevented from building their nests within the chimney structure.

The chimney cap also serves to keep out debris. This cap that sits atop the chimney structure must be custom built to fit your chimney.

Asides from the functions being provided by these components, such caps should have aesthetic appeal.

Custom Made Chimney Cap Metal Fabrication

When it comes to chimney cap construction, there are different materials used.

Modern chimney cap types include those made of copper, aluminum, stainless steel, and painted or galvanized steel. Of these materials, chimney caps made from galvanized steel and aluminum materials tend to be among the least expensive.

Before you get all excited about the low cost of galvanized steel and aluminum chimney caps, you should know that these will easily give way under harsh weather conditions.

In other words, these materials tend to corrode faster when exposed to products of acidic combustion as well as weather.

The Benefits of Custom-Built Chimney Caps

When it comes to design and functionality, custom-built chimney caps offer many benefits.

Such benefits include the prevention of wildlife incursion, being the perfect fit for your chimney as well as protecting against fire outbreaks.

Other benefits include enhanced aesthetic appeal, prevention of smoke from buildings, and helping to promote combustion. Let’s further discuss each of these benefits briefly for better understanding.

  • Prevention of Wildlife Incursion

A lot of times, homeowners have to deal with problems caused by the presence of wildlife in their chimneys. During winter, the warmth from your chimney attracts wildlife such as birds, rodents, bats, and all sorts of vermin.

They easily take up residence, thus making proper chimney functioning impossible. Sometimes, this wildlife may die and clog up the chimney.

With little or no passage for combustion gases, there’s a buildup of same that poses health issues.

With a custom-built chimney cap, such problems are avoided. You’re able to choose durable materials that cannot be chewed through. Plus, your custom-made chimney cap keeps out all forms of debris.

  • Being the Perfect Fit for Chimney

One of the primary goals for homeowners when it comes to chimney cap preferences is to find one that fits. For this to be possible, the right dimensions of your chimney must be taken and a chimney cap custom-made for such.

Of course, a professional chimney cap maker will have to be the one taking such measurements to ensure that the end product perfectly matches the chimney shape and design.

A clear advantage of having a perfectly fitting cap is that it hardly gets blown out during heavy storms.

  • Protection Against Fire Outbreak

One of the clear advantages of a custom-built chimney cap is that it keeps twigs, branches, and leaves from getting into the chimney. These are highly combustible materials when dry and can ignite a fire.

So, having a custom-made chimney cap installed over the chimney serves to keep all of that out.

However, the chimney cap isn’t a substitution for chimney cleaning. Over time, there’s a buildup of soot and creosote, especially with wood-burning fireplaces.

Creosote is highly flammable and shouldn’t be allowed to accumulate.

Having the right cap installed and cleaning the chimney when necessary tends to lower the risks of chimney fire outbreaks.

  • Enhanced Aesthetic Appeal

Decorative chimney caps offer more options in terms of designs.

You can order a chimney cap built according to specifications. Sometimes, homeowners may want to have chimney caps that fit the design of the chimney.

A whole lot of options are available for you to choose from. Plus, a catalog of designs may be provided for you to choose from. With such, you get the outcome you wanted for your chimney.

  • Prevention of Smoke from Building

Chimney caps do a lot more than you think in terms of functionality.

First off, without these caps in place, there’s free access to your chimney structure. As mentioned earlier, the structure can be a perfect nesting ground for all sorts of wild creatures.

This is in addition to debris accumulation. With all of that present, little to no room is left for the proper escape of combustion gases leading to a smoking chimney.

Here, smoke is trapped in the shaft and returns to the home. You’re then exposed to dangerous combustion byproducts like carbon monoxide which can be fatal when inhaled in sufficient amounts.

  • Helping to Promote Efficient Combustion

Custom chimney caps serve to promote efficient combustion. The chances of your fire being extinguished by rainwater or excess moisture are eliminated.

Custom chimney caps are built to specifications and the design of the chimney structure.

There are Lots of Options When it comes to Design

Custom-made chimney caps offer a wide range of options.

The homeowner gets to choose the design, color, and material the cap will be made from. Such freedom to choose caters to the needs of everyone.

If you’re on a tight budget and need one (chimney cap) made from less costly materials, then those made from galvanized steel or aluminum should serve.

However, if you’re more concerned about long-term use, then those made from copper and steel materials will best serve your needs.

The color and build of your chimney stack may play a role in terms of the chimney cap color you choose.

Consult a Chimney Technician

Sometimes, having to figure out the entire concept and design of your customized chimney cap can be overwhelming. If this seems like a lot of work, consider consulting with a professional chimney technician.

This takes off the burden of trying to figure out the tiny details about chimney cap installation.

With expert advice, you’re able to better choose what works for your situation. Also, you’re likely to have a chimney cap that serves for a long period of time.

So, what are your chimney cap preferences?

Do you have any design in mind? Whatever it is you want, there’s always provision for that.

Custom-made chimney caps provide the most ideal design options.

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